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We are happy to share with you our new edition of Newswire dedicated to Greek Exports.

Given the high importance of Exports’ development for the future of our country, in this issue, we aim to share with you valuable information about the latest trends, opportunities and issues that are high on the agenda of Entrepreneurs, General Managers and Exports Directors of Greek organizations.

Furthermore, we also share the Function’s current findings from the very first National Survey that Stanton Chase Athens conducted among senior exports executives.

Enjoy your reading!

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Newswire12 exports

  1. 1. In Tune with the Local Connected to the World Special Edition E X P Oto recovery A driving force R TS JUNE 2012 The Online Executive News for Corporate Leaders “Man cannot discover new oceans unless he In 2011, Greece achieved a 37% increase in exports, a figure sensibly higher than the European Union average which stood at 11.3%. Contents has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” In absolute terms exports reached 22.4 billion Euros and contributed Andre Gide 10.4% to the country’s GDP. It is needless to say that there is still p1 Editorial In the light of the adverse current international economic plenty of room for improvement; 35% of exports executives, who environment, this newsletter, will try to show a glimpse of how Exports participated in our survey, work for companies whose exports p2,3 First National through its people, can and certainly will play a key role in the growth contribution is less than 10% to the total turnover. In real numbers, Exports Survey strategy of Greece. 12,000 companies are exporting, only the 2% of the private sector. The major challenge for Greek exporters is to deliver high quality p4 Skinos Exports represent one of the most important sources of foreign exchange income that ease the pressure on the balance of payments products and services that can compete for significant share in global and create employment opportunities. Exports can increase intra- markets. A strategy combined of syndicated efforts and synergies p5 Korres between Chambers of commerce, commercial attachés, trade industry trade, help the country integrate and compete in the world associations, increased funding and of course less bureaucracy, must p6 Gaea economy and reduce the impact of external and internal financial gear this effort. shocks. Specialized multi-cultural executive profiles, continuous training, p7 Kallimanis Indicatively, the exports as a percentage of GDP among the wealthiest advanced technology, optimum production capabilities, innovation countries in the world varies between 17% in UK, 20% in France, 21% and R&D, are the enablers for a National Export Strategy that will p8,9 Panhellenic in Italy and reaches an overwhelming 27% of GDP in China and a 37% consequently create an Export Culture in our country. Exporters in Germany. Association I am very confident that Greek Exports will be a significant On a corporate perspective, a solid path for a company to optimize its contributor to the GDP of Greece in the next years and quite global dynamics is to achieve a 20% exports share on total revenues optimistic for the future of our country. When p10,11 Folli-Follie and presence in more than 2-3 countries. In this context the size the dust settles down, Greeks will turn the of a company is not an obstacle for exports as there are plenty of page and move on as they have done at p12 Chipita successful small-medium scale companies with huge success abroad numerous instances back in history. (“the invisible champions”). “Made in Greece”, p13 Pharmathen In the era of globalization of economic activities, Greek exporting companies, regardless of their size, sector, capital and managerial valued worldwide. p14 Sidenor structure, face the issue of optimum model of internationalization. I would like to thank all partici- Greek companies nowadays have serious motives to expand their sales pants in this issue; it is an honor p15 Alumil abroad including the significant decline of the domestic market and and pleasure hosting you in our the intensification of the competition. The company’s extroversion Newswire. facilitates risk diversification, boosts innovation and application of p16 Corallia new technologies, creates new job opportunities, enhances access to Enjoy your reading! clusters initiative global practices and finally, guarantees company viability. Harris Pezoulas, President 72 offices in 46 countries
  2. 2. First National What competencies are required for a successful Exports Management team? Flexibility/adaptability 56.8 % Strategic orientation 45.8 % Exports Survey 2012, Customer orientation 45.8 % Multicultural experience 39.8 % Communication skills 33.9 % Strongh commercial/ 31.4 %by Stanton Chase Athens marketing background Networking 23.7 % Ability to work skillfully 19.5 % with teams In which sector do you expect major exports development? Results orientation 19.5 %In those turbulent times for Greece and in continuation Creativity 18.6 % management ability Agricultural 78.0 %to a series of surveys conducted either functionally or Other Responses 7.7 % Energy 49.2 % 0% 20% 40% 60%sectorially, Stanton Chase Athens took the initiative Greek gastronomy 42.4 % Overall there is great opportunity in the development of exports It is also interesting which sub-function of Exports will be in demandfor the first time to explore the “world” of Exports and its Services 31.4 % across sectors as the current % contribution of exports to the total during the next 12 months: First comes Area Exports with 55.1%. company’s turnover is still relatively small. Indicatively 35.6% of Second comes Customer Service with 39.8%, third Logistics 39% andupper and senior Executives. Industrial 25.4 % respondents work for companies whose exports contribution fourth Sales operations by 34.7%, while respondents believe that the is less than 10% to the total turnover. It should also be em- available job opportunities are more likely to be found in the sectors of:E Consumer products 22.9 % phasized that there is potential in the geographical coverage as 1. Energy (58.5%) 2. Consumer products (55.1%) 3. Pharmaceuticals xport expansion and economic development are closely related. The high-growth countries are characterized by rapid well. Key exporting areas are right now: Eastern Europe (79.7%), (39.8%) 4. Retail (28%) 5. Logistics & Transportation (26.3%). Technology 7.6 % expansion in exports. Here again it is important to note that Western Europe (72%), Asia (50.8%), Africa (44.1%), US (42.4%), Australia (31.4%), Russia (28%) and CIS countries (25.4%). Exports executives would consider a career move provided that they willexport expansion is not confined to those countries fortunate in their Other (please specify) 5.1 % undertake a more senior role with increased responsibility, increased com-natural resources, such as the oil-exporting countries. Some of the To which geographical areas does your company export? pensation and benefits and an implied international relocation assignment.developing countries were able to expand their exports in spite of 0% 20% 40% 60% 80%limitations in natural resources by initiating economic policies that The percentage of Exports Executives who wish to explore the possibil-shifted resources from inefficient domestic manufacturing industries In which product categories do you expect major exports development? Eastern Europe 79.7 % ity of a new career is quite high: 54.2% The most known and effectiveto export production. 80% Western Europe 72.0 % way to achieve change in career, with a significant percentage of 56.9%, is through Executive Search companies. After that, follows the Network-Nowadays, more than ever, Greek exporting companies must target, Asia 62.7 % 50.8 % ing, meaning the expansion and development of the private network ofset as their priority and achieve a long-term competitive advantage in 60% Africa acquaintances and contacts (56%).the international markets. 44.1 % 50.8 % How interested are you in investigating a new carrer opportunity? USThe survey took place in April 2012 among 450 respondents. 60% 42.4 % 39.8 %were at a Managerial/Director level, 6.4% were General Managers 40% 37.3 % Australia 31.4 % Very much(with double role), 6.4% were Owners while the rest were Marketers 28.8 % Somewhat(3.2%), New Business Development Managers (9.6%) and upper-mid- Russia 28.0 % 25.4 % Not at alldle level executives. Furthermore, 83.9% were male and 1 out of 2 in 20% 20.3 % CIS 25.4 %the age group of 40-50. Most respondents are employed at Consumer 12.7 % 9.3 %Products (42.4%) while Pharmaceuticals absorbs 11%, Retail 7.6%, 5.1 % 5.1 % 3.4 % 0% 20% 40% 60% 80%Energy 5.9% and Logistics & Transportation 3.4%. 5.9 % 0% Fish farming/ Pharmaceuticals Aluminium Other (please specify) Tubes/Pipes With regard to the priorities of the Exports Department, in the firstThe vast majority of Exports Executives believe that Greece will see Aqua culture Fruits, Vegetables Cheese, Daily Oil-Petrochemicals PDO products Cotton All Other Responses place is the Identification and Assessment of distributors. Second 54.2 %the first signs of economic recovery after 2 years (46.6%) while a comes the Access to International market information followed44.9% foresees recovery after 3 years. However, they are quite opti- Undoubtedly nowadays executives in Exports are required to manage by Product availability, Specialization of products and Back office Huge willingness is observed in exploring opportunities for relocationmistic regarding the positive contribution of exports to the coun- complex problems in an unstable and quite difficult environment. support. abroad (70.4% responded positively to this possibility). With greatertry’s total recovery. More specifically 75.4% of respondents claim There are though certain reinforcers which can accelerate exportsthat exports will contribute significantly to the recovery of Greece and During the last year the performance of Senior Export Managers ease, the Exports executives would move to the nearest more familiar development and the research concludes that these reinforcers are:83.9% agree that exports can be a leading contributor to the GDB of have been affected by Pricing pressures, Cost consciousness, Com- markets of Eastern Europe (71.8%). Furthermore other regions consid- Quality of products (50.8%), Access to emerging markets (43.2%),Greece in the next 5-10 years. petition, Recession and Restructurings. ered are: the Gulf region (67.9%), CIC countries (41.0%), Asia (37.2%) and Trend for Mediterranean diet (37.3%), Tourism experience on to a lesser degree in Africa and Latin America (24.4%). Finally respond- Greek products (36.4%), Skilled and available workforce (32.2%),A key topic is the key sectors where the major developments are The role of an Exports Management team is extremely crucial during ents have spotted those skills needed in order to achieve their career Product customization per market (26.3%), Government / bankingexpected and in that question respondents replied in Agricultural the recession. But which are the competencies required? Flexibility/ goals and the first two are related with their “own brand develop- support and subsidizing (25.4%).sector (78%), Energy sector (49.2%), Greek gastronomy (42.4%), Adaptability is by far the most important (56.8%). Other compe- ment”, in other words to increase the ability to become more visible inServices (31.4%), Industrial sector (25.4%) and Consumer Products On the other hand there are various obstacles which constrain the tencies are: Strategic orientation (45.8%), Customer orientation the market (69.3%) and to develop their own marketing plan (51.8%).(22.9%). Concerning the respective developments in product catego- development of exports in Greece with Bureaucracy rated as by far (45.8%), Multicultural experience (39.8%), Communication skills Last but not least the development of personal skills, the alignmentries, those are expected in Fruits/Vegetables (62.7%), Fish farming/ the number one obstacle. Respondents also mentioned other obsta- (33.9%) and Strong commercial/marketing background (31.4%). with Executive Search consultants, the development of technicalAqua culture (50.8%), Cheese/Dairy (37.3%), Pharmaceuticals cles such as lack of specialized exports marketing, not sufficient export skills and the enrichment of their academic background were also(28.8%), Oil/Petrochemicals (25.4%), Aluminium (20.3%). If it was required to rate the capabilities based on their importance, rated as quite import for career advancement. culture and experience, competition forces, cost issues and production the hierarchy would be as follows: Customer Service, Sales Man- capacity issues. agement, Marketing and Key Account Management. ExecutiveNewswire 06/12 3
  3. 3. Chat with Nancy Mathioudaki, Partner On the other hand Mastiha is indigenous competition and currently is the number to Greece and there is no other place in the one Greek liqueur brand in exports. world that this unique aromatic raisin could be found. Do you market the brand differently in Greece than abroad? Skinos was launched in 2005 in Greece and soon enough became one of the fastest Exports marketing requires a level ofDemetre Steinhauer, Managing Director growing brands in the spirits business in the adaptability to the needs and specifications of any given market. Within this perspective market. we always try to adapt our strategy to theYour decision to leave the corporate world: Exports started in 2006, initially in Europe local needs and to the profile of the market.I joined IDV Greece in 1994 initially in the and then in US, Canada and department and then moved into Barriers to exports:the marketing department as a Brand What does the brand stand for: The country’s of provenance brand equity,Manager. The ultimate definition of Skinos is truly in this case of Greece, is reflected on the a Mediterranean spirit. A contemporary product brand equity that is exported.In 1997 I moved in PILLSBURY (DIAGEO premium brand based on a uniquesubsidiary) as Market Manager for Haagen The truth is that the perception of Greece as ingredient –with great history- thatDazs business in Greece, Middle East & an exporting country is characterized by a flourishes on a small island of the eastNorth Africa. My key responsibilities were to good range of authentic quality products. Mediterranean.develop the Haagen Dazs brand either by Red tape procedures is always an issue thensetting up from zero or restructuring already Sales Channels: again with good preparation this can beexisting organizations. Skinos has a wide distribution both in the easily resolved. Another significant barrier isIn 2000, I made a shift in my professional retail as well as in the HoReCa market. weak support of exports from the by joining the leading strategic Achievements of the brand so far in Greece: The perception of a Greek entrepreneurcommunications and public relations Skinos is exported in more than 15 markets abroad:agency in Greece, BELUGA & ASSOCIATES, with great success. Major markets for the I do not think that the Greek entrepreneuras a General Manager. At BELUGA & brand are US, Canada, Australia, Cyprus, is stereotyped abroad. I believe that GreekASSOCIATES I had the chance to work with Lebanon, Switzerland and Germany. What is entrepreneurs are generally flexible andsome of the major FMCGs and service amazing with the brand is that we managed, resourceful and if I had to point out a majorcompanies of Greece as well as to be the in a very short period of time, to take the weakness then this would be the capacityleading communication partner on the brand beyond the Greek communities and to focus on our targets and build a plan toVolunteers Communication program of penetrate the local audiences on each of the achieve them.ATHENS 2004. above markets.I have always had an entrepreneurial Future challenges: Skinos is the only Greek liqueur that got theattitude as a professional but I made We have just launched the first Gold Medal at San Francisco World Spiritsthe decision to start my own business in Mediterranean value added sparkling water2004 setting up, with my brother Alfred, with Mastiha, a product that we believe willCONCEPTS an imports / exports company in have a tremendous potential in the foreignthe alcoholic beverages business. markets as well as in Greece.Leaving the “safety” and the structure of the Opportunities for Greek exports in general:corporate world was not an easy decision. I believe deeply on the potential of the Greek products as long as we, the exporters,History of the brand: understand the need to implement longWe were always looking to build our own term brand building strategies and thebrand in the world of spirits to drive our government employs contemporaryexports business. techniques to support the exports.Mastiha liqueur was an unexploited Are your optimistic about the future of ourterritory, a rather forgotten category, mainly country?represented by some artisanal brands with The major pillar in entrepreneurship ispoor presentation and non existent exports optimism, the faith that tomorrow thingstrack record. will be better than today. From that point of view, I am passionately optimistic.
  4. 4. A Success Story in Beauty. An article by Dimitris Vidakis, CEO By Andriana Theodorakopoulou, Consultant the first cosmetic worldwide based on to activate specific biological paths that the Nobel-awarded discovery of the enable cells to prolong their healthy Proteasome - a result of primary research life-cycle. Korres realizes science and on ‘Proteasome & Ageing’; the first natural technology today have made possible the cream to achieve higher scores on all use of several raw materials in a way that comparative crash-tests with the market’s allows us to develop clinically effective, top-selling anti-ageing creams. natural and sustainable formulations that are as good as conventional solutions yet The Korres portfolio now includes over more skin and environment compatible,The beginning 400 natural and certified organic products, without compromising on performance. with brand presence in 30 countries. InThe Korres story begins at the oldest To that end, the company has just addition to stand-alone Korres stores –homeopathic pharmacy of Athens. George strengthened its anti-ageing and hair care 25 stores in cities such as Athens, Paris,Korres joined the pharmacy team in portfolio [2012 launches] consistent with Madrid and Singapore – products are also1989 while still studying Pharmacology its continuous effort to introduce natural in exclusive department stores in Tokyo,and though skeptical at first about problem-solving products addressing key Los Angeles, Milan, Berlin, Sydney,homeopathy, he was soon overwhelmed concerns. In terms of its global presence, Hong Kong and in over 6,500 pharmaciesby the power of natural ingredients. Korres is set to continue growing, through in its homeland, Greece. From one singleDriven by his own passion and deep targeted initiatives focusing on its top pharmacy, one product and a team of two,understanding of herbs, George envisaged international markets, aiming to further Korres has grown to an over €40 millionthe development of a natural skincare strengthen the brand’s presence in both business (the company ended 2011 withline, which was realized soon after, led mature markets [US, UK, Germany, approximately €42.6 million sales).by the pharmacy heritage, his knowledge Spain] and those that present greatand understanding of over 3,000 herbal Korres is currently developing its potential [Russia, Scandinavian countries].remedies and his quest for a more natural diversified expansion abroad, movingapproach. In 1996, Korres was born. The from the initial ‘global awareness’ phase Crisisbrand’s simple philosophy was rooted to a deeper mature-market penetration Despite the adverse financial environ-in four core principles that remain the strategy. The brand’s natural retail ment, 2011 closed with sales and marketsame as in its early pharmacy days: environment due to its roots, herb heritage share growth [Pharmacy Network] innatural and/or organic ingredients; skin and research focus, is the pharmacy Greece for the KORRES Group - Theand environmentally-friendly products; distribution network for markets where Group achieved a 6% sales increaseclinically-tested efficacy; affordable natural cosmetics are predominantly in in Greece alone [Pharmacy network],and of interesting aesthetics. These core pharmacies. Due to the brand’s equity enhancing its market share by 50 bps,principles remain the same since the – natural and clinically efficacious, reaching 10% in 2011 vs. 9.5% in 2010.initial pharmacy days; and due to their ethical, pleasing to use, affordable and of Outside Greece, the Group has furtheruniversal appeal, they helped establish interesting design – Korres sits equally strengthened its international presenceKorres as a global brand, despite not well in high-end, luxury department stores with its export sales increasing by 15% [inhaving an international customer in mind as well as specialised cosmetics retailers fact the sales growth for priority marketswhen it first started. and independent beauty/perfumery shops. such as Germany, Spain and Russia was In department stores, products are usually 18%]. The crisis is partly an opportunity in the natural cosmetics section or in theToday para-pharmacy area where available. mainly due to an exceptional shift in con-Korres grew into a respected brand by sumer buying behavior; not only because In some cases, the brand has managedfocusing its research and development of the bias towards Greek brands but more to secure shop-in-shop areas within theefforts on addressing skincare needs with so because of the need for affordable and cosmetics hall.natural ingredients without compromising efficacious skincare; the number of con-the benefits associated with conventional sumers going to the pharmacy in search The future of affordable dermocosmetics - instead ofskincare, and developing natural productsto help solve conditions that traditionally Research will remain fundamental to the expensive, luxurious creams found in therequire heavy chemicals. Within its 15 year company’s growth in terms of product selective market – is constantly growing.history, the Greek skincare brands count development; identifying natural waysthree worldwide innovations including ExecutiveNewswire 06/12 5
  5. 5. Out to lunch with Harris Pezoulas, PresidentOverview of Greek exports and of yet our focus is in N. Europe and the US.Greek companies’ extroversion Our major markets are: Germany, UK, USA, Russia and Scandinavia. According to NielsenAlthough Greece produces a wide variety statistics Gaea is: number 3 brand overall andof top quality food products thanks to the leading Greek brand in the olive oil category inexcellent climate that makes the earth fertile, Germany, number 3 brand and leading Greekmost Greek food companies until recently brand in the olives category in the UK, numberwere either trying to make some short term 1 brand in the olives category in Norway andprofit by selling their products mainly bulk or number 2 brand in the olive oil category inwere focused in the domestic market which Norway , number 1 brand in the organic olive Aris Kefalogiannis, CEObefore the crisis used to be a very lucrative oil and organic olives category in Greece,market. Nowadays, a substantial number of number 3 brand in the olive oil category ingood Greek companies producing excellent Russia, while it is the fastest growing brand inproducts realized that they cannot rely any the olive category in the US.more exclusively or predominantly to theGreek market for survival. At the same time Future challenges / opportunities forthey realized that exporting is not easy, nor developmentcan you develop distribution networks and Gaea is now expanding in Austria, Slovenia,sales internationally in a fortnight by a change Poland, Cyprus, China, Italy. Our goal is to gainin your priorities. The realities of the crisis wider market share in all other countries inwill change mentalities, and will eventually which we do have presence as well as to entercreate a dynamic group of Greek companies new markets such as the Balkan countrieswith strong export orientation and strategies and the Arabic peninsula. In addition,geared for the international markets. our company is now moving forward inCompany presentation and expanding our range, entering into new,corporate actions abroad exciting product categories in cooperation with Greek companies and producers of highGaea was founded in 1995 upon the quality products under our new conceptrealization that Greek agricultural food “cooperation – synergasia” and dual branding,products, despite their inherent high quality who are struggling to survive the collapse of with one goal – to create a basket of authenticand good taste, were absent from the the domestic market. Given Gaea’s interna- – quality Greek products and to promote theinternational markets. Our company’s vision tional distribution network, consisting of the best of Greece in the entire world.and mission is to offer high quality, authentic absolute market leaders in the distributionGreek products with the aim to make the Challenges for the exports’ of specialty food products in their respectivebrand name “Gaea” the leading Greek brand market, the company is working with other executivesinternationally synonymous to quality, Greek businesses that supply the very best The biggest challenge that an executive from authentic food products in developing jointtraditional, authentic and innovative Greek Greece faces today in the international markets, ventures with them with a long term viewspecialty food products, promoting “meze” – is the poor image of Greece and the low morale of taking these products to the internationalthe culture of sharing as the authentic Greek of Greeks, as a result of the economic crisis and market. At the same time Gaea keeps ex-Mediterranean culinary experience. Gaea sells the bad publicity on our country. panding the sales of its core product range,its products in most developed markets ofthe world and exports account for 82% of our The other major challenge relates to the growing our sales in all international marketscompany’s annual turnover. The other 18% short-termism of the strategies adopted by despite Greece’s poor image internationallyof its turnover is achieved in the domestic Greek companies that have been spoiled in because of the, where Gaea is the number one brand the past by the easy profits made in the Greekin the organic olive oil and organic olives market. On the contrary, export markets Ways to overcome the crisiscategory. Gaea manufactures all its products require long term strategy, consistency, reli- The deep economic crisis is the result ofin its state of the art factory using the highest ability and focus on the values and goals of bad practices, consumerism and statequality natural and organic ingredients the company. bureaucracy and control of economic activity,available. All of our products are 100% natural plus a society that lost values and vision. Theand free from additives or preservatives Current situation - impact of the reforms are an absolute necessity as well assupporting consumer wellness through a crisis on the specific sector the transformation of our society and thehealthy tasty and balanced diet. Gaea has Gaea is seeing the crisis as an opportunity inspiration that a new vision and values willstrong presence in most international markets to expand and assist other Greek businesses bring. If the reforms take place I believe that then Greece will positively surprise the world with strong and healthy growth.
  6. 6. Discussion with Andriana Theodorakopoulou, Consultant Overview of Greek exports and of Greek companies’ extroversion Company presentation and corporate actions abroad Future challenges / opportunities for development Challenges for the exports’ executives Current situation - impact of the crisis on the specific sector Ways to overcome the crisis Konstantina Kallimani, Executive Director Every cloud has a silver lining; crisis has urged the Greek Greek Export Managers have the unique opportunity to entrepreneurs to «reinvent» their market position and, by cross the country’s borders and work in an international boosting their national identity, to make their entrance in the environment; however at the same time they are challengedforeign markets that are still fans of the Greek culture and nature. to enhance the level of their professionalism and become moreConsequently, during the last years, Greek exports not only have they sophisticated for they are automatically considered as spokespersons offlourished but they have also made a small miracle in 2011 when the the Greek spirit and consequently any lack of professionalism from theirexport increase reached 37% while the value of Greek exports over the side will inevitably affect our country’s image in the global markets.same period was estimated at 22.4 billion Euros. This is a historic record,since Greek exports have never before surpassed 20 billion Euros. In the Financing difficulties and overall lack of liquidity due toforthcoming years, we expect this upward trend to be repeated with economic recession is a significant challenge for the exports.double-digit growth rates in Greek exports. Furthermore, the export enterprises face additional disincentives that prevent their smooth financial operation, the severe KALLIMANIS Group of Companies is a Greek corporation with bureaucracy being one of them. Currently, the main problem that an unrivalled reputation as a national leader in the Greek directly affects the liquidity of the exporting firms is the complex frozen fish and seafood market for more than half a century. procedures for VAT exemption and the delays of the repayment of theToday, the Group has 200 employees, headquarters and two factories VAT return. Moreover, the delay and inflexibility of customs procedureslocated in the city of Aegeon in Peloponnese, branches in Athens and is an equally important factor for the decrease of competitiveness ofSalonika and annual turnover of 60m euro. Over the last few years, the the Greek products in the international markets, and, due to this, GreekGroup has realised successful exports in both the retail and HO.RE.CA products become more expensive and business more unreliablechannels that are expected to represent 15% of the annual turnover by because of the length and the low reliability of the procedures.2012. The Group has already achieved a strong and holistic presence inBalkans and SE Europe, Germany, Italy, and Spain and prepares its The current Greek export model is irrelevant to modernentrance to new emerging markets. Regarding exports, KALLIMANIS requirements. Today, Greece is being asked to develop a newGroup is investing in long term cooperation with reliable onsite agents strategy for its export policy; a strategy which will be alignedas well as in the branded demand of its export products. Its export with the new developmental model that is applied in the economy forplans include the launching of new products in the existing markets, the confrontation of the recession. The ultimate goal is to support theenhancement of the export activities and expansion in new markets. Greek companies, and within this frame Greece must develop new policy which should be primarily focused on removing administrative Greece has not yet fully exploited the export opportunities barriers to exports by simplifying legal requirements for export-related arising from the single market and SE Europe -an area of activities as well as by financing their extroversion. However, taking strategic importance to Greece and a main destination for its into consideration the unforeseeableexports that has embarked on a dynamic growth path, despite short- financial environment interm difficulties. Moreover, Greece has globally a strong national identity, Greece, Greekwhich, if stressed out by the marketing of their export brands, can entrepreneurs should bebecome a significantly competitive asset. In specific, regarding the food ready to lead their ownsector there are significant yet unexploited opportunities to promote the way abroad based mainlyMediterranean diet in destinations such as Russia, USA and Canada. on their own forces. ExecutiveNewswire 06/12 7
  7. 7. Panhellenic market. The elimination of these trade Exporters Association into the Greek Development Agenda the Topic of Extroversion, as the only and the barriers should be a top priority of every Greek government. Hopefully soon we will see some results. Christina G. Sakellaridis fundamental choice for the rebound and sustainable development. Cash flow, on the other hand is the main out to lunch with issue. Heavy taxation, delayed VAT refunds, There was a broad consensus, in a political, coupled by the problems of Greek private social and entrepreneurial basis, for the banking system consists a kind of a timeProfile of PSE Nancy Mathioudaki, Partner importance of the support of export enterprises, in terms of transferring know- bomb threatening the exports growth. The NSRF (National Strategic ReferenceThe Panhellenic Exporters Association how, of boosting cash flows and dealing Framework) 2007–2013, or ESPA can provide(PEA) was established in 1945 and with red tape barriers. useful tools in that direction. Programs What are the needed requirements to become one in exports are always the petroleumrepresents the entire body of Greek an exporting company (certifications, member- goods, but the big protagonist of 2011, was As a result of this consensus and the like “Extroversion & Competitiveness” Christina G. SakellaridisExporters. It is the main export and “Extroversion ECIO” are some good Born in Athens (Plaka) ships etc)? the aluminium, rising to the second place, entrepreneurial reflexes for survival, moreorganisation in Greece, and its members examples of funding export activities. The Studied Law at the Athens University and at the FACULTE DE DROIΤ Christina Sakellaridis: Today, it has been surpassing pharmaceuticals. Fish and rods of that 2.000 Greek companies tried for theare enterprises, cooperatives and European Investment Bank Programs will of Paris estimated that the export formalities involve steel-iron complete the TOP 5 and the rest 5 first time to export their products abroadorganisations engaged in exports also be a great relief for export enterprises She speaks French and English fluently 5 different ministries, 28 departments and places belong mostly to the agricultural sector in 2010 and 2011. These companies eitherof various export sectors from all for the months to come. She is married with George Sakellaridis-businessmangeographical regions of Greece organizations, and require almost 30 different and food. With the exemption of pipes, we find were focused in the domestic markets or in the TOP 10 ranking products like vegetables, are new, start-ups with international market FINANCIAL SECTOR ACHIEVEMENTS certificates, permits and approvals. This results Last but not least, effective ways to transferMembers of PΕΑ produce, manufacture apricots & cherries, cheese, cotton, olive oil and orientation. know-how especially to SMEs will also be an Chairperson of Board of MARGIN GLOBAL ASSET MANAGEMENT according to a research by the Pan-Hellenic MFMC [2011-present]and export a large variety of industrial furs. indirect boost of extroversion with long- Exporters Association, to an extra charge on Now we are estimating about 12.000and agricultural products to practically President and CEO of INTERINVEST (One of first Investment the cost of production of exportable Greek Generally speaking we could point out as main companies trying to compete in the global term benefits for the Greek Economy. In this Companies in the Athens Stock Exchange) [1991- 2010]every country in the world. context, the PEA will put in to effect a big products of the levels of 15% of their value. exporting sectors, with the exemption of fuels, market each year. Former Member of General Board of the Bank of Greece [1994-2004]Contact with interested parties According to the World Bank, in 2009 the export foods & drinks, pharmaceuticals and construc- nationwide program of vocational training Co-Founder and Vice President of FACT HELLAS SA (1st Factoringabroad tion materials. What are the opportunities that Greece by the second semester of 2012. Enterprise in Greece) [1995-1997] of a cargo of Greek products required 20 daysPΕΑ’s scope is to promote the interests of might demonstrate (medium term and long Co-Founder and CEO of ELLINIKES EUROPAIKES EPENDYSEIS and its cost was $ 1,153. The OECD memberexporting enterprises, to bolster export Are you optimistic about our future in Greece (Investments and Tourism) [1989-1992] states’ averages are accordingly 10 days and What are the top 10 countries where Greece is term)?activity and to assist all interested parties highly accepted for its exporting products? given this unprecedented crisis? INTERNATIONAL TRADE ACHIEVEMENTS $ 1,032. ChS: Greece has some great advantages: itsabroad in familiarising themselves with ChS: The French philosopher Emil Chartier President of Ch.G.S, Strategic Export Management & Business ChS: In 2011 there have been significant position between West and East, its role inGreek export production and in finding The consequence of these distortions is Development Consultants [1966- to date] changes in the TOP 10 export markets for the Med Basin, the climate and the people. used to say that “optimism is a matter of will”.the products they are looking for and the impaired competitiveness of Greek products Co-Founder and Vice President of INTRADE (Trading Company) Greek products. Italy has become the No 1 These are all factors of successful inter- We, the people of trade, are optimists bypeople or companies who sell them. over competing countries, but also overall [1997-1999] destination, overtaking Germany for the second national trade. Greece can trade with the nature and by trade. Furthermore the data deterioration of terms of trade, since the Exclusive representative of MARKS & SPENCER and JAEGER OFPEA is in a position to inform foreign time after 1945 (the first was in 2008) and world its renowned foodstuff and traditional of the Greek exports show a dynamic that corresponding distortions involve the import LONDON for Greece [1977-1986]importers about export opportunities Turkey, gaining 3 positions, has risen to the products, such as olive oil, feta cheese, fish, cannot be overlooked. Products of technol- of raw materials, the refinement and the re- INSTITUTIONAL ACHIEVEMENTSfor all products exported by Greece third place, above Cyprus. In the 5th place we fruits & vegetables. Its soil is rich in raw ogy, know-how and expertise are steadily exportation of products. President of the Panhellenic Exporters Association (1992-to date)and to provide its services in arranging find the SUPPLY of SHIPS, that in international materials, such as aluminium. And it has also gaining shares in the world trade since 1988.meetings between interested enterprises The Panhellenic Exporters Association has trade terms consists of a totally differentiated proven that it is competitive in fields of high Greek foodstuff is strongly identified as part President of the Export Credit Insurance Organization-ECIO (1994- to date)and Greek exporters. For that reason already submitted proposals both to the market itself, pointing out the significance of tech, innovation and know-how. Renewable of the Med diet. Greek exporters have comeit has launched: Τhe Greek product Ministry of Development and the Task Force for a long way in terms of branding, packaging Former President, Now Vice President of the Hellenic Foreign Trade the geographical position of Greece and its energy resources, pharmaceuticals, software Board-HEPO (2010- to date)Importer File Service. Greece, in order to facilitate external trade and advantages in maritime. applications and constructions expertise are and promoting their products. Member of the EURO 50 Group exports. some good examples of big Greek achieve- Bulgaria comes 6th, followed by the US, while Of course there is a lot more to be done. Member of the Greek National Exports CouncilPEA issues: Gladly, some of these proposals will be UK has dropped 3 places to 8th. The TOP 10 finds ments worldwide. Some should have been done years ago. Former Vice President (1987-1994) and Now Member of the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry (1994- to date)• Newsletters for the progress and prospects of the Greek implemented both to e-custom procedures also France (9th place) and Romania (10th), both We should never forget that 62% of Greek But as the Chinese say “the best time to exports Former Vice President of the International Chamber of Commerce- of ISISnet, starting from April 2nd 2012 and the losing one place since 2010. products are exported in developed coun- plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second• Alerts, Key Notes and Circulars on export issues ICC (1983-1994) Single Window for Exports by 2013. tries in the EU, almost 70% in the OECD best is now”.• Researches, Studies, Case Studies for goods and services, Former Member of Board of the Greek-Arab Chamber of Commerce By then, for an enterprise to export, the first member states. These are markets that select The only thing I would like to emphasize and Development (1994-2004) key markets What are the current trends within these turbu- step will be to enlist in the Chamber Commerce, their imports in a firm cost-value analogy. is that today exports are not a risk, they lent times?Furthermore, PEA undertakes DISTINCTIONS: to the Exporters Annex. In the Panhellenic are a wise entrepreneurial option andactivities such as: ChS: Since 2009 when Greece experienced a What about the challenges? “Les insignes de Chevalier de l΄Ordre national du Merite”, by Decree Exporters Association everyone that is steep decline of its exports, losing in 12 months choice. They are the answer to the crisis of the President of the Republic of France, Nicolas Sarkozy (2009)• Networking and clustering businesses and promoting cooperation interested to be an exporter should address to time, all the gains from a 5year rise between ChS: A survey of the Panhellenic Exporters and the means to recovery. In the time “The International Chamber of Commerce Award”, for her services• Special events for the promotion of the Greek exporters our 24/7 Helpdesk, through our website www. 2004 and 2008, there has been a shift towards Association between Greek Exporters of information and IT, we possess the as Vice President of the ICC, 1983-2004• Seminars, conferences and galas . a new kind of openness of the economy, a new pointed out 3 main challenges for export necessary tools to find the right partners, to “The Europe 2003 Award”, established by the President of the• Meetings, consultations and round tables of exporting kind of what we call extroversion. enterprises: secure our payments and to fund our export Republic of France, Jacques Chirac and the European Counsil (2003) companies region, by exporting market and by product/ What are the top 10 exporting sectors? Have 1. Red tape barriers businesses. “Self Made Entrepreneur Award for 2002”, of the Athens Chamber service The crisis of the Greek economy has resulted 2. Cash flows of Commerce and Industry there been any significant changes / shifts within We at the Panhellenic Exporters Association• Vocational training activities to a significant drop of domestic demand and 3. Transfer of Know-How. “Woman of Europe Award”, by the Greek Committee (1994) the last couple of years? will stand side by side to each and everyone• Promotion of goods and services consumption. Greek enterprises of all sizes “Le Diplome d’ Honneur de l’ Ordre Europeen”, (Brussels 1998) ChS: Last year was also a period of changes faced the same dilemma: where and how do The red tape cost is estimated to 15% of the that wants to expand abroad, regardless of West Attica Rotary Club (1995)• Joint participation in Exhibitions, Conferences and Seminars in the ranking of export goods. Number we channel our products. It was the time when Greek products value, making them more company size, sector and experience. Athens – North Rotary Club (1993)• Access and support to UN and EU procurements the Panhellenic Exporters Association put expensive and less competitive in the global ExecutiveNewswire 06/12 9