Paid traffic mastery


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Paid traffic mastery

  1. 1. 100% Commissions & The Best Training In The Industryhttp://www.secretonlineprofits.comHow To Scale Advertising Online(PPC and Solo Ad Grass Roots Tactics)Paid advertising is QUICK results and includes MORE than just PPC.The upside of paid advertising is that it’s the quickest way to get into profit in your businesswithouthaving to talk to people that you know, and it doesn’t have to be as expensive as you think.The downside is, as soon as you shut off the funds and the advertising campaign the leadsalso stop. Thisis not a long term marketing method that is virally sustaining. Also, the leads are not familiarwith whoyou are, therefore it requires building a relationship through your email autoresponder. So youMUSThave a long-term strong sales funnel in place to be able to convert the leads into sales, or betteryet,leverage someone else’s sales funnel, such as the Empower Network sales funnel, to increaseyour sales.Sophia Rashkin – Direct Sales Paid AdvertisingConversion Ratio Expectations – Conversion Ratio simply means what percentage out ofthose that viewyour site actually optin. Out of every 100 people that view your site, the highest expectation foroptinwould be 40 people, or a 40% optin rate. 40% is extremely above average and NOT to beexpected whenyou are first starting with paid advertising.When just starting with paid advertising you can expect to have a much lower conversion rate ofanywhere from 1-3% By testing different ads and tracking the results you will be able to improvethe adsthat get higher conversion rates and continue to improve them and increase their conversionrate.
  2. 2. There are 4 primary factors to conversion rates. The ad itself (adcopy) and where the ad isplaced(traffic). Even the best converting ad will get a low conversion rate if no one sees it that isinterested init. The other two factors are the Landing Page and the Sales page/follow-up.Copyright 2012 by Empower Network LLCTraffic Conversions – Traffic depends upon the niche you are focusing on. Don’t “fake it” youhave to“make it”. Use your experiences as the reference of who you are going to focus on targeting.How To Find A Site To Advertise On:Use Google Keyword Tool to find a targeted website. locate a site that is relevant, first find out what people are searching for online. Use arelevant andfrequently searched Keyword.Once you have found the keyword that is relevantto your capture page and sales funnel type it intoGoogle to locate a site that you can advertise on.Choose a site that has authority and gets a LOT ofvisitors.The more visitors, the more opportunities for youad to be viewed by potential customers.Copyright 2012 by Empower Network LLCLook for existing ads on the site. If there are ads onthe site, you know that there is a way to place your adas well.In general the link for advertising on a site can befound by scrolling to the bottom.If you do not see a link for advertising, look for contact information for the site.Understanding Paid Advertising TermsViews/Impressions are the amount of times your ad is shown.
  3. 3. CTR/Click Through Rate is the amount of times somoene clicks on your ad and sees yourlanding page.Generating a Lead is when a propsect puts in their name and email address on your landingpage.Sale/Acquisition is when the lead makes a purchase from you.If you are NOT receiving any views/impressions, then your ad is not in the appropriatemarket. Yourentire paid advertising content and campaign must be congruent. Deliver what they want all thewaythrough from ad placement through to product sale.If you are NOT receiving any clicks on your ad, but it is getting viewed, then your adcopy is notinteresting to the viewers of your ad. You will need to change the adcopy (what your ad says).If you are receiving clicks, but not getting leads, this means your landing page is not congruentwith youradcopy. You will need to change the landing page to be more congruent with the ad or viceversa.Copyright 2012 by Empower Network LLCIf you are receiving leads but not getting any sales then you need to change your sales/thankyou pageto make sure it is congruent all the way through.Goals For Your Paid AdsImpressions – This is how many times your ad is appearing. This should be in the Thousands.CTR – Click Thru Rate. This should be 1-3%Lead Conversion – 15% of your clicks should convert to leads when starting and increase asyou finetune your advertising campaign.Acquisition – The amount of sales you get from the leads you generate should begin at 3%and increaseas your advertising campaign improves.Tips and Expectations For Beginners: Make one small change at a time in order to track the conversion rates. Price of leads will start out higher at the beginning.
  4. 4. Begin with 1 site for advertising. Once you have fine tuned the ad on this site you canexpandthe same advertising campaign to similar sites. Treat your initial advertising campaigns as an Experiment that you are going to test andtweak. Focus on generating the Traffic (Impressions and Clicks) to your ad. From there you canslowlystart tweaking your Ad Copy of your ad, your Landing (capture) page, and then your SalesFunnel. (Work from the starting point that your customers will see and work your way deeper)Every Master Was Once A DisasterGive yourself time to learn and become the expert.Jamie Soriano – Solo Ad Success What are solo ads and how you can leverage them to build your list using 6 simple steps. How you can get your offer in front of thousands of people even if you don’t have a list yet. Simple no fuss way to create a solo ad Monetize your leads, even if they don’t join your MLM or purchase any products from you.What Is A Solo Ad?Paying someone else in order to email their existing list. It is called a “Solo Ad” because your adis theonly one that the lead will see in the email that is sent to them.Copyright 2012 by Empower Network LLCRun Solo Ads With Relevant ProvidersUse solo ad providers that are niche-specific. (For example, don’t send a solo ad for EmpowerNetworkto a list that was created for leads that are looking for Health & Wellness information.)Contact The Solo Ad Provider Prior To PurchaseOnly do business with solo ad providers that respond back to you. If they don’t communicatewith youprior to purchasing from them, then they most likely won’t talk with you after the purchase ismade.You can ask them what niche is their list specific to.Ask them if your solo ad copy is acceptable for their list.
  5. 5. Ask if they have run a similar ad to their list already and if they know what the response rate.Create Good Ad CopyWrite a brief compelling offer that will get people to clickon your link in the email.Tell people what they will get and how it will benefit themto click on your link.Make your email ad copy relevant to yourCapture/Landing page.Capture All The LeadsSend the leads directly to your Capture page, do NOT sendthem to a page that doesn’t allow you to capture theiremail address.Monetize Your ListNot all leads that you generate will buy the product you are initially offering. (See below for anexampleof how to monetize your list.)Start Small, Test & Track, Scale UpPurchase a small solo ad first. Run your ad and track yourresults. If you receive a good response from the solo adprovider’s list, run your ad with them again and purchasea larger ad size.Simple No Fuss Way To Create An AdKeep your ad congruent with the capture page. The easyway is to pull your adcopy directly from the capture page.Copyright 2012 by Empower Network LLC*Get a domain that “Forwards” to your capture page. Using the capture page link is ugly and lesslikelyto get “clicks”Keep In MindThe example above doesn’t take into account the other ways you can profit from the 200-300leads yougenerate from a solo ad. You can….
  6. 6. Follow up with and continue to drip info on them Sell other products to them Sponsor them into your primary Monetize (see example below)Once You Find A Profitable Solo Ad“Wash rinse and repeat” the process. Once you receive results you will know that every timeyoupurchase a solo ad it will result in signups and sales.Most “sign ups” will not happen on the first exposure to your product you are offering. It cantakeseveral exposures to your offer, therefore it is CRUCIAL to followup with your leads.Copyright 2012 by Empower Network LLCBonus Tip #1 – AutomationOnce you have found a profitable solo ad provider you can ask if they are willing to offer adiscount torun a recurring monthly order.Now your ad can run on “auto pilot” month after month and generate you a profit each time it isrun.Repeat this process with several solo ad providers to automate your leads and sales.Bonus Tip #2 – MonetizationOnce you have promoted Empower Network, your other affiliate offers, and your primary MLMto yourleads. You can still further monetize your list of leads.Offer a “Paid” webinar teaching basic strategies of online marketing that people on your listneed.EXAMPLE:Hold a 30 minute webinar teaching “how to” do something and include a 30 minute Q&A.Topic Suggestions: How to create a followup series in Aweber How to write good email copy How to write a lead generating blog post How to use a specific piece of software
  7. 7. Out of 500 leads: 15 people pay $27 for the webinar = $405You can scale your business and re-invest that money back into your marketing. Money receivedfromhosting your own paid webinar is 100% commission to you.NOTE: ALEX ZUBAREV’S SOUND CUTS OUT. HE RETURNS LATER TO CONTINUE HISTRAINING.Dave Sharpe – FB PPC Crash CourseNever Buy Another FB PPC CourseTips For An Effective Ad Always think of how to make your ads different so that you can stand out and set yourselfapart. When doing any paid advertising track your ads by running your landing page link through atracking site such as:http://w3roi.comCopyright 2012 by Empower Network LLChttp://hypertracker.comThe Two Types Of Campaigns:Direct ROI Campaign – directly looking for a high return on the money spent for thecampaign. Youwant sales.Branding Campaign – not looking for sales, looking for leads to optin or to get likes on afanpage.Make An Irresistible Ad:Use A Picture – The picture should be 340X240 pixels, use pictures that YOU own, NEVERa picture ofsomeone else, NEVER use a company logo, use yourself or royalty free photos so you don’t getintrouble.Lower Your Cost – Add in other countries to target to help reduce your cost per click. (Thismay notalways work, you have to test it.)
  8. 8. Increase Clicks – Narrow who you are targeting for the ad for better tracking and higher clickthroughrates.2 Options For Paying For Ads:CPM (cost per impression) you pay for every 1,000 times your ad shows up. You can bemore vague inyour adcopy because you aren’t paying for clicks and you don’t care how many times it getsclicked.CPC (cost per click) be more specific with your adcopy and let people know what they aregetting beforethey click so that you don’t pay for wasted clicks.Alex Zubarev – Solo Ad FollowUpOnce you have learned something, put it to use!Knowledge without taking action = big fat zeroes in your bank!Solo Ad CongruencyYou are always selling the next STEP in the process. Your subject line sells people on Opening the email. The Body of the email is selling them to Click on the link within it. The Capture page sells them on Opting In.This initial part of the solo ad is NOT about getting the sale, it is about getting the lead on YOURlist. Thesales come later.Copyright 2012 by Empower Network LLCScale Out Your Advertising.Once you are getting leads Opting In to your list you can focus on converting your leads intosales.Once you start making money with paid marketing, spend more. The more you spend, the moreyou willmake.
  9. 9. Steps To Generating Sales: Copy the Swipe email provided. Modify the links in the email to have YOUR username on the end. Continue sending follow up email swipe to your list Collect the sale.Bond with your list. Optins generated from solo ads are “cold leads” and they do not know you.Showyour leads that you are not hiding behind a website and include ways for them to connect withyou. Ineach email add your: Phone number Email Address Facebook Link Twitter Skype IDIt will take 5-10 exposures before your new leads will trust you enough to make a purchase fromyou.Give really good VALUE in your emails.Give away gifts mixed in with the swipe emails that you send. These gifts can include ebooks orvideosthat you have made yourself. Or use the Empower Network bootcamp videos as a gift to yourlist.(Empower Network bootcamp can be found by Clicking Here.)Monetize Your List Other affiliate product offers Traffic tools SEO tools Clickbank offers Your own offers
  10. 10. NEVER send your list “push button” crap that doesn’t work. You will lose their respect!Copyright 2012 by Empower Network LLCTrack Your Results!You can use to shorten links and it will also track how many clicks you get fromyour soloads.BE The Leader!Start A Co-Op – As soon as you have produced results with solo ads start your team using soloads aswell. Take the pressure off from them having to search for the solo ads themselves and create aCo-Op.Use a link rotator (search Google for the best one to fit what you need for your Co-Op size) sothatleads/optins are distributed evenly.NEVER guarantee any particular results, only traffic. Marketing is NEVER an exact science (nomatterwhich form of marketing you are using.)Create A Team Site – Use Facebook groups, Skype chats or a Ning community to create asource for yourteam to share resources and help each other with creative ideas for producing results.Designate leadersin your team to maintain the team site. As your team grows internationally you will want tochooseleaders in all time zones so someone is online 24/7 to assist new members.Create Team Tutorials – You can create a screencast video showing your team the short cutsand tricksyou’ve learned to getting started.Post the capture pages and other links on your team site.Include some ad samples that your new members can use on Facebook, Twitter and for solo ads.
  11. 11. You Keep 100% Of This Money (All Of It)That’s right. 100% Commissions.Deposited directly to YOUR bank account.InstantlyAutomaticallyWithout calling or talking to anybody(INSERT YOUR LINK)Stop struggling and DECIDE to make a REAL change. Today!To learn about this program paying 100% commissions, click NowCopyright 2012 by Empower Network LLCDave Sharpe: The internet is a lot less complicated than people makeit. A generate traffic B convert to leads C make a sale D follow up E deliver on your promise to give a good productEmpower Network gives you B, C, D & E ,,, you choose how to do A,,, and this series has justgiven you avariety of ways to generate traffic. So now there is NO excuse to not succeed, becauseeverything worksif you give it time, consistency and the attention to test it and tweak it.100% Commissions & The Best Training In The Industry