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  1. 1. EvaluationTeaser trailer, film poster and film magazine
  2. 2. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media productsBy analysing professional products I was able to see form and conventionsused by real media products, which I then used to build my product in asimilar fashion.The genre of my teaser trailer is ‘horror’, so I chose three professional horrorteaser trailers which I then analysed. The three teaser trailers were from filmssuch as Saw 3D, Paranormal activity 3 and The Tunnel, by analysing thesethree trailers I was hoping to spark ideas for my own teaser trailer. I lookedand the three different teaser trailers and could see what they had done toestablish conventions for the horror genre.
  3. 3. My product uses forms and conventions through location, while analysing myteaser trailer I noticed that most locations in the trailers would have darkbackgrounds I believe this was to build up dark atmosphere’s for theaudience. Saw 3D‘The tunnel’ ‘Paranormal Activity 3’
  4. 4. So I used dark locations and backgrounds in my product to create a dark atmosphere formy audience. I had to get the write balance as I wouldn’t my character to be seen but Iwanted the background build atmoshpere at the same time.Mise en scene was an important aid to the convention, because after watching thethree professional teasers I felt costumes and characters were very important increating meaning and importance.In this screenshot you can tell by the costume,the character on the right is more important as he is dressedBrighter than this passer by. He stands out toThe audience more.
  5. 5. When analysing the three professional teaser trailers I realised camera shots andangles had great importance. They helped to create atmosphere and for a horrorteaser trailer camera shots are important as there is a lot of emotions to beshown, which different shots help to portray. Also I noticed in the professional teasertrailers the camera angles and shots helped to show mystery behind some characters(usually the evil characters) but as a teaser trailer you want to leave a sense of mysteryso that audience is intrigued and want to watch the film itself.In my teaser trailer I used close ups, medium shots and zoom to show expressions andlike the teaser trailers I analysed I kept my evil character mysterious and the camerashot was important for this.
  6. 6. A convention which I think is very important is the way sound was used, all three ofthe professional products had important sounds to them, which had massive effect onmood ,atmosphere and the arousal of the audience. For example ‘The tunnel’ startsoff slow pace and when its starts to build you get music playing in the background, assoon as the pace is fast we hear loud diegetic sound and non diegetic sounds whichare linked with the editing to give us a frightening atmosphere.At the beginning of my teaser trailer I have an emotional (sad) scene so to add massiveaffect to this I added a sad piano song, which I believe really helps the audience tounderstand the mood in the scene. Just like ‘The Tunnel’ my teaser trailer starts offslow and picks up pace through the trailer, so I added a heartbeat which starts off slowand as soon as the editing gets fast so does the heartbeat to show somethingimportant is happening. But the heartbeat also represents the main charactersheartbeat because when he is being chased at the end the heartbeat is beating fast.Also at the beginning I used a voice over to help the narrative as audience memberswill understand the trailer better, Saw3D used a voiceover to help the narrative andthis is where I got this idea.Here my main character is running andThe heartbeat would be faster than beforeAs he is running. We don’t know what he isRunning from, so the heartbeat and sceneIs trying to build atmosphere.
  7. 7. Text transitions are extremely important when trying to get the narrative across toyour audience, they engage your audience and have clear points. The text transitionsconventionally had black backgrounds with clear and bold text. When I made my texttransitions I used a black back ground just like all the teaser trailers I analysed butnone of the professional teaser trailers had red writing and I thought red was a goodcolour as it shows danger and is linked with horror and blood. The teaser trailers Ianalysed had white text which was clear , but I decided for my teaser trailer red was abetter colour. So when editing I made the fonts clear and bold, so the audience caneasily read the text.(questions carrys on next slide share)