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The Social Media for Customer Service Summit


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The Social Media for Customer Service Summit

  1. 1. The 2nd Annual Social Media for Customer Service Summit Everything your business needs to know when setting up a social media customer service strategy - learn from your corporate peersUse social media to deliver bettercustomer service for brand loyalty,customer acquisition andreputation #CSMCSTwo day business conference, October 23–24, 2012The New Yorker Hotel, New YorkA practical and interactive business conference built for customer service, social media and communications executives: Integrate social into existing Respond through social Monitor social interaction customer service function to channels to generate positive to spot issues and solve become a more responsive sentiment and brand loyalty problems before they and customer-centric business become crisesThe benefits for you: Our agenda splits into three key areas – each one is targeted to helpcustomer service and social media professionals achieve the key goals you need to achieve:Measurement…to get buy in, spot issues and Internal set up …to become more responsive, deliver Response tactics …to generate positive sentiment, solvetrack value a joined up solution, go beyond normal crises before they explode, retain customers customer service delivery and integrate and avoid looking like big brother with your call centre – and beyondSpeakers include: Co-sponsor: LOOK INSIDE to check out our top level social media and customer service corporate speakers and business-focused agenda
  2. 2. Dear Colleague Social media has changed the face of customer service as we knew it, for good. This year’s Social Media for Customer Service represents a one-stop-shop to respond to this shift – and leverage the multitude of opportunities that delivering customer service over social – and at scale – offers The social landscape is forever evolving, but one Second, companies are now grasping this change in at the forefront of our agenda. thing remains certain in all this uncertainty – the dynamics of the buyer seller relationship. 42% But there’s more… that your ability to serve your customers, in the of companies are already using social media as a channels they wish to be served in, is critical to your customer service tool, with this number predicted …this year we have grown even better and bigger, business success. to increase to 59% by year’s end. we have more interactive and productive session formats, bigger brand speakers and more time set We all want to make our revenue numbers. To do This is a good start – but the same problems still aside for networking. so, we must acknowledge the acquisition and exist. retention power of the post-sales experience. It This is THE meeting place for the social media and 56% of the top 50 brands did not respond to a customer service community. Last year we had is critical to keep your current customers happy, single customer comment on their Facebook page and show potential customers how well you over 120+ companies attend from brands such as in 2011. 71% of customer’s complaints on Twitter eBay, SAP, PepsiCo and many more. do business. Social media gives your business a got ignored by brands. And 55% of consumers channel to achieve all of the above. expect a response the same day to an online If your company wants to take its social media So what’s changed in 2012? complaint – only 29% receive one. customer service strategy to the next level, then this is definitely the only conference you need to Well first and foremost your customers now But social media as a customer service tool is no attend. EXPECT your company to be socially responsive. longer experimental – it is fundamental to your 62% of customers have used social media to business success. Don’t miss the opportunity to get to the raise a customer service issue. 81% of customers forefront of social media customer service. Your customer service strategy must include social Reserve your place at Social Media for believe it is important for your business to respond media and be part of your long-term business plan to them if they have a question or complaint on a Customer Service Summit today. to maintain competitive advantage. social channel. And 60% of businesses who have increased revenues in the past six months put it And there is only one place to learn how to down to better customer service. achieve a fully integrated social media customer Sincerely, service strategy: The Social Media for In these tough economic times can you afford to Customer Service Summit. not improve your post sales experience? As it takes three times as much internal resources to acquire a Just like last year, you will hear from only corporate new customer as it does to retain one – customer speakers – the summit agenda has once more retention is the new acquisition for your brand. evolved from three months of primary research Harry Rollason with your corporate peers – and networking is still Useful Social Media There is plenty of choice when it comes to social media summits. But this is the ONLY summit out there tailored to the needs of both the customer service and the social media community. This one-of-a-kind summit combines the best corporate leaders from social media and customer service alike The Social Media for Customer Service Summit focuses on what you need to know to build a successful strategy at your company and nothing else Whatwill you get? An unrivalled collection The most The best networking Get your company’s A proven track record: of insights and best comprehensive, opportunity of the year questions answered 98% of last year’s practices from over 20+ targeted and relevant - fill your contact book by the experts - Robust delegates confirmed they corporate speakers agenda you’ll find - learn and solve problems with debate and problem learned useful strategies –You’ll leave the Summit everything you’ll need your peers. This is THE solving delivered in an and best practice at last with a step-by-step guide for the year ahead in social media customer engaging format with year’s summit (and we for a robust, innovative just two days. You will service corporate event of plenary sessions, practical have taken the feedback and profitable social find out solutions to the year with a corporate case studies, keynotes, from the other 2% firmly media customer service the most critical social audience, with no sales panel debates, Q+A, on board!) strategy. media customer service pitch or ‘blue sky’ thinking. networking drinks and challenges you are facing. much more.
  3. 3. SUMMIT AGENDADAY 1CORE TOPIC ONE: Setting appropriate goals for your work: Address paranoia from Legal, territorialityHOW TO TAKE THE NEXT STEP – FUTURE from Marketing, and reluctance from your existing social media customer service Customer Service teamPROOF YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE STRATEGY strategy – and tracking your progress • Triage incoming issues effectively and ensureBY LEVERAGING SOCIAL’S POWER information flows to the right people: Set up against them processes to ensure that critical information you’vePrepare your organization internally: Your relationship with your consumers has changed discovered through social customer service goesPick the right model to integrate fundamentally. Getting people off the phone and your to the right business departments ‘issues pending’ list is no longer the overall goal, butsocial media into your customer nurturing conversation to create real business value is. Whole Foods Natanya Anderson Sr. Social Media But how do you set appropriate and achievable goals Program Managerservice function for your social media customer service strategy? Hilton Worldwide Vanessa Sain-DieguezWe all know that social media has become a game You’ve got to get clarity on what’s working, and what’s Director, Social Media Planning Integrationchanger in how modern businesses operate. 80% ofcompanies plan on using social media for customer not - and whether adding social to your customer Part 2 – External: The challenges of scaling up:service delivery by the end of 2012. And 62% of service touchpoints is beneficial to your company. Without a strong measurement strategy - linked to Your response levels and external engagementconsumers have already used social media forcustomer service issues. key corporate goals and tracked against appropriate OK, so you’ve set up your internal workflows and metrics, you’re never going to be able to manage processes for a scaled-up delivery of customer serviceBut social often starts with an opportunistic marketing social customer service delivery accurately. over social. Now you’ve actually got to go out and startdepartment looking for some cheap brand building resolving issues, creating brand loyalty, and makingopportunities. There’s often no clearly defined In this session, we discuss setting appropriate goals for your incorporation of social media into customer your consumers happy. How?organisational model – and that leads to problems ofownership, of responsibility and productivity. service, and the metrics you should be using to track • How to maintain the same quality of response progress against them. while quantity booms: Proven strategies to dealThis is your opportunity to stop the rot internally, and to with an enormous upscale in social customerput together an organisational structure that will future- • Setting goals to aim for: Benchmark against Samsung and Cisco, and set up goals for service queriesproof your business, make you more responsive, andenhance your customer service function. response time, issue resolution vs other • Avoid looking like Big Brother: Strike a balance touchpoints and much more between reactive and proactive - identifying issuesIn this session three corporate leaders will show you and solving them without invasiveness • Update your metrics for the new customer servicehow to: landscape: Compare your own internal metrics • Take advantage of your new capacity: reduce• Internal ownership of social media customer against those currently used by some of the volume through other channels and push issues service: Who should handle customer service leading practitioners in the space to social delivery over social media? The customer service department? Your call centre? Your marketing • Discover the value: Find out more about how Coca-Cola Mike Bowers Director, Contact Center social customer service can benefit your bottom Operations team? Or a separate social media department? line - from efficiency savings to upselling, reduction• Overcome organization challenges: Make your in call centre contacts to disaster mitigation jetBlue Morgan Johnston Corporate workflow more efficient by breaking down the Communications Manager Samsung Carla Svadra Social Media Strategist traditional silos to make social media customer service a team game Cisco John Hernandez VP/GM Customer Contact• Get your social media customer service strategy Business Unit Generate enthusiastic buy-in from of the ground with proven and tested techniques your senior team to guarantee the to quick start your internal set upBest Buy Gina Debogovich Director and Social The challenge of scaling up: Evolve resources you need to scaleMedia Leader your social media customer service It is critical to get the people that matter on board. Otherwise, you simply won’t have the support – orCiti Frank Eliason Senior Vice President of Social function to serve more customers, resources - to make your social customer serviceMedia efforts a success. But to do so, you must speak on over more touchpoints – and not dropFedEx Ginna Sauerwein Managing Director their terms and in their language. service quality You may already have secured resources forConversocial Joshua March Co-Founder CEO The majority of companies now use some form of integrating social into your customer service plans. Or social media as part of their customer service strategy. perhaps you’re just beginning to fight that battle. Either The main challenge now is not to simply provide way, for a long-term and high-quality strategy, you’ve customer service over social, but to scale it up into got to convince upper management that this stuff a primary touchpoint, and a fundamental part of a works - and generates business value. broader customer service function. • Cost savings: We all know how expensive issue But as you begin to deal with an exponentially growing resolution over the phone is. Social offers real number of issues via social channels, and as your savings compared to existing methods - find out customers increasingly expect issues to be resolved how much, and how you can make them over social – and within minutes – how do you ensure • Assign resources better for more efficiency: Many that the quality of your service doesn’t drop? social customer service issues are low-hanging Part 1 – Internal: The challenges of scaling up: fruit that can be dealt with by sub-tier 1 employees Prepare for social customer service at scale - find out where you can better deploy resources for time and money savings In part one, we look at the groundwork you need to do, and the processes you must go through, before • Show the C-suite the value you’re creating: you can be ready to deliver customer service over Upselling, product developments, customer social media at scale: retention and improved sentiment - learn more about how social improves customer service - and • Get buy-in from the teams you need to make this the bottom lineJoin the conversation! You can follow us at: #CSMCS
  4. 4. SUMMIT AGENDADAY 2Getting your employees fit for Use customer social data to inform CORE TOPIC THREE:purpose in this brave new world to future brand strategy and stay one HOW TO USE SOCIAL TO MITIGATE NEGATIVEcreate the perfect social customer step ahead of the competition SENTIMENT AND RESPOND TO CRISISservice team The data that social customer interactions generate Manage criticism and resolve does not simply need to inform customer service. ItWhen you integrate social into your customer service can inform your whole company’s strategy if you have small-scale issues quickly andfunction, you have to do some significant training.Perhaps you’re teaching the social marketing team the right systems in place. More importantly for you, efficiently to help build brand by analyzing social data fully you can crowd sourceabout good customer service practice? Or the Social customer service delivery involves dealing with decision-making that will directly affect the future ofcustomer service team about social media interaction? criticism and complaints in public, often in front of an your business.Or perhaps you’re training a new hire from scratch? audience of millions. If you’re going to prevent a smallWhichever group you fall into, you’ve got to be For example using the data that customer service problem growing into something worse, you need toconfident that you’re targeting your training right - and generates to create better products, more targeted have a detailed understanding of what you need tothat the employees acting on your behalf on social are marketing and essentially becoming a more relevant respond to, a path to response, and escalation policiesalert, aware and have the skill set in place to utilize this and responsive company for your customers. for resolution.critical customer touch point: In this session, we’ll help you to complete that In this session, we’ll cover:In this session you will hear from…. feedback loop and turn social interactions into useful • Find the signal in the noise: Spot the problems that insights that will inform all your business functions.• Moulding the perfect customer service agent: you need to respond to, and prioritise to ensure Create the perfect social-savvy Customer Services • Trend tracking: Monitor social interaction to spot key issues are dealt with before they escalate Representative to boost business performance trends and interests that you can leverage for • Sensible escalation policies: Ensure that problems better business performance• Mitigate against business risk: create social media are funnelled to the people that can deal with them conversation guidelines that protect your brand • The perfect feedback loop: Ensure that the data quickly and efficiently without choking the natural flow of conversation you’re receiving is being channelled into the right • Move beyond social media: How to deal segments of your business quickly - and in a• Which group works best for customer service over with problems that can’t be answered in 140 format other departments can use social? Find out the positives and negatives for characters or less new hires vs customer service agents vs digital • Company-wide reporting to energise not only your customer service department - but your whole Four Seasons Andrew Gillespie Manager, Guest marketing team business: How to take the insight you find through ServicesSony Pauline Amerson Consumer Marketing social and share positivity across your companyManager Southwest Airlines Brandy King Senior Manager McDonald’s Kim Musgrave Social Media Team of Communications Lead Manager, Customer Experience InsightsCORE TOPIC TWO:HOW TO LEVERAGE SOCIAL’S OPPORTUNITIES Corporate crisis response over socialTO DELIVER BETTER RESPONSES AND GET How to use social CRM integration media: Mitigation and responseHAPPIER CUSTOMERS to deliver a truly joined-up customer model best practice to minimizeEngender loyalty and build service function business risk to your brand Social integration into CRM systems offers a truly Sensible companies now have crisis response plans inrelationships: Targeted engagement place. But only a tiny proportion have any sort of plan unprecedented opportunity - for both companies andto create brand ambassadors consumers. For the consumer, they no longer have devoted to crises that occur in the social sphere. AndMany companies are guilty of creating a robust and to restart conversations as soon as they transfer their the advent of social over the last decade has madewell-planned strategy for social customer service complaint from the phone to social. For the business, your brand all the more sensitive and reactive to onlinedelivery - but fall at the final and most important hurdle. there’s access to exponentially more data on consumer opinions. Social news now breaks at the speed of lightGetting customer engagement right is imperative to interactions to help inform service. and you need to be prepared for the worst case scenario.your success. But for a truly joined up service where each customer In this two part session we will look at how to prepareIf you engage properly the advantages are great – touchpoint feeds in to a central hub, you need more and avoid crises from the off – and then what you mustbetter brand reputation, increased customer retention than just great CRM integration. You need great do if the worst case scenario occurs.and the ability to differentiate yourself from your departmental integration. If your customer service, Part one – Large scale crises:competitors, thus creating competitive advantage. But social media, communications and marketing teams Prepare your organization for the worst andit’s a tough challenge. don’t work together frictionlessly, you’re simply not going to be able to leverage this huge opportunity. tactics for avoiding them in the first placeIn this session, we look at the fundamentals of • CRM integration: How to take the first steps, set • The acid test: Stress testing to make sure thatengagement best practice. goals, deadlines and KPIs your social media customer service team is ready• Taking customer service beyond call-list clearing: for every eventuality Engender loyalty through long-term relationship building • The full customer profile: Create a full social picture of your end user through cross referencing and • Stop problems in their tracks: Proven tactics to• Look human, but remain professional: Project a human spot issues brewing that might lead to disaster recording every Tweet, blog post and Facebook side, but not at the expense of your brand image mention you monitor Part two – The worst case scenario:• Prioritisation - should you or shouldn’t you?: • Escalation to sales: How to ensure that hot leads Tactics, tips and best practices to respond Should different customers get different levels are identified and passed on to the right team to to crises when they hit of care based on their influence? How can you handle manage this balance in your company? • Escalation of control: When do you say enough is • Workflow management between customer enough and draw the line to stop the Alon Waisman Social Media service, social media and marketing to ensure aOperations Manager consistent response • First responder tactics: What should be your first response if the worst case scenario does becomeTime Warner Cable Carter Calle Senior Manager, RingCentral Baochi Nguyen Senior Social a realityEnterprise Alternative Care Strategies Strategist @usefulsocial
  5. 5. NETWORKINGIs social media customer service becoming evermore important to your company and its futuresuccess? If so, the Social Media for CustomerService Summit is built for you! What your peers have said: Only the best corporate speakers: With our high calibre corporate speakers, you will hear only from those that are walking the walk instead of just talking the talk An excellent With a huge deep-drive into variety of An industry leading event: The summit is the product the benefits, companies and of months of primary research with your peers ensuring unbiased information – well-balanced and innovative – best practices roles represented, that you can apply the moment you are back in the office and challenges many ideas sur- associated with faced, opinions Your community in one place: This is ‘the’ meeting place for both the social media and the customer service social media and different, and community in one place customer service attendees could take home solu- Alex Scott Key takeaways – completely relevant to you: You’ll acquire premium market intelligence. As the sessions knit together Social Media Manager, Entergy tions vetted by you’ll be able to benchmark from our industry experts, the larger group learning from their mistakes The conference Ryan Jensen Zions Bancorporation, Social Answers to your questions: This year’s even more provided great Media Administrator interactive format carves out extra time for you to ask important questions that will shape your future strategy learning’s and insight on how Great two days, to effectively the speakersThe response to last year’s Social Media for operationalize were phenom-Customer Service Summit was excellent social media in enal and engag- customer care ing. A lot of great 90% 98% Carolyn Rak Cox Communications, Executive people to meet and speak with 79% Director - Customer Care Operations learned Would something PepsiCo recommend new that of last to someone they could Perfectly years in their take back targeted at the attendees position to the office social marketer Great event briefing were with them with corporations practitioners from corporations straight working in away - Great examples leading companies big brands of thought together leadership Rajiv Narang Director, Social Media Marketing Optimization, Dell Jennifer Wendt Social Media Director, Schneider Electric
  6. 6. NETWORKING Last year’s Social Media for The breakdown of customer service vs Customer Service Summit had the other demographics of 2011’s audience below companies in attendance:3M Dassault Ogilvy Systemes 33% From aAir France PepsiCo 21% FromATT DTE Energy Samsung customer service a marketingBest Buy eBay SAP background Exact Target backgroundCiti Social MediaCoca-Cola Intuit TodayComcast Kellogg’s T-MobileConversocial Mediacom Verizon Mercedes Benz Weber Shandwickand many more… In 2011 the below companies attended our industry leading summits: 27% From a social mediaCisco Intel Southwest Airlines backgroundSantander Expedia American Express 19% From otherSunny Delight American Licorice BP demographicsDunkin’ Brands Nokia CanonSiemens U.S Bank AvonMake-A-Wish Radian 6 BitlyFoundation Dollar General SiemensAdobe World Wrestling Whole Foods The seniority ofQualcomm Entertainment MarketSony Dell Nutricia 2011’s audienceHP JJ Paddy PowerPayPal Prudential GlaxoSmithKline 31% SeniorBoingo New York Life 20th Century Fox Insurance ManagersHitachi Capital OneBrandwatch Marriott Save the Childrento name but a few... 29% Director A few facts about our previous summits: 63% of our from over attendees were 250 different Senior Manager/ companies Director level throughout the executives or US and Europe 5% CEO’s more senior 79% of past We’ve had senior attendees directors speak are from big from Citi, Gap, corporates 28% Manager Whole Foods and 7% VP / Senior VP many many more 98% of previous / Senior Director attendees said We have had over they learned 600 delegates something new at the summit @usefulsocial
  7. 7. We promise REGISTER NOW you will The Social Media for Customer Service Summit get October 23–24, 2012 The New Yorker, New York City Choose Your Pass 1 Insight from the very best in the social Standard Book by August 17th media and customer • ccess to all super-panels, workshops A $1400 SAVE $400 and case studies Book by September 7th service arena • etworking lunch and coffee breaks N $1650 SAVE $150 2 • vening drinks reception E Full price A corporate event with + ccess to presentation slides post-conference A $1800 a corporate audience, no sales pitch or ‘blue sky’ thinking Premium Book by August 17th $1600 SAVE $400 3 • A ccess to all super-panels, workshops and case studies • N etworking lunch and coffee breaks Book by September 7th Experience and • E vening drinks reception $1850 SAVE $150 learning that you can + A ccess to presentation slides post-conference Full price + M P3s of every session at the conference $2000 take back to the office and apply instantly 4 Key learnings your Platinum Book by August 17th $2175 SAVE $525 social media strategy • A ccess to all super-panels, workshops and case studies • N etworking lunch and coffee breaks Book by September 7th needs to take it to the • E vening drinks reception $2300 SAVE $400 next level + A ccess to presentation slides post-conference Full price + M P3s of every session at the conference $2700 5 INCLUDES NEW 56-PAGE BUSINESS REPORT Meet the very best Register for a Diamond Pass and receive a copy of our brand new report. Measuring your in the the social media The report will help you utilise the power of social media to preserve and Social Media enhance your company’s reputation. Impact and ROI and customer service An invaluable guide to finding and optimising your elusive social media ROI • iscover how to respond if your company is attacked – you’ll D PLUS sophisticated analysis of cross-industry measurement strategies, must-have scorecard metrics and mistakes to avoid receive insight into the many ways to deal with a social crisis world, saving you weeks • e prepared – Receive ‘do’s and don’ts’ for your company B of meetings when responding via social media OPEN NOW for your new ground breaking www.usefulsocia selected findings report from this • earn strategic communication methods to identify potential threats L ct and countless days and avoid crises from escalating • Discover the different strategies that both company’s and NGOs use when using social media The Social Media for Customer Service Summit Register your place represents a worthwhile and necessary investment CALL US: EMAIL US: in the future of your social media customer +1 800 814 34 59 service strategy. TWEET US: VISIT OUR WEBSITE: Social media customer @usefulsocial service is no longer experimental. TERMS CONDITIONS Places are transferable without any charge. Cancellations after 24th August 2012 incur an administrative charge of It is fundamental. 25%. If you cancel your registration after 21st September 2012 we will be obliged to charge the full fee. Please note – you must notify Useful Social Media in writing of a cancellation, or we will be obliged to charge the full fee. The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the programme without notice. All prices displayed are exclusive of VAT unless otherwise stated, but VAT will be charged, where applicable, at the prevailing rate on the invoice date and the relevant details will appear on the invoice. NB: FULL PAYMENT MUST BE RECEIVED BEFORE THE EVENT
  8. 8. The 2nd Annual Social Media for Customer Service Summit Everything your business needs to know when setting up a social media customer service strategy - learn from your corporate peersUse social media to deliver bettercustomer service for brand loyalty,customer acquisition andreputation #CSMCS Why you should attend:Two day business conference, October 23–24, 2012 Hear from the very bestThe New Yorker Hotel, New York leading social media customer service experts Hear from 25+ corporate social media leaders: From JetBlue through to Citi, our speakers have got the knowledge Four Seasons Hilton Worldwide Cisco to help you and your company. Andrew Gillespie Vanessa Sain-Dieguez John Hernandez Manager, Guest Services Director, Social Media Planning VP/GM Customer Contact Integration Business Unit Big corporate brands Best Buy jetBlue FedEx talking about the big Gina Debogovich Morgan Johnston Ginna Sauerwein issues that affect you Director and Social Media Leader Corporate Communications Managing Director Manager Theory is never as good as Samsung Sony practice. The biggest global Carla Svadra Pauline Amerson Alon Waisman brands in the world attend our Social Media Strategist Consumer Marketing Manager Social Media Operations conferences to share and learn. Manager You should too. Coca-Cola Citi Conversocial Mike Bowers Frank Eliason Joshua March Social media customer Director, Contact Center Operations Senior Vice President Co-Founder CEO of Social Media service is no longer Whole Foods RingCentral Time Warner Cable experimental. It is Natanya Anderson Baochi Nguyen Carter Calle fundamental Sr. Social Media Program Senior Social Strategist Senior Manager, Enterprise Manager Alternative Care Strategies You can no longer afford to play catch up. 2012 is the year to McDonald’s Southwest Airlines Kim Musgrave Brandy King get your social media customer Social Media Team Lead Manager, Senior Manager of service strategy strategy right the Customer Experience Insights Communications first time. Don’t miss out.Join the conversation! You can follow us at: @usefulsocial