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Cd design project


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Cd design project

  1. 1. This CD cover works because all the aspects describe the music, the genre is Hip Hop which can be very dark but is about truth, on the cover there is a photograph of Marshal/Eminem chained up in a jumpsuit outside some doors looking insane, this is because the publics reaction to his first album was that they thought he was insane as he rapped about things thatpreviously no one would dare rap or even talk about. The photo is in black andwhite which suggests as well as the photography that it is a very dark album butalso integrates with the text, the text being thick and masculine compared to thetext you find on female artists album covers. Also there is a backwards E in thename Eminem maybe again referring to insanity, overall the cover describes themusic and the feelings of the artist, the music being dark and a bit crazy, and theartist telling his story and being criticized for it, therefor perhaps feeling crazy.
  2. 2. Rihanna’s Talk That Talk albumcover is just a middle finger to thesocial norm, the cover is aphotograph of Rihanna doing avery rebellious and almost dirtypose, again like Eminemrepresenting her music in thisalbum, rebellious and sexy. In herwords she did this because thealbum is about not caring, doingand saying what you want becauseyou are your own person. Her logois filled with words from the songsand the title of the album is in athin/feminine font portrayed as atattoo on her right rist which canbe seen as ‘badass’ along with thered lipstick and numerous ringsshe is wearing. Along with theattention grabbing pose, thecolours catch attention too.
  3. 3. This cover some people (usually the ones notaccustomed to hip hop) find offensive ordisturbing as it features a baby with a suit onand tattoo’s, presumably lil wayne as they arehis tattoos. Some may feel this takes away thebaby’s innocence but what I think it shows isthat sooner or later we all see or become partof this corrupt way of life no matter howinnocent you are. Also lil wayne was actually brought into that life from a young ageso he is putting a image to the story he tells in his album which is usually what hiphop artists are about, telling there story. The font isnt exactly masculine but is veryeyrie and is coloured red which could suggest blood or violence which then in turnmakes it seem more masculine, therefor compensating for the thinness of the words.There is no background either, just the black which makes you focus on the baby, itbeing the most important thing on the cover as it is a vital sign in what the albumentails.