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Getting started with Destiny library management

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  • All DCSS computers should have a destiny icon.
  • Here is the Tucker High School Destiny homepage. At this point, you can click on the catalog tab at the top and use the system as a guest. However, by logging in, you get access to several added features that guests cannot. I’ll talk about these additional features a bit later.
  • Look at the screen for a moment. Notice the 3 tabs at the top. You will always start at the homepage screen.
    The added benefits are 1. you can see what items are checked out to you by clicking on the “my info” tab.
    2. You are able to create a Resource list and make it public (I’ll show you how to do this a little later)
    3. It makes emailing lists to yourself a bit easier if you are logged in.
  • There are different search screen options. These are listed on the tab menu near the top of the screen. The ones that you will be using the most are the first three. We’ll talk about each of these during this presentation.
    There are also 5 search limiters. These are listed below the search box.
    If you simply type something into the search box and hit enter, you will be executing a keyword search, which means your search terms can be located anywhere in the record of a particular item.
  • Destiny Overview

    1. 1. Destiny, A How-To Guide Module 1: Getting Started
    2. 2. Find the Destiny icon on your desktop and click on it.
    3. 3. From this scroll dow click on Ke Elementa
    4. 4. Click on Login
    5. 5. Your User Name is your FirstClass tech code. The password is mydestiny.
    6. 6. Your name will appear here. Note that the home page has links to DeKalb County resources such as the Learning Resource Center.
    7. 7. Being logged in has the following advantages: The “My Info” tab allows you to see what items (books, videos, equipment, etc.) you have checked out.The “My Searches” link keeps track of your previous searches (searches are kept for a 30 day period). You can create Resource Lists and make them public (see Module 3 for more information on Resource Lists). You can also print bibliographies and MLA formatted citation lists (more on these in Module 3: Resource Lists).
    8. 8. n the Catalog tab ch the Kelley Lake entary collection a list of reviewed es. See Module 2: arching for an ction to the many ferent search ilities available in Destiny.
    9. 9. Type something into the search box and play around. Be sure to check out the other training modules to learn more about different searching techniques and other cool features available in Destiny.
    10. 10. Do you have any questions? Your helpful library media center staff are here to help. Call: Harold Grant x44820