Online Blinds And Curtain in Sydney


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At United Trade Links, specialty blinds and curtain in all ovre Sydney. We understand that everyone is unique and have different sense of blinds and curtain styles.

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Online Blinds And Curtain in Sydney

  1. 1. WELCOME TO UNITED TRADE LINKS We know the way your home looks and feels is important to you, which is why it’s important to us. Call Us: 1800 170 252
  2. 2. CUSTOM MADE BLINDS           Aluminum Venetian Timber Venetian Roller Blind Roman Blind Vertical Blind Honeycomb Sheer Elegance Sirocco Sheers Panel Glides Curtains Our Custom Made Blinds are produced to your exact measurements and personalised to your own selections of our large range in colour, textures and designs. Our collection includes as mentioned above: Call Us: 1800 170 252
  3. 3. ALUMINIUM VENETIAN  16mm Aluminium Venetian:  25mm Aluminium Venetians:  50mm Aluminium Venetian: The ultimate blind for heat and light control, the sleek 16mm Aluminium Venetian Blinds are a great choice With the 25mm Aluminium Venetians, you have the added the option of Sundowner to conceal the cord holes for greater blockout. The 50mm Aluminium Venetian is the ultimate blind for both privacy and heat control without restricting your view. Call Us: 1800 170 252
  4. 4. TIMBER VENETIAN  BassWood:  EcoWood:  Real Wood:  MicronWood:  FauxWood: Add traditional warmth to your home with the rustic ambience of Basswood Venetians. Decorate your room with a modern touch of Eco Wood Venetians. Enhance any style or décor of your room with United Trade Links gorgeous Realwood Venetians. Micronwood Venetians delivers an exciting new dimension to Composite Timber Venetians Blinds . An impressive tally of features makes our Faux Wood Blinds your obvious choice. Call Us: 1800 170 252
  5. 5. ROLLER BLIND  Sunshadow:  Blockout:  Translucent: Enjoy the view without compromising your privacy with our Sunshadow Roller Blinds. Stylish and functional, Blockout Roller Blinds offer the choice of traditional finish or the exciting new look of a contemporary design. Traditional with a new modern look and extensive range of fabrics for softly filtered light, check out our Translucent Roller Blinds. Call Us: 1800 170 252
  6. 6. ROMAN BLIND  Sunshadow:  Blockout:  Translucent: For that traditional stylish look, Sunshadow Roman Blinds will look great in your new home or office. Add the designer touch to your home with our Block Roman Blinds for greater light and privacy control. Translucent Roman Blinds with the soft fabric folds, provide a contemporary look and feel with a large range of light filtering fabrics and tones. Call Us: 1800 170 252
  7. 7. VERTICAL BLIND  PVC:  Blockout:  Translucent: PVC Vertical Blinds comes in designer colours and textures that provide an easy clean practical alternative to fabric. Blockout Vertical Blinds provide optimal light and privacy control with the look of crisp sleek simplicity and modern lines. Translucent Vertical Blinds will compliment any decorating style with light filtering fabrics. Choose from our incredible range of long-life and low maintenance fabrics in exciting new season colours, textures and designs. Call Us: 1800 170 252
  8. 8. HONEYCOMB BLINDS  Blockout:  Translucent: Blockout Honeycomb Blinds is efficient in blocking out the light, heat & cold with its cellular pleated shades. The white reflective backing reflects external solar heat, which also aids the insulation process, saving you on energy. Translucent Honeycomb Blinds has distinctive honeycomb pleats that create air pockets which act as insulators, reducing noise while keeping your home warm in winter and cool in summer. Select from a large range of fashion colours in light weight, 100% polyester fabric which is anti-static and repels dust and dirt. Call Us: 1800 170 252
  9. 9. SHEER ELEGANCE  Blockout:  Translucent: Maintain your view while still protecting your privacy with our Blockout Sheer Elegance. This revolutionary new roller blind combines a stylish curved fascia with chain control and offers you UV and heat protection. With the ability to modulate the amount of sunlight during the daylight hours or provide the opportunity of a closed blind, Translucent Sheer Elegance is the obvious choice. Call Us: 1800 170 252
  10. 10. SIROCCO SHEERS  Blockout:  Translucent: Sirocco Sheers is an innovative product offering the privacy of a window blind with the elegant softness of a blockout sheer fabric which is woven between two layers of sheer fabric. Sirocco Sheers is an innovative product offering the privacy of a window blind with the elegant softness of a translucent sheer fabric which is woven between two layers of sheer fabric. Call Us: 1800 170 252
  11. 11. PANEL GLIDES    Sunshadow: Sunshadow Panel Glides are especially suited to large glazed areas, sliding and bi-fold doors for unobstructed view and glides effortlessly closed for night time privacy. Blockout: Blockout Panel Glides are trouble free and effortless to operate with heat and privacy protection. Translucent: With an easy sideways movement, the flat panels combine the beauty of contemporary fabric ranges of our Translucent Panel Glides. Call Us: 1800 170 252
  12. 12. CURTAINS  Blockout:  Translucent: United Trade Links provide all sorts of blockout materials, textures and designs of Blockout Curtains for any décor of your room. The blockout option features superior pitch black coating which surpasses Australian standards. Translucent Curtains offers superior light filtering properties which provides privacy while also letting in natural light. Call Us: 1800 170 252
  13. 13. VISIT OUR STORE ONLINE OR IN PERSON FOR A WHOLE LOT MORE AGAIN!  Head office and showroom  Unit 3/169-173 Hume Highway  Lansvale NSW 2166  Phone: 1800 170 252  Email: Call Us: 1800 170 252