Why everyone ignores your email


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Why everyone ignores your email

  1. 1. The Leader. The Expert. The Source. Why Everyone Ignores your Email?Why Everyone Ignores your EmailWhile cold calling might not be one of the most productive ways to generate sales leads, cold e-mailing isn’t. Judging from my Gmail inbox it is certainly on the rise and it’s time to take notice. Iknow many sales professionals that live and die by the e-mail introduction and use it effectively.But the question remains, how effective is e-mail at making a sales introduction?The answer, it all depends. My experience is that e-mail introductions are most effective whenthere is some context related to the communication and has content that is worthy of the recipient’stime and attention and of course, ACTION. The absence of either will limit any opportunity formeaningful engagement. In other words, the quick delete! A sales professional understands theyare just a keystroke away from the trash bin and approaches the e-mail introduction with a wellthought out value proposition, carefully worded, and commitment required to earn a response fromthe prospectI receive a healthy amount of e-mail sales pitches and requests. I wanted to take the time toleverage a recent message that hit my inbox to illustrate how to make the most of the “soft” e-mailintroduction.Here is the gist of the email I received:The IntroductionHopefully I’m not catching you too off guard with my email – I work closely with a few of ourmutual connections and wanted to see if we could find a time to be introduced.I’m not at all assuming you’re in the market for the work I do but I’d like to meet you nonetheless.That being said I’d like to tell you a little about how I work, share some ideas with you, and whatyou do with it is up to you.{I didn’t respond to the first e-mail during a busy week of travel. The following week I receivedthis follow up}.The Follow UpI’m not sure if you received my last email or not, sometimes I can get spammed for some reason. Ijust wanted to touch base and see if we could find a time to be introduced. I work closely with andhave met with quite a few our mutual connections.Though I’m not at all assuming you’re in the market for the work I do, I’d like to meet younonetheless. If you have some availability in the next week or so I’d love to grab lunch or coffee.Would you take this meeting? This sales introduction had the potential to be so much better. 39 Wrentham Drive Medford, NJ 08055  609-636-9893  HarryHecht@gmail.com www.linkedin/in/harryhecht
  2. 2. The Leader. The Expert. The Source.Here are four (4) keys for making more meaningful and memorable email sales pitches.1. Leverage Referrals. A satisfied client can help you strengthen the sales introduction.Assuming this seller actually does work with people I know, the introduction is strengthened byrevealing that information. Even better, have the “happy” client and “mutual connection” lead inmaking the introduction. Don’t leave it to the prospect to assume anything.2. Be Specific. If you are asking me to invest valuable time, make sure I understand why. Get tothe point about what you’ve got that I need. I don’t have time for too many nonessential lunch orcoffee meetings. Neither do your customers. (In fairness, I did remove the category/industry forthe example in this post, but even with that information it wasn’t specific enough.)3. Customize. This involves doing a little homework. The ability to demonstrate understandingrelated to the prospective buyer’s business and unique situation elevates credibility. When thatunderstanding includes a particularly compelling insight, point of view or position of value theintroduction improves.4. Give Value First. Be helpful. Focus on the customer, not yourself. The customer will only beinterested in your product or service because it could help them solve a problem or do somethingbetter and better yet, both. So, make the introduction all about them. The more you know the easierit is to lead with value. Give away your best ideas and examples of success, and make it easy foryour best customers to share.Following these four practices will help you make sales introductions that lead to increasedopportunities and a full pipeline. When we shift our focus to thinking about sales meetings as anearned opportunity, our introductions typically improve as a result. In sales the law of incrementalcommitment applies —the first commitment you have to close is someone’s willingness to learnmore and at the same time build a relationship and trust.These four practices will also help you avoid what you had to know was coming next.The ResponseThanks for the note. I just don’t have the time and I’m not interested. Please stop emailingme…Sent from my iPhoneHarry Hecht, Regional Manager, US Bank Office Equipment Finance has more than 32 years of industryexperience, including a 22 year distinguished career as the Vice President US Dealer Sales Division forKonica Minolta Business Solutions and 5 years as VP/ General Manager for Global Imaging Systems, aXerox Company. Harry Hecht is a member of the MPSA has been actively involved for over 10 years in thedevelopment, creation, implementation and growth of Managed Print Services programs throughout theindependent dealer channel. Hecht is a graduate of Texas Tech University. He can be reached atHarryHecht@gmail.com or 609-636-9893