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Solar Energy


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Solar Energy

  1. 1. 5/20/1998 Author: Tomas U. Ganiron Jr 1
  2. 2. Benefits  Energy from the sun can be used for many practical purposes, including generating electricity and heating water. In fact, using solar energy instead of fossil fuels to meet some of our energy needs reduces emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants5/20/1998 Author: Tomas U. Ganiron Jr 2
  3. 3. Solar Energy 5/20/1998 Author: Tomas U. Ganiron Jr 3
  4. 4. Solar Energy Technologies Photovoltaic Many residential and commercial consumers have chosen to install PV panels on the roofs of their homes and buildings, generating electricity for their own use. On average, each kW of installed PV capacity can generate 150 kWh of electricity each month1.5/20/1998 Author: Tomas U. Ganiron Jr 4
  5. 5. Photovoltaic   These PV panels are the same technology installed on the roofs of homes and businesses, but electricity providers connect many cells to form large "arrays" of photovoltaics with greater capacity to produce electricity.5/20/1998 Author: Tomas U. Ganiron Jr 5
  6. 6. Solar Water Heater 5/20/1998 Author: Tomas U. Ganiron Jr 6
  7. 7. Solar Water Heater Solar water heaters harness the suns energy and use it directly for heating water. The solar energy reduces the need for electricity and other energy sources traditionally used for this purpose. Heating water is very energy intensive – about 25 percent of an average households electricity consumption is devoted to this purpose2.5/20/1998 Author: Tomas U. Ganiron Jr 7
  8. 8. Solar Heated Swimming Pools 5/20/1998 Author: Tomas U. Ganiron Jr 8
  9. 9. Solar Heated Swimming Pools   The pools filtration system pumps water from the pool through pipes in the solar collection panels, heating the water before its return to the pool.  The solar heated swimming pool option in the environmental benefits, please remember that the resulting emission savings are only estimates, which are based upon regional climatic conditions.5/20/1998 Author: Tomas U. Ganiron Jr 9
  10. 10. Solar Heated Swimming Pools   Many factors will affect the actual energy savings realized at your pool, including the intensity of solar radiation, weather conditions, and length of your swimming season.  Adding a swimming pool cover will further enhance the temperature of a swimming pool, and should be considered along with the solar pool-heating system to prevent loss of heat to the atmosphere.5/20/1998 Author: Tomas U. Ganiron Jr 10
  11. 11. 5/20/1998 Author: Tomas U. Ganiron Jr 11