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Development of film review


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Development of film review

  1. 2. I really liked the way that this review is arranged as it is really unique yet easy to understand and read. I think the large main image of the main protagonist works really well in giving the reader an idea as to whether it is a film they would like to go and see. The colour scheme has also been carefully considered to contrast and work with the image and also kept to a minimum. The review itself is not very long which will be the same as mine. All of the information that you need to know about the film is included such as the release date. Because my animation is 2D and hand drawn, I don’t think it would work having one image across two pages as everything is drawn in block colour and there is not enough detail in the drawings.
  2. 3. The feature which I really like about this the one main large image. This works really well with the composition of the page as it separates it into two. The two columns of text also work really well and make the information easy to read. The opposite page, although does not feature information about the film, continues with the house style and informs the reader of other new releases. I would like to use the idea of having one image which takes up half the page followed by 2 columns of copy.
  3. 4. As I am creating a film review for my short animation, I have decided to make a double page spread feature review as one page would just not have been large enough to fit all the information regarding the film. For this reason I needed to think of something extra which I could include. I decided that it would be quite a good idea to include sort or like a storyboard/ time line showing the process of how the film was created. This would give the reader more of an insight into how the film was created and the order in which things were completed. Below are a couple of examples which I found and some features which I particularly like. I really like the amount of detail included within this storyboard however I don’t think I would use quite as much as this in mine. This is because my target audience for my film will be young people/ children, however the review is more likely to be read by adults. The bright colours and fun shapes on this page really grabs my attention. It is much less conventional than others, however I don’t think that this matters. I really like the amount of text included on this and think it will suit my design much better.
  4. 5. A day in the making or something similar showing the process of how the film was produced. A short tagline/ introduction to the film. Title of the film in the same font style as used on the poster. Paw print design carried on from the poster. Same images used on the poster for consistency. Information regarding how to vote for the film to win an award at a film festival. Review of the film in the left hand bottom corner. Issue number and page number at the bottom of the page.
  5. 6. After deciding how I wanted my magazine review page to look, I made a second plan in InDesign, marking out exactly where the text and images will go. This will make it much quicker and easier for me to put the page together as I would be able to just paste/insert all of the content into the boxes that are already there. I decided to have the how to vote box designed so that it looks like a piece of film strip to help fit in with the genre of the magazine and nature of the article.
  6. 7. Putting the content into the plan was as easy as I had hoped. I had already typed the review so literally pasted it into a text box and split it into columns. I inserted a paw print and copied it multiple times to create the effect that the puppy had walked across the page.
  7. 8. As you can see I needed to send some of the paw prints to the back so that they did not overlap the storyboard boxes. One of the main problems I think with my review at this stage is that I don’t think the banner across the top of the first page is really working. I think I will try out some different fonts and sizes to make it blend in more with the rest of the page.
  8. 9. Changes made to appearance I felt that that having a pure white background made the review a bit plain and dull, so I decided to add a slight colour it. I used a very faint yellow colour and believe that this is much more effective. I decided to re- arrange the first page of my review to make it appear much more professional. The review itself I think was a bit too short to start off with which is why I added more to I and also made it a little larger. I decided to make the area in the top half of the page where the film title and images are smaller, and less spread out. This, along with the added copy, made the page appear much more full. Another aspect which I changed, was the banner across the top of the first page. I don’t think that it quite worked before as it stood out too much, however with the images been moved up and the font style changed, I think it looks much less obvious and it also fits in with the rest of the page more.
  9. 10. Final Film Review