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Blog Misc Paperwork

  1. 1. Minutes of meeting form Production: Production team: ENC Productionz Date: Friday 20th November 2009 Those present: Nilima Thapa and Chaiya Varsani Apologies for absence: Eleanor Folivi- Sorry for not attending the meeting before shooting, as I was unwell, but I will attend the shooting on Saturday. Matters discussed: 1) The cast (girls on the train scene), whether attending or not? 2) Shots needed to be taken for the 1st part of shooting (Saturday) 3) Location, hours, cast, days for shooting and camera equipment collected Action taken / to be taken (and by whom): 1) Cast sorted- by Eleanor Folivi 2) Camera equipment collected/ returned- by Chaiya Varsani 3) Blog (pictures…) – by NIlima Thapa
  2. 2. Risk assessment information Location Risk Assessments involve the essential understanding of any Health and Safety considerations associated with the location filming process. Once the risks have been identified, appropriate notes to guard against any possible accidents can be made. Your research evidence must include a risk assessment, with the following steps being useful guidelines:  You must be sure that the location is able to accommodate all the necessary crew and equipment / props, as well as any actors / presenters / interviewees and support personnel. Eg 1. Where and how will you store / set up your equipment and props? 2. Are others working nearby likely to disturb your filming (and vice versa)? 3. Where will people stay when not required on set, and are there any refreshment services / toilets nearby?  You must also be aware of Health and Safety Regulations, both generally and on site. Eg 1. What precautions must be taken to prevent stumbling / slipping accidents? 2. Are there any particular stipulations regarding the use of protective clothing / safety equipment / lifting heavy loads / working in hazardous areas? 3. What about fire alarm procedures? Where are the fire exits? Will your camera positions / equipment or electrical cables be obstructing any of them? 4. What about exterior locations at night / in extreme weather conditions / near to passing traffic / unsafe ground?  Hazards can also be caused by your additional production requirements. Eg 1. Is any action (including special fx / stunts) likely to put anyone at risk – not only production personnel but also other people walking by / in the vicinity? 2. Do you need to warn people in advance regarding any particular action? 3. Have you informed the police about your intentions to film in public places, including street locations? (Example pro forma Risk Assessment document overleaf.)
  3. 3. Risk assessment form Production title: Aani Kuriye Remix (A2 media music video) Location address: Hatch end- High street, Fish & chips shop South Harrow- Whitmore high school, South harrow station Area of consideration / concern Procedures / actions to be taken / regulations to comply with South harrow station/ Platform Keep entrance clear and be aware of pedestrians at station/ platform Whitmore High School Care for equipment in the hall and Gym hall precautions must be taken to prevent -South harrow accidents. Leave hall no later than 5.00pm (only used from (3.15pm- 5.00 pm) Sea pebbles Fish & Chips Be aware of customers. Don’t take too long Shop/ Restaurant with filming the cast (the staff) effecting their - Hatchend business.
  4. 4. Production equipment booking form Date Required - Friday 20th November 2009 Time Required- Friday lesson (2- 4.00 pm) Tick one box only Item Recorder / Full kit (inc tripod / Other items – Please specify Camcorder only ext mic, h’phones etc) (Lights etc) Analogue Audio Digital Audio Analogue Video √ √ Lights and Coloured gels Digital Video Date to be returned by- Wednesday 25th November Time to be returned by- Wednesday lesson (9.00-11.30 am) Name – Chaiya Varsani I understand that in undertaking this booking, I am fully responsible for the item(s) I have borrowed, and that in the event of any damage, theft or other misuse, I will contact the Media Department, and if necessary the police, immediately. I may be liable to forfeit future bookings and claims for reimbursement should I fail to adhere to any of the above, including the late return of equipment.
  5. 5. Call sheet Production title- ENC Productionz Recording format- Date- Saturday 21st November 2009 Start time- 9.00 am Wrap time- 5.00 pm Location address & directions Sea pebbles: 352 Uxbridge Road Hatchend, Middlesex HA5 4HR Contact Nos: 0208 428 0203 Scene / shot Nos to be recorded- Scene 9- Interior of chip shop Scene 10- Exterior of chip shop Equipment required- Camera (Digital video) and tripod Props / costume / required Main girl props- India outfit/ Punjabi suit- (Indian shoes, Bindi, bangles, Jewellery) - Bag - i-pod Misc required Yes- Permission from manager of sea pebbles, precautions within the shop and to be aware of customers during shooting in the restaurant.
  6. 6. Production crew Nilima Thapa- Director/ Assistant producer Chaiya Varsani- Camera person/ Producer Eleanor Folivi- Editor/ Assistant on set
  7. 7. Permissions of access form With reference to the following production: A2 media music video Produced by: Chaiya Varsani, Nilima Thapa, Eleanor Folivi- (ENC Productionz) In consideration of the request for audio / video recording as follows: Location: Sea Pebbles- Hatchend Date: Saturday 21st November 2009 Time12.00- 3.00 pm Please tick / fill in as applicable:  Permission is given  Permission cannot be given  Permission is given subject to the following conditions: Name- Sabbas Date: 21/11/09 Position: Manager of Sea pebbles fish and chip shop/ restaurant Address: 352 Uxbridge Road Hatchend, Middlesex HA5 4HR Contact telephone number: 0208 428 0203
  8. 8. Consent / clearance form With reference to the following production: A2 media music video Produced by: Chaiya Varsani, Nilima Thapa, Eleanor Folivi- (ENC Productionz) * In consideration of the sum of £0.00 now paid to me (receipt of which is hereby acknowledged), I agree to the recording and copying and / or broadcasting of the contribution given by me to you on 21/11/09 This agreement allows ‘unlimited’ future copying / broadcasting of the said material without any further payment. * In consideration of the non-remuneration agreement between myself and Harrow College Media Productions I consent to the contribution given by me to you on 21/11/09 giving over ‘unlimited’ rights to the above named production company. This agreement also allows ‘unlimited’ future copying / broadcasting of the said material without payment. * Delete as applicable This agreement enables the above named producer / production company to exploit the contribution, which I hereby give my consent, in any contemporary or future audio-visual media throughout the territories of the United Kingdom and the rest or the World. Name: Chaiya Varsani, Ray Poole, Neha Kubavat, Rajvi Shah, Nilima Thapa, Reena Tailor and Eleanor Folivi Date: 20/11/09
  9. 9. Shot list / tape log Production title: Aani Kuriye Remix Log sheet No: 1 Tape Time code Description of Shot Notes No. From To 0.00 00.16 Girl walking from out of the station 00.17 00.27 Girl walking and man dancing 00.28 00.38 Good dance scenes Capture shot 00.39 1.58 Blog- bloopers Capture shot 01.59 02.19 Dance and park scene (close up of main girl dancing in the park) Capture shot 02.20 02.22 Wide hot of main girl dancing in the park Capture shot 02.25 02.28 Extreme close up of main girl dancing in the park Capture shot 02.29 02.36 Close up of main girl dancing in the park Capture shot 02.37 02.43 Eleanor with the dog and girl walking towards each other 02.47 02.49 Main girl Capture shot 02.50 02.56 Eleanor and the dog Capture shot 02.57 03.03 Both walk past each other 03.05 13.28 Random shots 1 03.29 04.20 Random shots 2
  10. 10. Production title: Aani Kuriye Remix Log sheet No: 2 Tape Time code Description of Shot Notes No. From To 04.21 04.23 Dog running off, Eleanor chasing Capture shot 04.24 00.00 Random shots (Beg to dog running off.) 00.00 00.15 Dog running off Capture shot 00.16 00.23 Chasing in the background Capture shot 00.24 00.30 Close up of the two girls dancing Capture shot 00.31 00.33 Lower angle shot of dancing 00.34 00.40 Random dance shots Capture shot 00.41 00.55 Shot of feet movements and Eleanor 00.00 00.08 Best traffic light/crossing dace shot Capture shot (Park no 2 Ele & chai dance) 00.09 00.15 Close-up Capture shot 00.16 00.27 Random shots 1 00.28 00.36 Dancing shots 1 Capture shot 00.38 00.45 Best dancing shots 2 Capture shot 00.46 00.53 Random shots 2 00.55 01.10 Shot of feet movements on high street 1
  11. 11. Production title: Aani Kuriye Remix Log sheet No: 3 Tape Time code Description of Shot Notes No. From To 01.11 01.16 Shot of feet movements on high street 2 01.17 01.20 Best shot of feet movements on high street Capture shot 01.21 02.04 Traffic light shot- straight camera angle 02.05 02.39 Traffic light shot- tilted camera angle Capture shot 02.40 02.44 Toni’s reaction 1 02.45 02.54 Toni’s reaction 2 02.35 03.03 Toni’s best reaction Capture shot 03.04 03.14 Sibling’s reaction 1 Capture shot 03.15 03.23 Sibling’s reaction 2 03.24 03.37 Chip sign Capture shot 03.38 04.00 Old man’s reaction 1 04.01 04.06 Old man’s reaction 2 Capture shot 04.07 04.20 Main girl- Dance into fish shop Capture shot 04.21 04.45 Interior fish shop- dance 1 05.44 05.28 Interior fish shop- dance 2 Capture shot (Traffic light to in shop dance 2) Production title: Aani Kuriye Remix Log sheet No: 4
  12. 12. Tape Time code Description of Shot Notes No. From To 05.29 05.40 Behind counter- dance 1 05.41 06.06 Behind counter- dance 2 Capture shot 06.07 06.14 Random dance shots 06.15 06.40 Behind counter-dance 3 (high five) Capture shot 06.41 07.12 Dancing chip man Capture shot 07.13 07.16 Close up of chips Capture shot 07.17 07.27 Woman’s reaction 1 Capture shot 07.28 07.36 Woman’s reaction 2 Capture shot 07.37 08.02 Restaurant- establishing shot Capture shot 08.03 08.17 Ray 08.20 08.36 Waitress dancing 1 08.37 08.44 Waitress dancing 2 Capture shot 08.45 08.48 Close up of chips Capture shot 08.49 09.17 Cars (cut away shot) Capture shot 09.18 09.37 Close up of feet at station platform (Chips to train platform) Production title: Aani Kuriye Remix Log sheet No: 5
  13. 13. Tape Time code Description of Shot Notes No. From To 09.38 09.46 Main girl on station platform- (ringtone) Capture shot 09.47 09.50 Eleanor 09.51 10.09 Main girl on station platform- (face shot, talking on the phone) Capture shot 10.10 10.23 Boarding the train 10.24 10.39 Sitting down Capture shot 10.30 10.39 Before putting headphones on 10.40 10.48 Putting headphones on Capture shot 10.49 10.53 Getting up and dancing Capture shot 10.54 11.03 Dancing on train Capture shot (Platform to train dance) 11.03 00.10 Blog blooper shots Capture shot 00.01 00.21 Close up of foot and hand Capture shot 00.21 00.25 Close up of hand Capture shot 00.26 00.36 Nodding 00.37 00.45 Finger tapping, close up of bangles Capture shot Production title: Aani Kuriye Remix Log sheet No: 6
  14. 14. Tape Time code Description of Shot Notes No. From To 00.46 00.47 Come out of the station Capture shot (Train dance to ticket) 00.00 01.59 Dance sequence- practice 1 (Dance routine) 02.00 00.00 Dance sequence- practice 2 (starting with no lights) Dance/row and abstract shots Capture shot More dance shots Capture shot End Capture shot Dance shots with abstract Capture shot
  15. 15. Post production stages information 1) Logging your material To progress into post production you need to make sure that you have an accurate listing, including all time codes, of the recorded material on each tape, reel or disc. o Each tape etc must be clearly labelled during, or immediately after, recording and protected from accidental erasure. o Go through your material carefully, making sure that you have an accurate description of each shot or take alongside the precise time coding. o As you go along, make sure that you have recorded enough material to meet the brief, marking the particular takes / shots that are going to be used in your final edit. o Try to establish whether or not the timing of each scene is going to correspond to your script timings, to ensure that your programme will not be too short or too long for the brief. You have now carefully logged all the material to be used in the edit. You will know where everything is in your ‘rushes’ and have notes on their suitability for inclusion in the final video / film / radio production. 2) The paper edit Your next step is called a paper edit. To complete this stage you have to write down all your shots in the order that you are going to use them. o Make up your EDL by listing all the shots / takes you wish to use, in order, from the very beginning of your programme to the end. List each shot / take alongside the corresponding source tape number and the correct time counter numbers. o During the creation of your EDL you may wish to insert notes on where you plan to have shot transitions, cuts, fades, music, sound effects, graphics, voice over etc. 3) The actual edit You are now ready to physically assemble your edit. You may wish to do an ‘off-line’ or rough edit (without any effects or transitions) to assist in the preparations before you do your final ‘on-line’ master edit and mix. Before starting your edit you must obviously have your rushes material, your initial log sheets and your final EDL to hand.
  16. 16. Post production facility booking form Facility Date Required Start time End time Editing suite 25/11/09 9.00am 12.00pm Editing suite 27/11/09 2..00pm 4.00pm Editing suite 2/12/09 9.00am 12.00pm Editing suite 4/12/09 2..00pm 5.00pm Editing suite 9/12/09 9.00am 12.00pm Editing suite 11/12/09 2..00pm 5.00pm Editing suite 16/12/09 9.00am 12.00pm Editing suite 18/12/09 2..00pm 5.00pm Name: Eleanor Folivi NB: All bookings should be made at least 3 days in advance. Notification of cancellation must be at least 24 hours in advance. Failure to fulfil a booking may result in future limited access to facilities. All bookings to be verified by Media Dept staff.