Textual analysis hannah Spooner


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Textual analysis hannah Spooner

  1. 1. One of the main strengths of this magazine is the masthead onthe front cover it red and stands out from the whitebackground and the black and white image,, how she hasdisplayed the masthead behind the image of the singer in adifferent colour and font is conventional for this genrealternative music magazine.The picture of Violet south is in black and white which is notconventional for the front cover of this genre of magazinehowever it creates a unique edge to this magazine also the eyecontact from the singer creates a relationship with the readerwhich could sell the magazine.
  2. 2. The use of blue text in a different font situated around the sides of the pictureconnotes the importance of the singer due to everything being placed around it.The contents page has its pictures at the bottom of the page with the mainpicture of Violet south being faded behind the text on the contents page this isnot conventional for an indie magazine however it creates a unique look forthis page.The use of coloured images at the bottom of the page scattered about creates alaid back approach which gives the reader an idea of what sort of material tofind within the magazine. The double page spread title Violet south is the samefont and colour as the title on the front cover this creates a scheme for thewriting about the singer.The pictures are scattered around the page along with the writing around itthere is no structure this is not conventional for this genre of magazinehowever it fits in with the rest of the magazine and its unique approach USP todisplaying images and text in a layback format almost like a scrap-book. Forthe titles she has used bold font to try and give the feeling of less text to read onthe page, it also draws you into the article.
  3. 3. Although this magazine has a different approach to this genre of musicmagazine I feel that there is a real lack of structure, on the front cover thewriting dominates the page which makes the magazine look boring and itmakes the reader overlook the main feature which should be the picture of thesinger due to it being an exclusive on her.A black and white image is not conventional for a front cover of this genre ofmagazine and I will not be using it for my print. The magazine has no clearfonts that are used throughout which isn’t conventional for an indie magazine,there should be clear texts and fonts throughout the magazine to createstructure.The faded image of the singer on the contents page doesn’t work as it should beone of the main features of the magazine therefore should stand out on thepage and once again the writing dominates the page, which could put thereader off.
  4. 4. I think there is too much information within the magazine justfrom looking at the contents page they should have kept it moretowards the exclusive from the singer and exploited it more to tryand excite the reader.On the double page spread there is no structure the images arescattered around the page it looks like she has put them wherethey can fit, the age is crowded and dominated by text againwhich doesn’t capture the attention of the target audience of thismagazine which would be youths as it is an indie musicmagazine.There is only two colours of text on this page which is black andred for the title, which isn’t conventional for this genre ofmagazine as it doesn’t stick to any colour scheme. The images onthe right hand page are square with a harsh edge and feel to fixedthey don’t fade into the page like the rest of the images.
  5. 5. After analysing Hannahs magazine I have found somenew ideas for my magazine which I will include withinmy narrative frame-work ideas and see what my focusgroup think. To make sure that my print is successful Ineed to make sure I avoid over crowding he pages ofmy magazine and dominating it with text, as for mygenre of magazine it has been proven that the targetaudience prefer images to text as the audience is youths.From looking at the magazine it has made me confidentto carry out my research and that it is vital to stick toconventions of my chosen genre, as it sells a magazine.Also it is crucial for me to create a key colour schemefor my magazine as it looks professional and createsstructure for the reader.