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Future Lions Entry


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Published in: Education
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Future Lions Entry

  1. 1. His journey is a great one; His story is one that has traveled the world. Recognized as ‘The Striding Man’ is the worlds number one whiskey, Johnnie Walker. Yet amongst the great tales and growth of the 200-year-old icon, the striding man has taken up the mission to help reduce the chances of alcohol-fueled stupidity and promote the idea of responsible drinking. Johnnie Walker recognizes the devastating effects drink driving has on the roads world wide each year and continuously acknowledges the effects of irresponsible behavior, in spirit of this admirable brand quality we present the “J.Walker“ application.
  2. 2. “The First Step” Participants can get their hands on a personalized Johnnie Walker Breathalyzer through either Club promotional tours, Via the Johnnie Walker web page or through selected liquor outlets. The breathalyzer attaches through the iphone dock connecter, as shown.
  3. 3. In conjunction with the Johnnie Walker Breathalyzer fans can download the application via the app store, once inserting the device participants are ready to go!
  4. 4. The application provides a step-by-step process that is simple and easy to follow.
  5. 5. Once activated the application will direct the user to the first stage, in which they ,must blow into the breathalyzer. Due to the variation on legal blood alcohol limits globally the participant must also select the country before the application can automatically continue to the next page.
  6. 6. Once the user has effectively blown into the Breathalyzer, and selected their country, their blood alcohol level is determined and displayed along with various captions in relation to the participants current alcohol state. For example if the users reading is over the countries legal limit “JOHNNIE SAYS … KEEP WALKING”
  7. 7. If the participant has a blood alcohol reading that is equal to or above the legal guideline they continue on the next page. This stage uses GPS and Google maps to track the participant’s location. They may then choose from the icon on the menu bar to find a responsible mode of transportation to get themselves to their desired destination.
  8. 8. In selecting this icon users choose from various hotels/motels within the area, and may continue on to receive directions or further modes of transportation to this destination. In conjunction with selected motels/hotels users may also be rewarded with 10% off one night’s stay vouchers. The taxi icon allows users to find the closest taxi rank, or order a taxi using there current location via the GPS. In conjunction with particular taxi services Johnnie walker may also reward the user with a “no booking fee charge”. The Train icon allows participants to locate there nearest train station, bus stop, or tram stop. They can then continue to access timetables for public transport systems and may also receive rewards online via their transport cards. The Johnnie walker feet icon provides users with best walking route to their destination. The GPS tracking device allows them to stay on track and upon arrival at their destination they are rewarded with discount vouchers for sports wear retail stores.
  9. 9. The rewards offered will be in conjunction with various companies. These act as incentives for participants to use the “J.Walker” application. This is the final stage of the application. Which rewards the user for making their journey a safe one!
  10. 10. Finally social networking website’s such as Facebook can be used to promote and create buzz about the “ J.Walker ” application.