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Medical presentation 1


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Medical presentation 1

  1. 1. Health Research International GmbH
  2. 2. Health Research International GmbH 2 Background/ Facts : PPPPPP consults global HC industry players and branding teams for allmarketing research issues of the product life-cycle• started in 1995 Over 16 years of global qualitative research for the life-science industry have formed our methodological and analytical expertise for your excellent quality marketing research projects• exclusive Health Care & Life Science focus
  3. 3. Health Research International GmbH 3From 1995-2011 our business and strategy outreach grew: we cover The Globe From 3 Offices HQ Hamburg, Germany (PPP+ Searchlight Pharma Partner) Barcelona, Spain (PPP+Medfeedback) San Diego, USA (PPP+Head-To-Toe Market Research)
  4. 4. Health Research International GmbH 4 Our Specialty, Medical Marketing,Research Consultancy & Medical Fieldwork,Exclusive Work Focus We are covering • G5 • USA • LATAM • ASIA/ Pacific RIM • CEE/ Russia
  5. 5. Health Research International GmbH 5Across our companies in Germany, Spain, US:• We provide Medical consultancy and conduct fieldwork for at least 450projects a year (focus: qualitative > quantitative research) This means: • around 10 000 HCP and patient contacts/ year for interviews and • focus groups (face-to-face, by telephone and online)• Covering all indications from head to toe means : • familiarity with state-of-the-art research methods • familiarity with health system structures around the world • expertise in recruiting, interviewing and analyzing interviews with • all kinds of HCPs, patients • expertise for study logistics • expertise/ knowledge transfer in analysis • Involvement : 45% Rx/ 30% OTC/ 25% medical equipment products
  6. 6. Health Research International GmbH 6WITH BRANDING TEAMS WE ARE…• Interacting• Understanding/ learning, Listening• Guiding/ Prioritizing• Data Mining• Adding expertise• Convincing• Implementing• Interacting with Branding Agencies
  7. 7. Health Research International GmbH 7FOR BRANDING RELATED MARKETING RESEARCHPROJECTS OUR TASKS ARE… • Project Selling • Project planning • Project realization • Project analysis • Project presentation 1. For established brands 2. For new brands 3. In the healthcare arena
  8. 8. Health Research International GmbH 8As Consultants for Branding Teams of the Life-ScienceIndustry we are involved in all marketing issues within aproduct life-cycle… • Status quo market • Competitor analysis/ analysis Image studies • Insight generation+A&U • Positoning studies studies • Message testing • Idea screenings • Story Flow testing • Concept development • Creative concept testing • Feasibility studies • Brand personality tests • Clinical trial and TPP reseearch • Value proposition definement
  9. 9. Health Research International GmbH 9We Are Testing for• Nameing • Conjoint studies• Packaging • Pricing studies• Logos • Health economic studies• Instructions for use• Folder tests• Ad concepts• Websites• Patient activation and support campaigns
  10. 10. Health Research International GmbH 10 We are proud to work with Tiotropium Bromide DPP4 inhibitor Avastin Pradaxa Spiriva Axura Systane Opatanol Mucoangin Tomtovok Mucosolvan
  11. 11. Health Research International GmbH 11
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