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The Corporate Social Media Summit


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A corporate lead summit focusing on how big business can utilize the power of social media fully. Join leading brands like AMEX, Dell, Gap, Whole Foods, KLM as they tackle external engagement, customer service, monitoring and integration. It is the only summit designed exclusively to take your social media strategy to the next level.

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The Corporate Social Media Summit

  1. 1. The 3rd Annual Corporate Social Media Summit The No 1 Social Media focussed corporate event – your One-Stop-Shop for everything you need knowFully integrate social mediathroughout your company to engageconsumers, enhance your brandand boost your bottom #CSMNYTwo day business conference, June 13–14, 2012The New Yorker, New York CityA practical and interactive business conference built for a corporate audience: Improve engagement, customer Measure your social media impact to show satisfaction and sales via a turbo-charged business worth, inform future strategy and external social media policy and make your meet your business priorities brand friends for life Lay the foundations for future success by Create a cohesive internal structure fully understanding the changing market that’s embedded throughout to boost issues to gain competitive advantage communication whilst reducing business risk …of speakers are corporate …of sessions are designed to enhance practitioners and improve your social media strategy …of topics have been requested by your peers and deal with the major issues affecting your company today – and tomorrowSpeakers include: Co-Sponsor: LOOK INSIDE to check out our top level corporate speakers and business-focused agenda
  2. 2. Dear Colleague The Corporate Social Media Summit is back. Fast becoming THE meeting place for the corporate social media practitioner, this is your One-Stop-Shop for all things social. What’s changed for 2012? THIrD, it is now acknowledged that social media is not merely something for marketing THere’S More. Because this year, we have grown even better. FIrST AnD ForeMoST, the furious pace teams. Social is permeating through ALL With more interactive and productive session of advancements have transformed the social business functions. 2012 represents the Year formats, bigger brand speakers and a networking landscape as we knew it even twelve months of Change for social media as we know it. space no-one in the USA can beat – this is the ago. Facebook has surpassed 800 million 58% of companies will use social for customer One & Only social media event to attend in 2012. users. Twitter 100 million. And the number of service, 65% for reputation management, 41% for employee engagement and 27% for If your company wants to take its social media platforms are increasing also, especially with commerce. Companies that are not running a strategy to the next level this is definitely the Google+ and Pinterest joining the party. It all fully integrated, grown-up social media program only conference you need to attend means that you, the social media practitioner, have an even tougher job ahead of you. And in a are being left behind in the social arms race. Don’t miss the opportunity to get to the world of uncertainty, you can be sure only that it Social is no longer experimental. forefront of corporate social media. Reserve will get harder still. It is fundamental. your place at The Corporate Social Media Summit today. SeConD, companies understand even more Your social media strategy needs to be part of than before that social media is becoming more your long-term business plan and integrated businesses-critical. 64% of companies report across the whole company. their social media budgets are going to increase And there is only one place to learn how to Sincerely, throughout 2012. 92% of the Fortune100 achieve this: The Corporate Social Media Summit. companies now have a Twitter account. Even 70% of local businesses have a Facebook Just like last year, you will hear only from corporate page. It all goes to say that US corporations are speakers – the Summit Agenda has once again not only becoming more aware, they are also evolved from three months of primary research growing more active through social. – and networking with your corporate peers is Harry rollason given an even higher priority. Useful Social Media There is plenty of choice when it comes to social media summits. But the Corporate Social Media Summit is different – and better than all the rest. A bold claim. But one we make from a position of strength. How so? Simple. We only have businesses talking to businesses. TheSummit is: Designed for you, Best practice from A proven track Fabulous High end the corporate: your corporate record: 98% of last networking: discussion: Three months of peers: All speakers year’s delegates con- With 200+ delegates, Go back to the office solid research to are from big firmed they learned this is the event armed with the ensure every session corporations and useful strategies for successful knowledge to drive gets to the heart have been tasked and best practice at practitioners who your social media of this year’s social with delivering the Corporate Social want to get on strategies forward issues and keeps practical solutions Media Summit with their social – immediately. Learn you those vital steps and informed (and we have taken strategy in 2012. how to stay ahead ahead in an ever- opinions, rather than the feedback from of the curve. changing landscape. empty classroom the other 2% firmly theory. on board!)
  3. 3. SUMMIT AGenDA DAY 1Improve your consumer engagement Incorporate commerce into your Create a more robust and responsiveby way of a more advanced social broader social media strategy to customer service function: Turn yourmedia strategy to inspire even better directly impact your bottom line customers – and your critics – intobrand interaction Gone are the days where social media was just brand ambassadors ‘experimental’. It must now deliver genuine worth toAs social media evolves, the number of fans engaging push those budgetary floodgates open. As your online Good customer service leads to positive sentiment, andwith your brand online is rocketing. It’s now common for fans increase, your ability to move from followers to the advance of social media has changed customerbrands to have large numbers of Fans and Followers – dollars improves –dramatically. But how do you make service beyond recognition. Already, 42% of companiesbut to what extent do they truly engage with your brand? social media part of the sales process? use social media as a customer service tool, and this is predicted to increase to 59% by the end of the year.90% of Facebook users don’t return to the brand page Adding commerce to the social mix remains tough.after the ‘Like’. The reality is that brands now not only Talking in the right voice and making the right sounds Good customer service has the power to create betterface the problem creating new fans – but keeping has never been more crucial. Get it wrong and you brand reputation, increase retention rates and boostexisting fans engaged. run the risk of jeopardizing all your previous hard work, competitive advantage. Social customer service is as followers become alienated through a bullish sales becoming the norm for any company that wants toIn this session our distinguished panel of corporate technique. communicate proactively with their customers, so timeexperts will spell out on how to make true Friends to get with the program.through REAL relationships: Both KLIM and Whole Foods have been models of excellence as social commerce early adopters. In this In this session Frank Eliason, who is wrote to book on social• umanize your brand: Transform your corporate H session they will demonstrate how to develop real customer service from him time as @ComcastCares, will image into something approachable and engaging, relationships that work for you. be joined by leading airline JetBlue. Both JetBlue, one of and boost consumer interaction the earliest adopters of social customer service, and Citi • etention is the new acquisition: Build robust and R • ocial commerce: Learn the best ways to incorporate S will demonstrate how to build a successful social media lasting relationships to future-proof your business loyalty programs, customer benefits, and rewards customer service function at your company. for the new economic situation programs into your existing websites and campaigns • onversation overload: Ensuring you respond C• apitalize on every conversation: Move from a C • oving from followers to customers: Avoid the pitfalls M effectively to the rapidly increasing number of customer content strategy to a conversation strategy and of overselling to your brand loyalists by deploying requests – and route queries to the right people maximize interactions for enhanced loyalty and softly-softly sales techniques that will not alienate anyone • onstructing response models: How to deal with trouble- C brand appreciation makers – and know when it’s time to cut them loosePart One • rofit from staying in touch: Discover how to create P an environment where your customers are actually • ove beyond social media: Dealing with problems MAmerican express Laura Fink Vice-President eager to help sell your products for you that can’t be answered in 140 characters or lessSocial Media • chieve seamless integration by ensuring what’s said A Whole Foods Bill Tolany Head of Integrated MediaGap Rachel Tipograph Director, Global Digital on social platforms fits in with existing CRM systemsand Social Media Air France KLM Viktor Van-der-Wijk Director E-Acquisition Citi Frank Eliason Senior Vice President of Social Media H&r Block Scott Gulbransen Director JetBlue Morgan Johnston Head of Corporate of Social Media CommunicationsPart Two Reputation preservation andAVG Jill Hunley Vice President of Global Social Media enhancement: Use social media to Creating marketing synergy: BoostDiageo/Smirnoff Michelle Klein Smirnoff Vice maximize the impact of your brandPresident, Global Marketing your external impact by developing Social media has changed the way brands communicateBoeing Todd Blecher Communications/Social once and for all. Traditional barriers between brands and a fully-integrated marketing mixMedia Director stakeholders are now almost non-existent – which brings Gone are the days when social sat at its own table. both opportunities and dangers. Companies have woken up to the fact that social needs Use social correctly and you can manage your online to be part of the broader marketing and communicationsGlobal versus Local: Manage multiple reputation far more effectively than before. Look at strategy. Just look at this year’s Super Bowl half time Southwest Airlines, who told the world about their adverts, the majority contained a hashtag and wereidentities whilst maintaining brand promoted via social channels before there airing. What emergency with Flight 1919 to Chicago via social rather identity on a universal scale than traditional media and emerged from a crisis with was the unknown 12 months ago is now becoming main its reputation enhanced, rather than damaged. This stream marketing practice.It’s essential to maintain a clear brand identity for socialmedia success. But that’s easier said than done, session shows you the do’s and don’ts of reputation What else can you do with social to make your traditional especially when your brand’s presence makes itself management via social media from three of the US’s marketing work harder? Or are you still keepingfelt in different geographical markets through multiple biggest brands, McDonalds, Citi and Southwest Airlines. marketing and social at separate tables –platforms. Today’s average company has six different • isk management and crisis response: How to R and limiting your potential impact?Twitter accounts, so it’s clear segmentation is happening. identify escalating situations on social networks and In this session American Eagle and Mercedes-Benz will But should it? How do you send out a united message deal with them appropriately spell out precisely how social media impacts on yourwhen the communication landscape is so disjointed? traditional marketing communications – and the necessary • uild trust and passion: Use social media to share B• ocalization of content: How to create on-message L good news stories, build brand advocates and steps to create synergy across your entire marketing mix. content that also meets local demands spread positive impact • oosting impact: Techniques to enhance and amplify B• eeping up appearances: Ensuring your brand voice K • nformation at the speed of light: Dealing with the I your storylines and brand messages through social remains consistent – rather than confused - even sheer speed and spread of social news to keep • ntegrate your offline channels with social: Persuading I when it’s spread across many different social media several steps ahead consumers to shift their conversations about your locations brand online McDonald’s Heather Oldani Director, U.S.• raining, equipping and synergizing multiple teams in T Communications • nderstand the dangers: The risks of failing to U different regions to truly create a ‘glocal’ social media properly integrate your marketing mix in 2012 function Citi, Jonathan Young, Assistant Vice President Social Media and Corporate Communications American eagle Jessica Berlin Social Media ManagerBAe Systems Steve Field Director of Digital Media Southwest Airlines Brandy King Senior Mercedes-Benz USA Melissa Newell SocialGeneral electric Andy Markowitz Director, Communications Manager Media SpecialistGlobal Digital StrategyJoin the conversation! You can follow us at: #CSMNY
  4. 4. SUMMIT AGenDA DAY 2Lay the foundations for long-term Design an internal governance model The social mobile customer: Boostbusiness success: Structuring, to train and create employee brand your impact by combining the powerembedding, operationalizing and ambassadors - not liabilities of mobile with the strength of socialcommunicating social media inside Social media carries many associated risks. None more – the way so than the fear of someone doing something ‘wrong’ -your organization and with 73% of companies having at least three people • case study on how have utilised mobile A active on ‘official’ social media, you need to be certain successfully for their companyAs your social media develops, so too must yourstrategy and your model of adoption. Coming up with an responsibilities are clear. Sharon Knitter Senior Director of Mobileeffective internal social media structure is hard enough Unfortunately, the nature of the beast means one small– but coming up with one which is effective and meets mistake can escalate quickly, and before you know it, key business priorities is even harder. Adding additional you’re obliged to fight fire with fire. From Mattel’s deleting of pressure to you, the social media manager in what is Using the social media data you Facebook posts, to Habitat’s loose hashtag, examples of already pressure filled role. social media going wrong are all too easy to find. gather to inform future strategicIn this session you will hear from Dell, Wells Fargo and But you can’t afford not to be on social media. So you brand strategiesAdobe who will give you a 360 view of what a successful need to make sure that your employees know the rulesinternal structure looks like. Turning social media data into actionable insights that of engagement. In this session hear from two very big inform strategy is imperative to future business success.• here to embed social at your company? Create W brands in two very different industries. Bank of America But with the wealth of social media data out there, how nimble infrastructures and secure the coordination and Dunkin’ Brands will share their experience on how do you sort the wheat from the chaff? required for internal cohesion to use social media effectively in tandem with broader company goals. Social media should hold sway over brand decisions. For• etting to Yes: The secrets of achieving genuine G instance, Gap, through social media, felt the backlash support from the C-suite • ocialization for success: Train your biggest assets S to their change of brand logo in 2010 and reverted to to know the rules of engagement the traditional version. Just one case of where listening• chieving maximum productivity from your internal A resources: How to pick the best person for the job • reate an appropriate governance policy: C to and reading social media discussions correctly is Develop internal rules to guide your employees imperative to inform business decisions. In this session:• romote internal cohesion: Improve your internal P in representing your company • urn data into action: How to analyze data to T communication channels to ensure your company’s social media deployment is efficient and productive • inding the right balance: Empowerment or constant F understand what your consumers want from you supervision? What works best for your business?Dell Richard Binhammer Director, Social Media • rowd sourcing and internal innovation: Using Cand Community • ow to prosper in a regulated industry: Learn H what you hear to directly influence your product how the thrive in even the toughest social media development teamsWells Fargo Nathan Bricklin Senior Vice environment • ctionable insights: Create free-flowing and easily APresident - Head of Social Business StrategyAdobe Maria Poveromo Director of Social Media Bank of America Chris Smith Senior Vice understood information across business departments President of Social Media Bank of America Emily Berg Senior ViceThe impact of social media: Should you President of Enterprise Social Media Marketing How gamification can boost customerlook further than ROI to assess success? Dunkin’ Brands Jessica Gioglio Public Relations interactions, train staff and improve and Social Media ManagerEven in 2012, putting a firm price on what social media stakeholder engagementdelivers remains contentious, and 74% of companies Gamification is fast moving from a perceived flash in the admit they are not confident in attributing the right ROI pan into marketing mainstream thinking. Consultancy to their social efforts. Techniques to stop, look and listen to firm Gartner predicts that by 2015, more than 50% of However the days of social media being allowed to run what is being said about your brand organizations that manage innovation processes will its own course are over. At the very least, it must now gamify those processes, and predict that by 2014, a on social media channels gamified service for consumer goods marketing and deliver real impact. But should this impact be measured purely in financial terms? Or are their other metrics your Social media monitoring delivers a deluge of data – some customer retention will become as importantbusiness should measure – and take into account? relevant and some not. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed. as Facebook, eBay and Amazon. The real challenge is not to track and measure But why? If you bring gamification into your own In this session New York Life Insurance will walk you everything, but to single out the business-criticalthrough a variety of popular ROI models – financial marketing strategy, what are the potential positive information to your brand. - and negative - effects?and non-financial – that they are applying. Protiviti will share a continuum of metrics corporate directors are But with 65% of companies confessing their current In this session two leading corporations, Siemens andseeing when management presents social media in the measurement of social media impact is ineffective, Recycle Bank will introduce you to gamification and boardroom. And Lego will go through four very new and how do you find the stuff that really matters? explain how it can impact on your bottom line:distinct ways they are looking to create value through PepsiCo is a real leader in this very area. Having just social media that show returns. • amifying for the right reasons: Identify the G opened a Mission Control Hub, they will demonstrate circumstances when adding a ‘game layer’ to your• he Holy Grail: Firmly establish what you want to T how to monitor the right things and track your social business adds value achieve from your social efforts – is it more than just media success: the value of a shared voice? • actics for engagement: How to harness the T • etermine your priorities: Identify what your company D ‘stickyness’ of game dynamics• he social ROI formula: Find a clear route to your T should be looking to achieve through the wealth of social impact – and attribute it back to specific social social media data • he best ways to incorporate loyalty programs and T media campaigns and efforts customer benefits… without giving too much away • inding critical data: How to fish in the right pools F• he next generation: Is ROI redundant, or not? T to deliver the information you need recyclebank Samantha Skey Chief Revenue Is it time to focus on new and different monetary Officer • ignal versus Noise: Adding a relevant corporate lens S metrics that show bang for your buck? Siemens Oliver Fleischhut Director, Online to cut through the chatter and find the most pertinent new York Life Insurance Gregory Weiss information CommunicationsAssistant Vice President, Social Media PepsiCo David Weiner Digital Media ManagerLego Lars Silberbauer Social Media DirectorProtiviti Gregory Hedges Managing Director Social Business @usefulsocial
  5. 5. neTWorKInGIs social media is important to your company?If so, the Corporate Social Media Summit is important, too What your peers have said: With our high caliber corporate speakers, you hear only from those that are walking the walk instead of just talking the talk. Great content, Perfectly You’re assured of unbiased information – well-balanced and great speakers. targeted at the innovative – so you can make better-informed decisions the I will be able social marketer moment you get back to the office. to use what I with corporations have learnt here - Great examples This is the meeting place for corporate practitioners – and a great way to meet your peers. immediately back of thought in the office leadership You’ll acquire premium market intelligence. As the sessions knit together you’ll be able to benchmark from social media Lori DeFurio Jennifer Wendt leaders learning how to recognize- and avoid – the mistakes Social Media Strategist, Adobe Social Media Director, they have already made. Schneider Electric An even more interactive format carves out extra time for you This event to ask important questions that will shape your future strategy had the three The summit was elements of a filled with won- Get the tools you need to define and measure the effectiveness of your social media policy – and make the great conference derfully useful C-suite smile. – Great content, information and interesting peo- has given me ple and great food so much to bringThe response to last year’s Corporate back to mySocial Media Summit was excellent Michael Brenner Marketing Senior Director, SAP company 90% 98% Sheerah Singer The blockbuster Director - Marketing & Communications, Penn Mutual 79% Would recommend learnt something line up was impressive – Smart, engaging new that well done! of last to someone they could and thought years in their take back Tom Hoehn attendees position Interactive Marketing Director, provoking to the office were with them Kodak speakers from corporates straight a cross section working in away Really great big brands of industries content. Quality delivering useful of presentations best practice very high Lauren Alba Amber Banks Manager, Social Marketing and Account Manager, BO.LT Communications, American Express Publishing
  6. 6. neTWorKInG Last year’s Corporate Social The demographics Media Summit had the below of 2011’s audience companies in attendance: 18% Service3M Dassault Ogilvy ProvidersAir France Systemes PepsiCoAT&T DTE Energy SamsungBest Buy eBay SAPCiti Exact Target Social MediaCoca-Cola Intuit TodayComcast Kellogg’s T-MobileConversocial Mediacom Verizon Mercedes Benz Weber Shandwickand many more… In 2011 we had the below 3% Journalists companies in attendance: and newsCisco Intel Southwest Airlines 79% CorporateSantander Expedia American ExpressSunny Delight American Licorice BPDunkin’ Brands Nokia CanonSiemens U.S Bank AvonMake-A-Wish Radian 6 BitlyFoundation Dollar General SiemensAdobe World Wrestling Whole Foods The seniority ofQualcomm Entertainment NutriciaSony Dell Paddy Power 2011’s audience 14% VP /HP J&J GlaxoSmithKline Senior VPPayPal Prudential 20th Century Fox / SeniorBoingo New York Life Capital OneHitachi Insurance Director Save the ChildrenBrandwatch Marriottto name but a few... 32% Director A few facts about our previous summits: 63% of out from over 10% Senior attendees were 250 different Managers Senior Manager/ companies Director level throughout the executives or US and europe more senior 79% of past We’ve had senior attendees directors speak are from big 37% Manager from Coca-Cola, corporate’s 7% Ceo’s Pfizer, Best Buy, UPS, Cisco and 98% of previous many more attendees said they learnt We have had over something new 600 delegates at the summit @usefulsocial
  7. 7. We promise REGISTER NOW you will Two day business conference, June 13–14, 2012 get The New Yorker, New York City Choose Your Pass 1 Insight from the very best in the social Standard Book by April 5th • ccess to all super-panels, workshops A $1400 SAVe $400 media arena and case studies Book by May 4th • etworking lunch and coffee breaks N 2 $1650 SAVe $150 • Evening drinks reception Full price A corporate event with + Access to presentation slides post-conference $1800 a corporate audience, no sales pitch or Premium ‘blue sky’ thinking Book by April 5th • A ccess to all super-panels, workshops and case studies 3 $1600 SAVe $400 • N etworking lunch and coffee breaks Book by May 4th experience and • Evening drinks reception $1850 SAVe $150 + Access to presentation slides post-conference learning that you can Full price + MP3s of every session at the conference take back to the office $2000 and apply instantly Platinum Book by April 5th 4 • A ccess to all super-panels, workshops and case studies The key learnings • N etworking lunch and coffee breaks $2495 SAVe $400 Book by May 4th your social media • Evening drinks reception $2745 SAVe $150 + Access to presentation slides post-conference strategy needs to take + MP3s of every session at the conference Full price $2895 it to the next level InCLUDeS neW 66-PAGe BUSIneSS rePorT 5 Register for a Diamond Pass and receive a copy of our brand new report. Measuring your The report will enable you to truly understand how to measure the ROI To meet the very Social Media of your social media initiatives and make better business decisions. Impact and ROI An invaluable guide to finding and optimising your elusive social media best in the business ROI • eep rooted insights from brands from FMCG, retail, entertainment, D PLUS sophisticated analysis of cross-industry measurement strategies, must-have scorecard metrics and mistakes to avoid finance and automotive world, saving you • etailed b2b and b2c case studies D OPEN NOW for your selected findings • est practice benchmarking on measurement B new ground breaking from this weeks of meetings report www.usefulsocia ct • istakes made by major brands – and what they learnt from them M and countless days Register your place The Corporate Social CALL US: EMAIL US: Media Summit represents a worthwhile and +1 800 814 34 59 necessary investment TWEET US: VISIT OUR WEBSITE: in the future of your social media strategy. @usefulsocial Social is no longer TERMS & CONDITIONS Places are transferable without any charge. Cancellations after 13th April 2012 incur an experimental. administrative charge of 25%. If you cancel your registration after 11th May 2012 we will be obliged to charge the full fee. Please note – you must notify Useful Social Media in writing of a cancellation, or we will be obliged to charge the full fee. It is fundamental The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the programme without notice. All prices displayed are exclusive of VAT unless otherwise stated, but VAT will be charged, where applicable, at the prevailing rate on the invoice date and the relevant details will appear on the invoice. NB: FULL PAYMENT MUST BE RECEIVED BEFORE THE EVENT
  8. 8. The 3rd Annual Corporate Social Media Summit The No 1 Social Media focussed corporate event – your One-Stop-Shop for everything you need knowFully integrate social mediathroughout your company to engageconsumers, enhance your brandand boost your bottom #CSMNY Why you should attend:Two day business conference, June 13–14, 2012 Hear from the very bestThe New Yorker, New York City leading social media corporate experts Hear from 20+ corporate social media leaders: From American Express through to Dell, our speakersv have gotWhole Foods BAe Systems Dunkin’ Brands, Inc. Mercedes-Benz CitiBill Tolany Steve Field Jessica E. Gioglio Melissa Newell Jonathan Young the knowledge to help you andHead of Integrated Media Director of Digital Media Public Relations and Social Media Specialist Assistant Vice your company. Social Media Manager President SocialAmerican express oPen Wells Fargo Adobe Media and Corporate Laura Fink Nathan Bricklin new York Life Maria Poveromo Communications Big brands talkingVice-President Social Senior Vice President - Insurance Director of Social MediaMedia Head of Social Business Gregory Weiss recyclebank about the big issues Strategy Assistant Vice President, H&r Block Samantha Skey that affect youDell Social Media Scott Gulbransen Chief Revenue OfficerRichard Binhammer Theory is never as good as Air France KLM Director of Social MediaDirector, Social Media Viktor Van-der-Wijk American eagleand Community Jessica Berlin Hilton Worldwide practice. The biggest global Director E-Acquisition JetBlue Airways Vanessa Sain-Dieguez Social Media Manager Morgan Johnston Director, Social Media brands in the world attend ourCitiFrank Eliason Gap Siemens Corporate Planning & Integration conferences to share and learn. Rachel Tipograph CommunicationsSenior Vice President Oliver Fleischhut You should too. Director, Global Digital Legoof Social Media Director, Online and Social Media Communications Southwest Airlines Lars SilberbauerDiageo/Smirnoff Brandy King Social Media Director Social media is noMichelle Klein McDonald’s Bank of America Senior Manager of Smirnoff Vice President, Heather Oldani Chris Smith Communications Ge, Corporate longer experimental, Director, U.S.Global Marketing Communications Senior Vice President, PepsiCo Commercial and Communications it fundamental Social MediaAVG Technologies David Weiner Andy Markowitz You can no longer afford to play Jill Hunley Bank of America Digital Media Manager Director, Global DigitalVice President of Global Sharon Knitter Emily Berg Strategy catch up. 2012 is the year to getSocial Media and Online Senior Director of Mobile Senior Vice President of your social media strategy rightEngagement Enterprise Social Media the first time. Don’t miss out.Join the conversation! You can follow us at: Co-Sponsor: @usefulsocial