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Exam revision


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Revision - there are answers and pupils have to guess the question.

Published in: Education
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Exam revision

  1. 1. 1. ______________________________________________(2 marks) • Growth • Repair2. _______________________________________________(1 mark) • Moisture3. ______________________________________________(2 marks)Foods that must be stored in a refrigerator between 0-5°C for up to amaximum of 5 days. This process extends shelf life for a short periodonly.4._____________________________________________________________________________________________________(3 marks)They put labels on packaging, which may give dietary advice. Many arenow using the traffic light system which gives a clear indication of whatis in the product. They show portion size recommended on packaging.They put special claims on packaging clearly.5._____________________________________________________________________________________________________(5 marks)Workers should wear clean and sometimes disposable overalls. Their nailsshould be short and clean to prevent build up of dirt and bacteria. Handsshould always be washed with antibacterial wash and hot water beforehandling food. A hat or hairnet should be worn to cover hair along withshoe covers, beard covers and disposable gloves. All jewellery and nailvarnish should be removed. If the worker has a cut it should be coveredwith a blue plaster. They should ensure they do not touch hair, nose,mouth, ears, before handling food.6._____________________________________________________________________________________________________(4 marks)The main way is to ensure the all staff have been trained. The fridgesshould all have working thermometers to ensure the correct temperatureremains between 0-5oC. It is important the temperature remain here sothat it prevents bacterial growth. The fridges should be fitted withalarms so if the temperature is interrupted (e.g. power cuts) staff are
  2. 2. alerted. Staff should ensure they keep the doors shut when not in use.The fridges shouldn’t be over packed as this will raise the temperature ofthe fridge.7. ______________________________________________(2 marks)They are important to ensure consistency of product and making surethat all products are the same. They ensure products are a high quality.They ensure the product is made to specification.8._____________________________________________________________________________________________________(3 marks)They are used to compare different design ideas. They identify consumerpreferences. They can be used to compare certain products to othermanufacturers or brands. They identify market trends. They could beused to improve products taste, texture, aroma or appearance. It is usedto develop new products.9. ______________________________________________(2 marks)When this ingredient is added, the starch grains absorb the liquid in thepan and swell. Eventually these grains burst which causes the sauce tothicken. Gelatinisation takes place.10. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________(3 marks)They use CAM because it causes less human error and is more reliable. Itis cheaper than employing extra staff in the long term. There is greateraccuracy when using a computer. It is quicker and more consistent. It canbe carried out when humans are not present 24/7.