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Great war presentation 2


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Published in: Education
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Great war presentation 2

  1. 1. the great war:art, fact, and artifact In Flanders fields the poppies blow Between the crosses, row on row, That mark our place; and in . . .
  2. 2. Background This project is an interdisciplinary, inter-grade experimental classroom designed toenhance and extend student learning about The Great War and how it changed humanity, religion, society, and culture. the great war: art, fact, and artifact
  3. 3. Disciplines• Literature: a world perspective – We will pursue meaning through British, German, and French War texts, as well as literature from other countries (excluding the United States) and use these vehicles to color the historical record.• History: an American perspective – We will obtain full knowledge of the times, places, and causes of the conflict as it pertains to U.S. policy and participation, and use that information to penetrate the artistic the great war: renderings of the War. art, fact, and artifact
  4. 4. Mission We seek to pinpoint, through art, fact, and artifact, the propellant forces that hurled peace-loving citizens forward into bellicose vises and moral vices that crushed body and spirit. And through this discovery, we will search the fire in the heart of humanity that, while extinguished in more than nine million souls, smoldered on in the blackenedhearts of men; fixing humankind on a modern trajectory of disillusionment. the great war: art, fact, and artifact
  5. 5. devices• Sacrifice• Death• Life• Irony• Paradox the great war: art, fact, and artifact
  6. 6. Texts• Poetry• Memoir• Fiction• Historical Narrative• Visual – Photographic – Motion Picture• Audio• Artifacts• Experiences• Imagery• Technology the great war: art, fact, and artifact
  7. 7. Resources• The World War I Museum – Displays – Archives• Union Station• Nelson-Atkins Museum*• National Archives*• President Harry S. Truman Library• Winston Churchill Museum*• Amtrak• Crosby Kemper*• Peter Gladden• Raphael Hotel• Kansas City Star*• Tivoli Theater* the great war: * Indicates resources being explored art, fact, and artifact
  8. 8. Attachés• Cherie Kelly – National World War I Museum• Tim Brice – Raphael Hotel the great war: art, fact, and artifact
  9. 9. ExperienceIn order to frame the experience, we plan to:• Break students into fire-teams of 3 persons. Fire-teams must stay together at all times and share a suite at the Raphael. Fire-teams can be aggregated into a larger group, such as a squad or a platoon.• Assign each student the identity of a participant in the War, and give each copies of letters from this individual. At the end of the trip, each student will learn whether his War personality lived or died.• Give each fire-team member a polo shirt with the insignia of a unit that served in the War, and require students to learn the history of that unit.• Assignments, or “missions” will be distributed in kraft envelopes and bear markings in the manner of the period. Each student will have the opportunity to be promoted in rank according to his or her behavior and performance. (Rubrics will be crafted for each “mission”.) Due diligence is still being done on this portion of the project. If you or someone you know would like to help organize the framework listed above, please contact Patrick, Howie, or Keith. the great war: art, fact, and artifact
  10. 10. missionsThus far, ideas for missions include:• Blog entries• Flash essays• Photo contest• Prompt-driven journaling• Draft application• Design-a-poster• Write a speech for peace• Learn a song and sing-a-long the great war: art, fact, and artifact
  11. 11. Itinerary• Departure: Kirkwood Amtrak*gives students the generalflavor of travelfor soldiers and citizensof that era• Accommodations: Raphael Hotel,circa 1928• Events: Custom tours, readings,missions, movies, discussions, raredocuments, writing, camaraderie *A school bus will follow Amtrak and the great war: provide service during the trip and on the way home. art, fact, and artifact
  12. 12. Next• Align texts and focus for trip – Due Monday, January 3, 2012• Firm up list of available resources – Due Friday, January 6, 2012• Finalize budget – Due Wednesday, January 11, 2012• Construct missions – Due Wednesday, January 18, 2012 the great war: art, fact, and artifact
  13. 13. To be continued . . . the great war: art, fact, and artifact