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MV Blue Future

Martha's Vineyard Youth Initiative: November 2015

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MV Blue Future

  1. 1. ProfilerswSamplerswFlotationw HC SVNT DRACONES Martha’s Vineyard Youth Initiative: November 2015
  2. 2. Oceanographic Profilers, Water Samplers and Flotation for the Physical and Biogeochemical Research Community
  3. 3. Why study the ocean?
  4. 4. Hic sunt dracones
  5. 5. Franklin map
  6. 6. About those dragons?  Water  Pressure  Dark  Hard to get there!  Dangerous
  7. 7. You’re going to need a bigger boat!
  8. 8. Rise of the Machines Argo floats
  9. 9. Fast forwarding our knowledge
  10. 10. Moorings, AUVs, Satellites, Nodes
  11. 11. Martha’s Vineyard Coastal Observatory
  12. 12. Mechanical Description (housing)
  13. 13. Fluidic Description Sample Analysis
  14. 14. IFCB Dashboard Take out your phones and google: IFCB Dashboard Look for:
  15. 15. IFCB Dashboard
  16. 16. Career in Ocean Sciences Ask questions Be interested in sciences Learn how to solve problems/critical thinking Learn how to write Work hard and develop grit Many avenues to a career in ocean sciences besides scientist: technicians, engineers, AUV drivers, finance/economists, politics, media
  17. 17. IFCB Dashboard “How inappropriate to call this planet Earth when it is quite clearly Ocean.” Arthur C. Clark
  18. 18. ProfilerswSamplerswFlotationw