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Assignment 3 bcs 311 - by harry enggaard - instructor lee ann fishback - uarctic


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Mining in Greenland- pros and cons

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Assignment 3 bcs 311 - by harry enggaard - instructor lee ann fishback - uarctic

  1. 1. GREENLAND Exploration & Exploitation- London Mining iron ore project
  2. 2. London mining - Isua• Isua/Isukasia is located 150km Northeast of Nuuk and 100km from a proposed deep seawater port. From its position in the warmer south-west corner of Greenland it will allow for year round shipping.• The project• A multi billion dollar mineproject build and run by chinese owned company London Mining. Probarbly funded by China development bank.• More information : nalenglish.pdf
  3. 3. How to sell a London Mining project to investors... - Greenland - the chinese highway into the arctic
  4. 4. A well planned and government approved project• It seems thats all official legislation concerning mine exploration and exploitation is in place• The Greenland Selfrule Government are intensely working for this project to become a reality.• Probarbly a very “ green” setup compared to many other mines in african or first nation countries• It seems that the the oil & mining way is the one and only way for Greenland to go to overcome financial difficulties and work towards 100% independence from Denmark
  5. 5. But...• Inuit Circum Polar Council(ICC) and the World Wildlife Foundation(WWF) join forces. They proclaim that the democratic proces is at stake regarding London Mining Project and the handling of the project issues, hearings, and different reports requested by Greenland government (paid by London Mining)- Translated(google) document : First of its kind report (one to read!!!) from two above NGO´s• Also the greenland environmental NGO, Avataq ( expressed severe concern on these topics(but do not have economic capacity to conduct any contra-reports)
  6. 6. Society concerns Two examples : (Reuters) – “By a remote fjord where icebergs float in silence andhunters stalk reindeer, plans are being drawn up for a huge iron oremine that would lift Greenlands population by four percent at astroke - by hiring Chinese workers”. Criticism: London Mining overhears expertsContrary to the advice of raw Directorate experts will LondonMining using aheating oil pollutes more than necessaryBy Rune Langhoff14:07, 28 September 2012 London Mining should use light and not heavy fuel oil for marinetransport to and from the planned iron mine at Isukasia, believeexperts from DCE, National Centre for Environment and Energy,which advises the BMP.
  7. 7. Pros and ConsPro - London mining Con – London Mining• This project can give Greenland • This project will need a lot of economy a boost foreign labour, primarely• Will create many jobs chinese(labour dumping)• This project can create an easier • This is a high risk environmental project in a fragile arctic area path for coming projects • This project will go on in a highly• The project can help educate and valuated raindeer hunting and create a new work sector fishing ground• Its a project which could run on • This will bring world political waterpower for up to 50% of total issues in the game needed energy • This project will bring chinese• A longterm project and investment power closer to the arctic agenda• Etc. • Etc.
  8. 8. My conlusionThe greenlandic economy is under pressure due to a bigger demand for Everyone to have acertain/minimum standard of living. The danish government supports Greenland with aprox. 500millUS a year. This amount/value is slowly decreasing.There is public concern on how to embrace these fortcoming economic problems. At the same timesmall settlements and cities struggle to maintain everyday living standard, aswell as the fishing quotasis getting smaller because of a changing in climate.and related problems.So overall, I think that we do need to develop the mineral sector. It is important and nesessary. On theother hand the introduction of the first large scale mining project in Greenland – London Mining,leaves a impression that the people will not have any “vote” on this. The public hearings and thedifferent reports are made with only one purpose. To open the mine no matter what. So we see ademocratic proces where the people of Greenland if left outside while multi national enterprises andfew government employees plan the Greenland future with all its uncertainty and environmentalaspects.No doubt that this will have a great impact on the Nuuk area, the fiord, the ecosystem and so on, butthe most disturbing thing about this is that there is not really somebody to “defend us” against Thegreenland government and London Mining planning and reports. There is only one side of the tablerepresented.(except for two NGO´s : Avataq, environmental org. and ICC – Inuit CircumpolarConfederation). This is the first project of its kind, we need it, but we also need a democratic procesand better researched project from the counterpart – the people of Greenland. We have a greatopportunity in Greenland to earn the respect form other first nations. We have a opportunity to makean exanple on how to do a “green” mine model. But do we dare ??