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Magic Of QV


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QV Dashboard for a Trainer

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Magic Of QV

  1. 1. ifile Edit Miew Selegtions Layout Settings Eookmarks Reports Iools Qbject flindow flelp -53‘ §_] J A‘ 3‘ _i1' _1‘ '0 3 gm Q‘ 1!) QB: [K]C| ear~ ‘IjLock «funlocki E4 21:]EZEEYM= v: IA5<E»-. T:QE‘? ~;ffi/ J _7_“_'I‘3f-1‘31;}B Main [ - ,1. : . ‘, ; INDIVIDUALSTATUS COURSE - ############ SUBJECT - @@@@@@@@@ Performance Analysis kl O| ikView 13/09/2010 5:30:38 PM’ . ;.. ~;~¢. :£r: :-; c|; &—f. fiZI: -.1}; :z~*CvE4e1:: u.a: z.~. .=
  2. 2. Q Qlildfiew Personal Edition - [C: UserscompIIterDeskhopQlIKVlEWWSC- SCM COURSF. qvw] §dIt flew Layout fiemngs Bookmarks fieports lools Qbject flindow flelp : NC| earv Selegnons OLA AVE GE INDI‘-/ lDUr"iLST/ '«TUS Decipline El X1 ll]- E PERFORMANCE Carlos C Christine Heidi Carlos M Fadl Name ‘_ , Name C , _ / /I, Pissible Areas of Improvement Elfll- :1 1]. .‘ P . V 6 . _, rHelp, press F1 W iLoclr i"Un| ock E Communication Skills Carlos C Christine Carlos M Fadl Heidi Name 13/09/2010 5:30:38 PM Participation in Discussions Xlll]- El Carlos C Christine Heidi Carlos M Fadl Name Learning Attitude Carlos C Christine Heidi Carlos M Name Carlos C Christine Heidi Alan Carlos M Fadl ‘= —J iflr5l4=12:45pM