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Lockout Forum (Helen Carey)


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Art, the citizen and the state - 16 May 2008
Liberty Hall, Dublin

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Lockout Forum (Helen Carey)

  1. 1. Carey : Helen urator orum C nova F ub Iara Bo ggan u Brian D ch an Lyn inson Se 1st forum Rob Denise arson art, the Se Sarah ublin 1 ublin 1 2009 Hall, D Hall, D 16 May Hall, Liberty 2009 16 May Hall, Liberty lly Conno lly Date: Conno ation nnor, progra Registr by Jack O Co U : state a Venue IPT g 9.30 Openin resident of S y lP b 10.00 ble: Genera tion of papers oubnova & Timeta B ta Presen obinson, Iara mme 10.15 R Denise arson Se Sarah ssion l Discu nd the Genera Break nch ean Ly 12.00 rtists S Lunch - 14.00 entation by A 12.30 Pres n Dugga 14.00 & Brian iscussion neral D Ge 16.00 citizen End 17.00 ree F sion: Admis ntial t: : ot esse tions contac d but n a advise n and reserv ation Reserv rmatio ird Arts, re info .com n 1. t, Dubli irdarts@gmail b For mo rey, Mocking s Stree b Helen C Great george ail: mocking a em h 17 Nort 847022 3 tel: 086 sponsors With special thanks to: Padraig Yeates, Christine Monk, Jennie Guy, Kay Sheehy, Patrick MacEntee SC & image: Jim Larkin statue, O’Connell St, Dublin 1