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Netherhall risk-assessment-form


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risk assessment

Published in: Education
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Netherhall risk-assessment-form

  1. 1. Risk Assessment Form – Part B Blank Template 6Reference: [enter reference number]] Sign-off status [planning/approved etc] ACTIVITIES: What are you doing, where, for how long and who will be involved? Complete the fields in the form below). HAZARDS & CONTROLS: How could someone become hurt or made ill and how are you going to prevent this from happening? Activity Title:* filming Activity Description: Filming the opening scene of a film noir List those managing this Activity and their competence: Harry Pugh – student directors – filming Charlie Rhodes – student director – filming Virginia Bryon – actor – acting Adrian Annis – actor – acting Who & how many are at risk from this Activity? 2 actors and 2 directors Hazards How could someone become hurt or made ill Control measures How are you going to prevent this from happening? Accidently trip on wires Cover-up the wires and put warnings Burn themselves on hot lights Warn everyone about the hot lights and only allow those trained to move the lights move the lights. Risk Level*: After your controls have been applied what is your assessment of the risk level of this activity? Medium Add additional activities as required – by copying this section and pasting below [* mandatory fields]