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I know space[1]


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Joseph has worked on this power point at home and I think he has done a really good job with it. Well done to Joseph Mellor what a lovely thing that you have done! A great effort

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I know space[1]

  1. 1. Joseph
  2. 2. Pluto  Pluto is a dwarf planet it was 1 in 2006!
  3. 3. MARS  Mars is known as the red planet  Why is it the red planet?(because it is rusty)
  4. 4. SATURN  Saturn is the second biggest planet!  You can’t stand up there!  Saturn has 9 rings(used to be 10)
  5. 5. VENUS & MERCURY  Mercury is the closest planet to the sun but Venus is much hotter!
  6. 6. JUPITER  Jupiter is the biggest planet yet!  It has a red spot that is a storm!
  7. 7. SUN  The Sun is a star like all other stars it looks bigger because it is closer!
  8. 8. APOLLO11  Apollo11 was the first rocket on the moon
  9. 9. APOLLO17  Apollo17 had 1 second of fuel!  Apollo17 got back to earth luckily
  10. 10. APOLLO13  Apollo 13 didnot land on the moon but got back to earth safely