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The No 1 business event for Social MediaMarketing & Customer Service ExecutivesThe Social Media for Customer Service Summi...
Six reasons why thisDear colleague                                                                                        ...
Finally, a show that                                                                                         “Conf has end...
Catch Every Presentation...                It can be difficult to catch every word of                every presentation - ...
DAY ONE October 27, 2011Aligning a social media customer                                                                  ...
DAY TWO October 28, 2011Customer service measurement:How to Stop, Look and Listen forwhat matters to youConversation Overl...
Who you’ll meet                                                              Who’s in the Room?                           ...
The No 1 business event for Social MediaMarketing & Customer Service ExecutivesThe Social Media for Customer Service Summi...
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Social media for Customer Service Summit


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If you’re social media strategy is moving from traditional marketing and beginning to expand throughout your company – especially customer service. Then hear from 20+ leading corporate speakers like Citi, Zappos, KLM, Coca-Cola, Xbox and more. All with first-hand experience at leveraging the power of social media for better customer service

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Social media for Customer Service Summit

  1. 1. The No 1 business event for Social MediaMarketing & Customer Service ExecutivesThe Social Media for Customer Service Summit 2011Maximize the power of Social Mediato enhance your customer servicefunction, improve brand reputationand boost competitive advantageTwo day business conference, October 27–28, 2011 New Yorker, New York, NY #CSMCSStrategic development:Fast-track your social customerservice strategy to get it Maintain and Keep Friends: Learn how to better serve current customers, boost 100% Of speakers are leadingup and running within your retention rates and create brand strategists from multinational corporationsorganization advocates – and calculate the Of sessions are designed bottom line value to enhance and improveProfitable customer: your customer service through social mediaLearn the do’s and don’ts to Don’t Miss A Conversation: Of topics have beencreating exceptional customer Learn how to stop and listen to requested by your peers and deal with the majorservice through social media your customer’s comments in issues affecting your the right social media channels company today – and in the futureGet exclusive insight from our senior corporate speaker lineup including: LOOK INSIDE to see the top quality corporate speakers and business focussed agenda
  2. 2. Six reasons why thisDear colleague show is a must-attend if you’re a senior executive, professionally involved withThe advent of social media has changed the Social Media, Customergame of customer service beyond recognition. Service, or CRM:That’s why you need to join us this October forthe Social Media for Customer Service Summit. 1. Targeted Agenda Goes to the heart of both the SocialIn today’s competitive landscape customer service If you’re going to get ahead in 2012, you need to Media and CRM functions of youris more important than ever, and a company’s think about how to integrate social media across your business – and shows you how to integrate them for maximum impactreputation for satisfying their customers has never customer service function. And, as per usual, you need abeen so vulnerable. It takes three times as much well thought-out strategy to get ahead in the game.internal resources to acquire a new customer as it So time to get better: This is where we come in 2. Learn Fromdoes to retain one - so customer retention is thenew acquisition. Everyone knows that good customer service leads to The Best positive sentiment about your company. The Social High caliber speaker faculty – hear only• The voice of the consumer has never been more Media for Customer Service Summit is the only from those who are walking the walk powerful, or influential, and has potential to spread instead of just talking the talk conference that gives you practical insights and virally in an instant. Reacting quickly can often quell strategies on how to harness the power of social media negative comments and amplify positive ones – the through your customer touch points. term ‘theatre of public opinions’ has never been 3. An Independent It’s built on 3 months primary research with your peers so applicable. 79 out of the top 100 Fortune500 - the guys on the front line experiencing this on a daily Forum companies use social media for than just marketing basis. Learn how to harness the full power of social for The Summit Agenda is the product• In the US the average person spends a ¼ of there on of primary research with leading customer service – creating better brand reputation, line time on social media sites. social media and customer service increased customer recognition and competitive professionals, and it is entirely• 79 out of the top 100 Fortune500 companies use advantage over your competitors to create a fully social independent. We’re not here to sell you social media for than just marketing CRM function. solutions, software or services. Instead, we guarantee to deliver a well-balanced,With the growth of social media your company is in the • Our speakers are seasoned professionals from big innovative and informative briefing thatconsumer spot light constantly – platforms such as business; they combine expertise from their roles enables you to make the best decisionsTwitter, Facebook, Blogs,LinkedIn and Google + have as Customer Care advocates and Social Media for your businesslevelled the playing field enabling businesses of all sizes professional to give you a 360 insight into all issuesto interact directly with customers like never before. regarding social media for customer service. 4. Meet TheMore importantly it gives your customers the ideal • Companies like Citi, AT&T, Coca-Cola, Zappos, KLMplatform to voice their opinions and seek resolutions and more will all be sharing insight: there will be Communityto their queries. But your peers realise the importance practical case studies and absolutely no abstract Make plenty of valuable new contacts…of social media for customer service, with 75% of US thinking on the subject. everyone who’s anyone in Social Media & CRM is taking part!companies planning on using social media as a touch • The conference offers 11 sessions of dynamic andpoint for customer service in 2012. interactive sessions across a range of formats thatSo if it is important arm of your social policy – will answer every key question you’re struggling 5. Businesswhy is there still plenty to do? with regarding your social CRM platform. Intelligence• Over 58% of tweeters who have tweeted about a • With 12+ hours of networking you’re guaranteed As the sessions knit together you’ll bad experience, have never received a response from abundant time to share and learn from your peers understand what’s working well for other the offending company and full that contact book with like-minded folks! corporations, and learn how to recognize – and avoid – the mistakes they’ve• 55%of consumers expect a response the same day to Failure to attend could be detrimental to the future of already made an online complaint – where by only 29% receive one your business by failing to turn brand critics into brand• 43% of consumers say that companies should use advocates! social media to solve customers’ problems Sincerely, 6. Expert Answers Every session on the Summit AgendaGone are the days when ‘corporate social media’ is all about ends with questions from you and yourmarketing through Twitter and Facebook. It’s out about being fellow delegatesresponsive not reactive, contactable not aloof and authenticnot robotic. But mostly it is about solving customer’s issuesin real time through social channels showing your dedication Harry Rollasonand transparency to your customers. Useful Social Media
  3. 3. Finally, a show that “Conf has ended. What greatdelivers first rate content for us Corp social media types. Thanks”market intelligence Kelly Feller, Social Media Strategist, IntelThis one-of-a-kind Business Summit combines bestpractice from the trailblazers in Social Media andthe leaders in Social Media Customer ServiceWhat you won’t get:A procession of self-styled social media gurus and so-calledcustomer service experts who pontificate on broad issues thathave little or no relevance to a corporate audience.What you WILL get:The Social Media for Customer Service Summit zonesin on your day-to-day corporate concerns – and everysession are addressed by hands-on, high-rankingbusiness leaders, eager to share their front-lineexperience with you.Take a look at the Agenda and you’ll see what we mean!• Designed for you – the corporate. • High end discussion 3 months of research to ensure every session speaks directly The conversation is on how to take your business to the to a corporate audience. next level with advanced topics and high end strategy.• Unrivalled networking opportunities • A proven track record of success Last year Hertz, McDonalds, Frito-Lay, US Bank were some 95% of past attendees say they learnt useful strategies and of the 120+ top firms who attended our summits. best practice at the Corporate Social Media Summit.• Best practice from leading corporate peers All speakers are from big corporates with skin in the game experience.15+ of the leading strategists in corporate social media customer service – in one placeCiti Coca-Cola KLM Air France UPS Best Buy BoingoFrank Eliason Mike Bowers Victor van der Wijk Debbie Curtis-Magley Gina Debogovich Baochi NguyenSenior Vice President Director, Contact Center Director E-Acquisition Public Relations Manager Director & Social Media Leader PR and Social Mediaof Social Media Operations Manager KLM Air France XBox ZapposAT&T 3M Joyce Veekman McKenzie Eakin Scott Klein VerizonMolly Demaagd Clair Spinti Director Corporate LIVE Community Programs Customer Loyalty Team Becky CarrollCustomer Service Social Global Community Specialist Communications & Media Manager Manager Community ProgramMedia Director Manager Kodak Samsung Zappos TurboTaxComcast Tom Hoehn Jessica Kalbarczyk Marlene Kanagusuku Chelsea Marti FedExKip Wetzel Director of Interactive Social Media Analyst Customer Loyalty Team Corporate Communications, Tony TurnageSenior Director: Social Marketing Manager Social Media Manager Senior CustomerMedia Servicing & Strategy Samsung Care Manager Carla Saavedra TELUS Intuit Social Media Strategist Carol Borghesi Jeff Stevenson Senior Vice President Live Community Manager
  4. 4. Catch Every Presentation... It can be difficult to catch every word of every presentation - and with the expertise REGISTER NOW IN 3 EASY STEPS on offer, you’ll want to. We will record every presentation so you don’t miss a thing. Simply purchase a Premium Pass when you Social Media for Customer Service Summit, October 27–28, 2011 register. You’ll be given access to the online video within 10 days of the event. The New Yorker, New York, NY Register for a Premium Pass on the form opposite! 1 Choose Your Pass Save Big with our Standard Premium Group Discounts • Access to all super-panels, • Access to all super-panels, Take advantage of Useful Social Media’s workshops and case studies workshops and case studies unique team discounts. Every third person • Networking lunch and coffee • Networking lunch and coffee in your group comes for half price. breaks breaks Contact the Useful Social Media • Evening drinks reception • Evening drinks reception team on +1 800 814 34 59 + Access to presentation slides + MP3s of every session or post-conference at the conference Book by August 19 $1400 SAVE $400 Book by August 19 $1600 SAVE $400 20+ Hours of Networking Book by September 16 $1650 SAVE $150 Book by September 16 $1850 SAVE $150 Meeting key figures from within the industry in person can be an invaluable experience. Full price $1800 Full price $2000 We know that a formidable chunk of you have networking as your primary reason for attending. The Summit is designed to maximize networking 2 Give Us Your Contact Details time - with highlights including a networking party on the close of day one – Thursday 27 October. Over 20 hours of applied discussion time will take place over the 2 days. You’ll also have the chance to arrange meetings with other attendees before the event. First name: Telephone: Last name: Email: Title: Address:Solution and Service Providers – everfind yourself asking these questions? Company:• Where can I find new customers for my social media ZIP: analytics products and services?• Which emerging challenges will offer my business lucrative opportunities going forward?• Which partnerships will allow me to take my solutions into new markets and add significantly to my bottom line? 3 Register Your PlaceWell ask no more! Secure a sponsorship or exhibition packageat the Social Media for Customer Service Summit and you’ll beguaranteed to meet and do business with your focused and senioraudience of corporate executives with a responsibility for social CALL US: EMAIL US:media strategy – all of whom need your solutions and services! +1 800 814 34 59 register@usefulsocialmedia.comThe Social Media for Customer Service Summit offers an excellentrange of sponsorship and exhibition opportunities to suit every needand budget. We can literally tailor-make a sponsorship package FAX US: VISIT OUR WEBSITE:to your needs – meaning you speak, build your band or organize +1 800 814 34 60 with the leading figures in the Corporate Social Mediaspace. DO not miss out on the unrivalled opportunity to do businessand secure sales from the Corporate Social Media industry. TERMS & CONDITIONS Places are transferable without any charge. Cancellations after August 29th 2011Contact or email Andrew Bold today: incur an administrative charge of 25%. If you cancel your registration after September 30th 2011 we will be obliged to charge the full fee. Please note – you must notify Useful Social Media in writing of a cancellation, orCall 1 800 814 3459 ext 7188 we will be obliged to charge the full fee. The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the programmeor email without notice. All prices displayed are exclusive of VAT unless otherwise stated, but VAT will be charged, where applicable, at the prevailing rate on the invoice date and the relevant details will appear on the invoice. NB: FULL PAYMENT MUST BE RECEIVED BEFORE THE EVENT
  5. 5. DAY ONE October 27, 2011Aligning a social media customer How to use social media asservice function within your a customer service tool tocompany and utilizing it fully proactively engage with your external customerLeverage social media to enhance your Absolute must-have core skills to Crisis Management: Keep out ofcustomer service function: Preparing create the right customer centric hot water and prevent escalatingyour organization for success internally and socially savy business situationsAcross America, businesses of all shapes and sizes With the advent of social media, corporate customer Bad social media through customer service often getsare frantically experimenting with social media as a service has changed almost beyond recognition. 58% of blamed for creating and amplifying a PR crisis. Yet themarketing and communications tool – some with more people using Twitter have pushed out public messages simple truth is that it is your most powerful tool to flagsuccess than others. claiming a bad customer experience and that message up and mitigate problems that are starting to escalate.But the game is moving on every day, marketing and has a tendency to snow ball into bigger problems. What better way to stop a problem than to deal withcommunications is no longer enough for the social In short, your firm’s conversational skills are now it before anyone else notices it’s an issue? Use socialmedia as a tool. And at the same time the expectations business-critical and it’s not just what you say – the media correctly, and you can most likely halt a threatof what constitutes ‘good customer service’ have way that you say it is equally important. to your brand right away. But how DO you spot troubleevolved. Remember that 55% of people who complain So how exactly do you build an online presence and before it’s too late?via Twitter expect a same-day response – on the same personality that’s trusted by your customers?network. The old rules no longer apply. Online-savvy In this session Samsung will give you a clear strategycorporations are becoming aware of the importance In this session learn from arguably the best at profitable to manage crisis and escalating situations to minimizeand benefit of social media as a customer service tool. customer service engagement, Zappos, who will give the risk to your brand. you insight into:That’s where the game is moving. Discover the • Escalating Situations: How to assess a potential • Humanize Your Brand: What sort of a face do you crisis – and know when stepping in rather thanmost effective ways to structure your new-look want to show to your public – how to get everyone keeping out is the best thing to docustomer service department, secure buy-in from talking in the right wayyour employees, and zone in on the tools you need to • Eyes Wide Open: Establishing a company policyquickly begin to maximize the huge upside potential: • Authenticity: Creating a transparent external so that everyone involved in your social media voice that reflects the culture of your business by operation knows what they need to do to limit the• Quickstart your Social Customer Service using appropriate customer service language and negative impact when you’re fire-fighting strategy: How to get it up and running within your assuring you do not come over as robotic organization and make sure your employees know • Rogue Customers: How to deal with liars, cheats what it is – and what it isn’t • The Real Time Environment: Avoiding the trap of and scoundrels being reactive, but making sure you are on time• The role of the skilful social media customer Samsung Jessica Kalbarczyk Social Media Analyst and ensuring you stay constant in your approach service specialist: How to empower your customer to customer service exchanges Samsung Carla Saavedra Social Media Strategist service team and/or acquire new staff with the necessary skill set to succeed Zappos Scott Klein Customer Loyalty Team Manager• Overcome organizational challenges: How to conquer traditional silohed functions and replace Zappos Marlene Kanagusuku Customer Loyalty Case study analysis: ask Team Manager them with a fully-functioning integrated business unit those burning questions in anCiti Frank Eliason Senior Vice President of Social Media Turning your customers – and your interactive break out sessionAT&T Molly DeMaagd Customer Service Social Five customer complaints – how would you and yourMedia Director critics - into brand ambassadors by peers have dealt with the problem?Best Buy Gina Debogovich Director & Social productively engaging people in As simple as that. Get practical insights into how you,Media Leader their preferred online channels our speakers and your peers would have dealt with customers through on line channels and ask those Never underestimate the importance of using social burning questions. media as a customer touchpoint.Beyond Social Media: What if you We know the advantages of good customer service,can’t answer important questions and from positive sentiment generated, better brandcomplaints in 140 characters or less? reputation, and increased customer retention to competitive advantage and the ability to differentiateTwitter is a massive customer service tool – but what yourself from competitors - It’s a long list.happens if you cannot answer the complaint throughthis medium? Or even Facebook and Google +? You Equally, the opportunity to turn disbelievers into successstill need to solve the customer complaint, right? cases and amplify the change when your biggest critics become brand advocates has never been greater.A more long form - and even offline - response is sometimesessential, in order to engage in productive conversation In this session get practical advice on how to engage:in the location appropriate for both parties. And when • Exceptional Service: Learn how to better serve current “Great day one of thethis is the case, you need to route customers back into customers, boost retention rates and create brandyour traditional customer service channels. advocates – and calculate the bottom line value Corporate Social MediaEasier said than done? In this session learn practical • Customer Therapy: Learn how to build a broadanswers and solutions to your questions. 3M and UPS framework that embeds the idea of social media and Summit! Pumped forwill address the following: customer service throughout your interactions with• Confidentiality: How do you proceed if the conversation customers – and deals with customer issues and tomorrow – the schedule complaints in a way that gets your critics back onside needs to take place on a confidential platform? • Customer Service Best Practice: Modifying your existing looks awesome”• Risk Management Required: What can you do policies and procedures to make them relevant when conversations get too ‘hot’ for comfort? and appropriate for delivery through social media• ‘Follow Me’: When is especially appropriate to use Twitter as a touchpoint to address serious issues? Coca-Cola Mike Bowers Director, Contact Center Operations Lisa D’Aromando,3M Claire Spinti Global Community Specialist XBox McKenzie Eakin LIVE Community Social Media Manager, Sprint Programs ManagerUPS Debbie Curtis-Magley Public Relations Manager TELUS Carol Borghesi Senior Vice President The earlier you book, the less you pay: Register by August 19 to SAVE $400!
  6. 6. DAY TWO October 28, 2011Customer service measurement:How to Stop, Look and Listen forwhat matters to youConversation Overload: How to Achieve seamless integration by Should you put a price on goodensure you respond to a rapidly ensuring what’s said on social customer service? What metricsincreasing number of customer media platforms integrates with should you look for to measurerequests your existing CRM system success?Social Media has changed the playing field. Your Using social media as a customer service tool is Getting customer service through social media tocustomers have another tool to get in touch with you. on the rise. But still very few companies fully integrate deliver tangible financial value is still easier said thanIt follows that therefore the number of interactions with what they hear on social media with traditional done. But in searching for ROI are we simplifyingconsumers will increase. CRM platforms. the issue? Are there better metrics for yourUnfortunately, the average amount of potential items Why is this? Well let’s not beat around the bush – it is a company’s aims?in your inbox increases to. Issues that were previously big challenge to fully integrate what you hear on social How should you measure the success of your socialseen as too minor to bother picking up the phone for media with your traditional CRM platform. But when media for customer service? Some people suggestcan now be tweeted – and are out there in the public you think of the rewards – like being able to serve your improving sentiment. Others brand loyalty. Whatdomain regardless. customer better, getting an insightful and more detailed about the traditional customer service success metricsSo how can you cope with an increasing amount of insight into their behaviour, and a full appraisal of their like customer satisfaction, agent utilisation and timepotential interaction with your customer base? In this past complaints – then one begins to see that it’s a to resolution - Do these work in a post-Socialsession we examine: challenge worth taking. Media world?• Are phones redundant? Does the advent of social So how do you put it all together? And is seamless In this session you’ll learn from the best. The team media mean that your call centre is out of business? integration a necessity – the foundation of good from TurboTax - Intuit will show you how ROI models customer service from here on in – or simply an are being applied to justify the effectiveness of social• Do you automate? One way to stem the tide is option? media customer service. by allowing automation to deal with certain minor issues. But what are the limits to this technique? • The 360° Customer: How to create a full picture • Finding the right balance: How do you identify – cross reference, track, log, and record every and use the right metrics to match your• Don’t miss a thing: How to zone in on everything Tweet, blog post, Facebook mention and hashtag organisations goals that’s important by identifying the most relevant you monitor questions and conversations • Evaluating Your Initiatives: Is financial ROI the right • The Virtuous Circle: Make sure that what you metric to use – or not?Comcast Kip Wetzel Senior Director, Social Media learn from social media is routed back to yourServicing & Strategy • What KPI’s should you set your customer service CRM platform and used to inform your customer team – how to set tangible objectives strategies TurboTax Chelsea Marti CorporateInternal training: How to avoid • Is it for you? Evaluate the pros and cons of setting Communications, Social Media Manager up fully integrated CRM platform and is you shouldand regulate the chances of bother Intuit Jeff Stevenson Live Community Managernegatives about your business KLM Air France Joyce Veekman Director Corporate Air France KLM Victor van der Wijk Directorappearing online Communications & Media E-AcquisitionThe wrong message is not only bad for business – Verizon Becky Carroll Community Program Managerit can also land you in hot water. And as we all know, What Are Your Customers Sayingsocial media customer service has the capacity tocreate a huge amount of trouble out of the smallest About You? How to monitor customermistake. The perfect example being when a leading conversations about your brandBritish Telecom’s employee tweeted about theirexcitement for the weekend – unfortunately from “I normally find social The benefits of better monitoring of customer sentiment and experience for your customer servicethe corporate account. What followed can only bedescribed as a barrage of social media complaints. media events frustrating team are great. After all, an integral part of good customer service is knowing what is being said aboutSo how can you protect yourself whilst avoiding – they don’t provide you. It results in you learning your lessons the easy waychoking the natural flow of conversation, especially and avoiding making costly mistakes.given that you can’t dictate what’s being said. You content on my level. But part of the problem also knowing where to find thatneed you customer service team to be on alert, aware conversation. Also Social Media monitoring delivers aand have the skill set in place to utilise this critical This event was different. deluge of data – some relevant and some not. It’s easycustomer touch point.This vital session will show you how to avoid mistakes and I learned new things... to feel overwhelmed sometimes. So how do you filter the information, and identifyensure your team understands company policy and strategy• Ambassadors Or Liabilities? How much power because of the real where action is required? Learn how to monitor the right things and ensure you know how track your should you give your employees? world experience and customers’ comments about your brand:• Fine-Tuning Your Voice: Creating a customer • Stop and Listen: Techniques for monitoring your service voice that your lawyers are comfortable expertise” customer’s comments in the right social media with, while remaining true to the trend and working channels. Don’t miss out on a thing within the confines of your industry without • Create synergy: Learn how to work with your prohibiting natural conversation marketing department’s monitoring team to get the• Manage risk: How to safe guard your company with full picture on exactly how your customers behave an effective and cohesive internal rules for engagement Kelly Feller, Senior Social • What To Do With What You Hear: Recognizing andFedEx Tony Turnage Senior Customer Care Manager Media Strategist, Intel responding to official complaints and pertinent yet random commentsBoingo Baochi Nguyen PR and Social Media Manager Kodak Tom Hoehn Director of Interactive Marketing The only conference designed for customer service and social media professionals alike
  7. 7. Who you’ll meet Who’s in the Room? Seniority of Attendees 4% 28% 19% CEOs 3%At the Corporate Social media summit you will have the Service Vice Presidents Others Providersunique opportunity to connect with unrivalled numbersof peers from across large corporates in the US. It is a 9%forum for the best practitioners and strategists to share Seniorexperience and learn from each other. Managers 2%Extensive networking time and interactive forums Othermean you’ll be leaving with a multitude of new 65%contacts to bounce ideas off. Corporates 24% 41% 5% Journalists Directors Managers and InstituitionsLooking to fill that contact book?Take a look at the leading US companies who have attended our summits in the past...A few facts about our previous summits:1 56% of our attendees were Senior Manager/ 2 We’ve had senior directors speak from Coca-Cola, Whole 3 We have about 500 delegates from over 4 65% of past attendees are from big 5 95% of previous attendees said they would Director-level Foods, Pfizer, Best 130 companies corporates recommend executives, Buy, AMD, Citi and throughout the the summit or more senior many more US and EuropeJoin the conversation! You can follow us at: @usefulsocial
  8. 8. The No 1 business event for Social MediaMarketing & Customer Service ExecutivesThe Social Media for Customer Service Summit 2011Maximize the power of Social Mediato enhance your customer servicefunction, improve brand reputationand boost competitive advantageTwo day business conference, October 27–28, 2011 New Yorker, New York, NY #CSMCSA practical and interactive business conference built for both OUR PROMISES:customer service and social media audience: Citi Frank Eliason Senior Vice President KLM Air France Victor van der Wijk Director E-Acquisition XBox McKenzie Eakin LIVE Community Programs 1 Only top level senior speakers from leading of Social Media Manager US corporations AT&T KLM Air France Zappos Molly Demaagd Customer Service Social Media Director Joyce Veekman Director Corporate Communications & Media Marlene Kanagusuku Customer Loyalty Team Manager 2 Practical business issues that aim to boost your Comcast Samsung Zappos company’s performance Kip Wetzel Jessica Kalbarczyk Scott Klein Senior Director: Social Social Media Analyst Customer Loyalty Team Manager and boost competitive Media Servicing & Strategy advantage Coca-Cola Samsung TurboTax 3 Mike Bowers Carla Saavedra Chelsea Marti Director, Contact Center Social Media Strategist Corporate Communications, An interactive forum Operations Social Media Manager 3M UPS Intuit to get solutions to your Clair Spinti Debbie Curtis-Magley Jeff Stevenson social media problems Global Community Specialist Public Relations Manager Live Community Manager Boingo Baochi Nguyen PR and Social Media Manager Verizon Becky Carroll Community Program Manager FedEx Tony Turnage Senior Customer 4 An extensive and unique networking Care Manager forum to meet your Kodak TELUS Best Buy Tom Hoehn Carol Borghesi Gina Debogovich peers and learn Director of Interactive Marketing Senior Vice President Director and Social Media LeaderJoin the conversation! You can follow us at: 5 A collective learning pool from leaders from customer service and social media: The best @usefulsocial of both worldsLOOK INSIDE to see our extensive array of top quality speakers and social media shaping agenda LOOK INSIDE to see the top quality corporate speakers and business focussed agenda