Strand 4


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Strand 4

  1. 1. Strand 4<br />Prepare personal career skills & Qualification <br />
  2. 2. Education and training etc<br />level 2 level 3, graduate – for you to get into the film and TV industrie you need to get a qualification level 2 or 3 in Btec Media course, and you can graduate in university by studying film and television course i.e. Greenwich university.<br />
  3. 3. Skill analysis<br />Personal skills – it will be good if you got personal skills as you will be working with clients and you will need to be a peoples person. <br />Tecnological skills – this is essential skill to have if you want to work in the TV industry as you will need to know how to use massive heavy stage camera also you will need to be good at using Final Cut Pro or Photoshop if you want to work in that industry, as they (manager) will be looking at your tecnological skills. <br />
  4. 4. Transferibal skills <br />Commitment – you need to be committed to what ever job you do, as if you don’t have a commitment in that job then you don’t have motivation and you wont like the job you will be doing. <br />Efficiency – you will need to be efficient in your job because if you don’t have efficiency then that means you wont meet up with deadlines, which is very important in the media industry. <br />Self presentation – this is a good skill to have as always looking your best means that you are not a lazy person, it also gives you confidence when you do your work. <br />Problem solving – this is a very good skill to have, as you will definitely need this skill if you are working as a web designer, it shows that your brain is sharp and that you are good at working under pressure. <br />
  5. 5. Presentation for employment<br />Portfolio – if you want to work as a web designer, create photos, or be a freelance Final Cut Pro engineer then you will need this to take when you are going for a job interview as you want to have an excellent portfolio to show your skills and talent you got and how you can work for the company.<br />Showreel – you will want to have a good Showreel for back up on your work, showing to the (manager) your best work. <br />Linguistic skills – this is an important skills to learn because if you work in the BBC industry you will need to find out what A&E (Arts and Entertainment) means and ABC (American Broadcasting corporation)<br />
  6. 6. Career development <br />There are 3 ways of developing your career development the first is that you get training on the job, so they will teach you how to do this and that whilst your working. The second is continuing continuing on your professional development, this is to polish up your knowledge so you can keep up to date with the technology and software. The last career development option there is, is self-training, self training <br />