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  2. 2. HISTORY SPORT THE SCOTTISHSport also plays an important role in Scottish culture, as thecountry holds its own national championships in varioussports varieties.
  3. 3. • The most popular sport is football in Scotland. • Rugby is also very popular in Scotland• St. Andrews, is internationally known as the "home of golf" • Other distinctive features of Scottish sport are the Highland Games• The Commonwealth Games
  4. 4. The Scottish FootballAssociation is the governingbody of football inScotland, responsible fororganizing the Scottish Cupand matches Scotlandfootball team in their ranks.
  5. 5. The Scottish Cup is a Scottish footballcompetition involving teams fromthe Premier League, First, Secondand Third Division. The competitionhas a format very similar tothe FA Cup in England, with one gameelimination.
  6. 6. Rugby in Scotland is regulated bythe Scottish Rugby Union (SRU). Scotland has a greatrivalry with England. They compete annually for theCalcutta Cupas part of the Six Nations tournament.
  7. 7. Golf has its origins in the fifteenth century in Scotland, there are pastors entertained with sticks hitting boulders until you reach a goal. Golf is the only sport that has been practiced on the lunar surface.The Romans played a game with a bent stick and a ball made of feathersthat could be the forerunner of the game of golf.
  8. 8. The Highland Games are annualfestivals made ​in Scotland, Inthese traditional festivals include acts ofGod, music and dance. Among the events are:Trunk Release.Launch of the stone.Scottish hammer throw.
  9. 9. The Commonwealth Games is a multi-sport event held every four years, They become a smaller version of the Olympic GamesIn the Commonwealth Games, in addition to the usual sports likeathletics, swimming, gymnastics and cycling, sportscompetitions areplayed typical member countries such as badminton,cricket, polo,squash, rugby seven, bowling or soccer.