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Dps analysis


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Dps analysis

  1. 1. 1 main image – 1 big quote 3 0r 4 columns of takes up the whole writing page 1 big headline Panels and small images are used in theImage text to breakreflects the up the layoutbandsgenre andattitude Headline Striking image, bleeds onto grabs the audiences both pages attention
  2. 2. Stand first-separate to Biggest text on the page. Stand first is the second biggest on the page Quotes onthe article photographsworks with to grab thethe audiencesheadline attentionand imageto tell theaudience,works withtheheadlineand imageto the telltheaudiencewhat thearticle isabout. This headline is designed to Drop capital tells the First two words in intrigue the audience where to start bold to break audience reading paragraph up
  3. 3. By line to show who the article is byPage number/title of Text no biggermagazine/ issue date than 11ptnormally around 8pt