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Published in: Education, Technology
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  1. 1. PICTURESOUND0:00Sc1) Ext train platformThe main character is standing in the platform. She gets a phone callFade to white to:Sound fxDiegetic sound, Dialogue: the main character – “Don’t Worry, I’ll get enough people...see ya!”0:05Sc2) Int train carriagea) c/u and wide shots of 4 or 5 passengers on the train and 3 girls giggling, outside is the girl standing on the platform.b) c/u of the main character’s feet and pans up to her face.c) Intercut of her and the passengers, she flicks her hair as she passes the 3 girls, they stop dancing and giggling.d) she puts her earphone and turns on her iPode) different shots of the 3 girls listening to the song, nodding their heads and then dancing to the songf) different shots of 2 or 3 other passengers tapping their legs, fingers or nodding their headscut to:Sound fxDiegetic sound:3 girls on the train making noises, train stopping, doors opening, the train-“mind the ......”Her walking down to an empty seat,Music starts...Music & lyricsXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxxxxxxxx0:32Sc3) Int train carriage & dance studioIntercuts of 4 girls dancing in a studio and the passengers and the 3 girls dancing on the trainCuts to:Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx1:04Sc4) Ext high street a) Wide shots of the main character walking down the high street b) shots of people looking at her pass them by cuts to: XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx1: 11Sc5) Int dance studioShots of the 4 girls dancing in the dance studioCuts to:XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxxxxx1:15Sc6) Ext high streeta) medium shot of a road construction worker, as she passes by him she flicks her hair back and he starts dancingb) shots of other people around her nodding to the songc) she looks inside a chips shop , looks at her watch and then goes insidecuts to:XxxxxxxXxxxxxxxxxxxXxxXxxxxxxxxxxxx1:42Sc7) Int chips shopShe gets small chips, a guy eating in the chips shop is looking at her, she flicks her hair as she pass by him, he and the shop assistant starts dancing.cuts to:XxxxxxxXxxxxxx1:57Sc8) Ext outside the chips shopThe guy and the shop assistant are still dancing inside the chips shops as she comes out of the shopcuts to:Xxxxxxxx2:03Sc9) Int dance studio and ext high streetIntercut the dance studio and the main character walking down the streetsThe 4 girls who were dancing have now changed into their Punjabi dress and shots of them putting on make ups and their chunni.Cuts to:XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx2:19Sc10) Ext parka) shots of her walking through the park, she pass by a woman with two kids b) she flicks her hair, the kids and the woman starts dancingcuts to:Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx2:48Sc11) Int dance studioa) wide shot of the 4 girls dancing, they stop as the main character comes in through the doorb) wide shot of 9 people entering the studio while dancing behind the main characterc) c/u of the main character smiling fades to blackXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxMusic stopsMain character-“I told you I’ll bring them”<br />