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Captions review

  1. 1. A yearbook review lesson
  2. 2. A good caption should identify the person orpersons in the photo and tell a little about what ishappening in the photo.An even better caption provides the context for apicture by answering the who, what, when, where,why and how. Want to see the difference??? Check out the next slide…
  3. 3. The Hornets player goes up for the jump ball.Going up for the jump ball, David Smith (#13)helps get the game against Tri-Valley off to aflying start. Hornets won 78-69.3 feet off the floor and reaching his full body length, David Smith #13 capturesthe jump ball for the Hornets. David was a new player to the team. “I played ballat my old school,” said Smith, “and I wanted to get involved here, too.” Smith’sheight was one reason the Hornets ended up with a 26-9 conference record.
  4. 4. Jeannie smiles for the camera. Jodi works hard painting scenery for the spring musical. Well, DUH!!! We can figure these out by looking at the picture! Give us some background and info we DON’T know!!! Make the picture MORE interesting!
  5. 5. Jeannie smiles for the camera. Jodi works hard painting scenery for the spring musical. Enough said. (Sigh.)
  6. 6. Laughing as she catches sight Not all the stars of the show are actors. Manyof the camera, sophomore students used their artistic and technical talents toJeannie Smith was looking out bring a show to life. “I’d die if I had to get out onthe office window for her the stage!” said scene-painter Jodi Smith, “but Imom’s car. “I’ve got an love making the backdrops look really, really,orthodontist appointment amazing. I think it’s part of the magic of theater.”today,” explained Smith. On A backstage crew of 20 people helped paint,average 14 students leave move scenery, collect props, and run the soundschool each day for various and lights.appointments.
  7. 7. Like this…
  8. 8. Signing Out “I go to the orthodontist every 3 to 5 weeks,” says freshman Serena Smith, “I try to get late afternoon appointments so I miss PE instead of regular classes with homework.” Not everyone leaves for braces. Senior Nick Thompson occasionallyLaughing as she catches sight goes to the athletic trainer’s office forof the camera, sophomore an appointment. “Gotta keep myJeannie Smith was looking out awesome muscles in shape for trackthe office window for her season!”mom’s car. “I’ve got an Can I have yourorthodontist appointment autograph? Jasontoday,” explained Smith. On Decker hands theaverage 14 students leave office pen to Maddieschool each day for various Nelson so they canappointments. leave for appointments.
  9. 9. Just try writing more than one sentence!And toss in a relevant quote. By the timeyou have 3 or 4 sentences, chances aregood that you’ll have a decent caption!
  10. 10. If you still havequestions, shoot anemail to Ms. Harris!