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  1. 1. PICTURESOUND0:00Sc1) Ext train platformAbstract shots of the main girl, Chaiya standing in the train platform. She gets a phone call.Sound fxDiegetic sound, her anklets chimingDialogue: the main character – “Hey, I am on my way. I might be late so you guys get going.”0:05Sc2) Int train carriagea) C/u and wide shots of 4 or 5 passengers on the train and 3 girls giggling, establishing shot of Chaiya standing on the platform looking from the inside.b) C/u of the main character’s feet and pans up to her face.c) Intercut of her and the passengers, she flicks her hair as she passes the 3 girls, they stop dancing and giggling.d) She puts her earphone and turns on her iPod and starts nodding her head.e) Different shots of the 3 girls listening to the song, nodding their heads and then dancing to the songf) Different shots of 2 or 3 other passengers tapping their legs, fingers or nodding their heads.cut to:Sound fxDiegetic sound:3 girls on the train making noises, train stopping, doors opening, and the train-“mind the ......”Her walking down to an empty seat,Music starts...lyrics#The gal dem Schillaci...Sean da PaulSo me give it me give me give it all girls... ...The gal dem Schillaci#0:32Sc3) Int dance studioAbstract shots of 4 girls putting on accessories on in a dance studio.Like a c/u of one of the girl putting on her bangles or their chunni going over the camera.Cuts to:lyrics#Aa ni kuriye jani kuriyeAa ni kuriye jani kuriyechuk liya rasoi vichon perane ohnu katon chad ne gaye0:45Sc4) Int dance studio and train carriageIntercut between the passengers and Chaiya dancing on the train and the 4 dancers putting make up on in the studio.Cuts to:Lyrics# josh rehnda eh josh rehnda ehjosh rehnda eh uk de vich jehra#music changes1:02Sc5) Int train stationChaiya walking outside the train station through the ticket machineInstruments playing1:04Sc6) Ext high street a) Wide shot of cars passing by on the high street.b) Wide shots of the main character walking down the high street. c) Shots of people looking at her pass them by.cuts to: lyricsXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx1: 11Sc7) Int dance studioShots of the 4 girls dancing in the dance studio.Bird’s eye view shot of the 4 dancers.Cuts to:Lyrics:XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxxxxx1:15Sc8) Ext high streeta) Medium shot of a road construction worker, as she passes by him she flicks her hair back and he starts dancingb) Shots of other people around her nodding to the songc) Chaiya looks inside a chips shop , looks at her watch and then goes insidecuts to:Lyrics#aa ni kuriye ja ni kuriyeaa ni kuriye ja ni kuriyechuk liya rasoi vichon chaline ohde hanjon ponjh jane sedil tor ke tu jihda tur cahliaa ni kuriye ja ni kuriyechuk liya rasoi vichon taline ohda kaun hal puchugarahan vich tu jehno role chali#1:42Sc9) Int chips shopChaiya gets small bag of chips while still nodding her head, a guy eating in the chips shop is looking at her, she flicks her hair as she pass by him, he and the shop assistant starts dancing.cuts to:Instrumental break1:57Sc10) Ext outside the chips shopThe guy and the shop assistant are dancing inside the chips shops as she comes out of the shop#aa ni kuriye ja ni kuriyeaa ni kuriye ja ni kuriyechuk liya rasoi vichon bati#2:03Sc11) Int dance studio and ext high streetIntercut the dance studio and Chaiya walking down the streetsCuts to:#ne tu tan din kat lavangekihde asre katon oh din bakhi#Instrumental break2:19Sc12) Ext parkShots of her walking through the park, a girl who is walking her dog passes by, her dog runs away and she chase after her dog.Cuts to:#The gal dem Schillaci...aa ni kuriye ja ni kuriyechuk liya rasoi vichon dabine mape tere ghat rohngebohte rohnge jina de sine lagi#2:36Sc13) Int dance studioa) She has reached the dance studio; she joins with the 4 dancers.b) C/u of Chaiya, first time throughout the video, she looks at the camera and smiles.fades to blackInstrumentsMusic stopsMain character-“I told you I’ll bring them”<br />