How Harry Hecht can Help Your Business


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How Harry Hecht can Help Your Business

  1. 1. Harry HechtHarry Hecht Why Harry Hecht? 1. Significant experience in dealing with disruptive change environments. IE: Mergers/Acquisitions, Technology, Consulting and turn-arounds 2. Self starter with a positive attitude, proven track record of success 3. Industry credibility and reputation for performance and integrity 4. High energy level, focused, tenacious, and attention to detail 5. Balanced background in driving sales revenue and profitability through effective team development and leadership 6. Strong PC skills: PowerPoint, Word, Excel 7. Experienced and successful in working in all sides of the document imaging industry channel (Direct Sales + Reseller+ Manufacturer) 8. Successful in leading and managing both regional and national sales organizations <Konica Minolta, Global/Xerox> Fun & Reward 9. Good at assessing situations, making decisions, then setting priorities, goals, action plans along with timeframes to insure long- term success 10. Successful in identifying, recruiting, and developing successful people into an organization while limiting turnover and increasing productivity by department/employee Harry B. Hecht Confidential
  2. 2. Harry Hecht Why Harry Hecht? 11. Unique set of skills honed from years of successful performance - Sales and organizational management expertise - Operational excellence and professional services experience - Product and technical services management background - Marketing and program management - Technology - HR, Training and resource development - Logistics and fulfillment - Benchmark utilization ( Global Model) - National accounts, GEM, and strategic account management 12. Highly experienced with managing and motivating managers. I am resource and set the pace for team success. Work hard and have fun 13. Ability to calmly work and meet deadlines in a fast paced environment 14. “Lead by example” culture 15. Able to develop cross- departmental relationships needed to move organization forward 16. A creative and “out -of- box” thinker Harry B. Hecht Confidential
  3. 3. Harry Hecht Success……. • Harry Hecht has: Experience- Vision- Desire- Energy- Focus •Experienced industry executive that is adaptable and flexible with over 30 years of Sales, Leadership, Management and operational experience that is contemporary •Ability to assess scene, uncover opportunities, and build performance teams that exceed plan YOY •I am detail oriented, execute to a well thought out plan, then follow through to completion of a Goal- then repeat •Loyalty-Leadership- Communication- Creativity- Quality •Harry Hecht has a unique combination of business skills and knowledge honed from years of experience working as a trusted advisor for both large and small companies. He applies his knowledge to specific project assignments using a balanced and practical approach coupled with thorough research, step-by-step business modeling and execution . Harry B. Hecht Confidential