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  1. 1. <ul><li>The mother is dressed in a stereotypical snobbish way in fur, and the daughter is dressed in a juicy couture tracksuit this follows conventions of a typical spoilt lifestyle.
  2. 2. Likewise the colours of red and gold in the background are extremely regal
  3. 3. The mis-en-scene of the shoes show a materialistic lifestyle and represents wealth
  4. 4. Both characters are wearing sunglasses inside which suggests that they have a superficial persona and think they are than everyone else
  5. 5. This shot follows conventions of realism drama as its very realistic to everyday life
  6. 6. This shot is extremely important in our production it not only shows an important mis-en-scene of an iphone and perfume which represents wealth and materlistic ways
  7. 7. The sunglasses suggest that the character has a superficial persona and takes a superior role to other individuals
  8. 8. We have also followed typical conventions of a realism drama due to the shot created being a mid shot and eye level and suggests normality</li></li></ul><li><ul><li>The mise-en-scene in this shot is extremely important; the idea of champagne shows class and wealth along with the shoe boxes on the side of the sofa which also represent a high class lifestyle.
  9. 9. The lighting in this shot is also significant the lighting shining over her shows her significance within the production
  10. 10. The idea that the character is wearing all white fulfils the stereotype of A-list celebrities and higher class individuals
  11. 11. This follows typical conventions of a realism drama but with the shots over exaggerated to ass effect
  12. 12. The sleeping bag in this shot suggests deprivation and homelessness
  13. 13. The idea of the tree shows life and how significant it is. in contrast the dead leaves represent and again deprivation
  14. 14. We also used a high angle to shot to show the characters status
  15. 15. We challenged conventions of a realism drama by putting several shots in black and white we did this as we thought it would show a time change and the contrast of the lives the two characters lead </li></li></ul><li><ul><li>This shot follows Levi Strauss theory of binary oppositions, the white font contrast with the black background, and represents the contrast off the lives the two girls are leading
  16. 16. This shot is typical of a realism drama – as it shows mystery and is very plain with no patterns which shows reality and normality </li></ul>- For our second sequence during our production we put all shots in black and white, we did this not only to show a time in change but also to highlight the ‘black and white’ lifestyles she leading. Which suggests that her life is deprived and she has minilmistic things in, contrast to the first character. - The graffiti walls show a more hard lifestyle <br />- The idea that there is no character or people in this scene suggests vulnerability and loneliness <br />
  17. 17. <ul><li>The costume that the characters wearing shows deprivation as the clothes look tatty and old. It represents an unfortunate lifestyle which the character leads
  18. 18. The character is also only taking up a quarter of the frame whilst the opposing character takes up most of the shots, this shows the other girls significance, confidence and importance
  19. 19. The shadow along the top of the screen represents a more sinister side to the girls life</li>