Exchange Server 2010 Overview - San Francisco


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Exchange Server 2010 Overview Presentation delivered in San Francisco by Rand Morimoto on October 15, 2010.

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Exchange Server 2010 Overview - San Francisco

  1. 1. Rand Morimoto, Ph.D, MCITP, MVP, CISSP President, Convergent Computing
  2. 2. “We need to deliver secure and compliant communications tools” - CIO “Sales needs to easily connect with customers while on the road” - VP of Sales Lowering IT Costs Increasing Productivity Managing Risk “I need to reduce hardware costs and operational overhead” - IT Manager “How do I balance these needs in a changing workplace?”
  3. 3. Email Archiving Protect Communications Advanced Security Manage Inbox Overload Cross-modal experience Simple to use and share Mailbox Resiliency Simplified Administration Deployment Flexibility Anywhere AccessFlexible and Reliable Protection and Compliance
  4. 4.  Ad hoc team work spaces  Doc storage and collaboration SharePoint Foundation Services 2010  Enterprise portals  Search across enterprise sources MS SharePoint Server 2010  Email  Calendaring  Mobility  Voicemail Exchange 2010  Instant Messaging  Online Meetings  Application Sharing  Video  Voice over IP Office Communications Server 2007 R2 Windows 2008 / Windows 2008 R2 Audio playback Text Preview of Voice Mail Contextual Contact Actions
  5. 5. 64-bit E2010 Exchange 2010 – Greatly Enhanced Scalability!  64-bit Platform!  Expand past 4GB memory limit  Reduce IO/ sec req’d by 70%  ¼ the disk  4x more users  Large inboxes
  6. 6. Storage Area Network (SAN) Direct Attached with SAS Disks JBOD SATA (RAID-less) Direct Attached with SATA Disks 020406081012141618202224262830323436384042444648505254565860626466687072747678808284868890
  7. 7. DB1 DB3 DB2 DB4 DB5 DB1 DB2 DB4 DB5 DB3 DB1 DB2 DB4 DB5 DB3 San Jose New York
  8. 8. Conduct multi-mailbox searches for e-Discovery Update employee information in company directory Manage mailbox quotas
  9. 9. Desktop Web Mobile Outlook® 2003
  10. 10.  Better support for non-Microsoft platforms  Allows Apple Mac and Linux users to get full rich email, calendaring, and contacts for enterprise-wide communications  Enables one platform for messaging, calendar, and communications for users working inside or remote from the organization across platforms
  11. 11. Discover Secondary mailbox with separate quota Archive can be on separate DB or in the cloud Appears in Outlook 2007/2010 and OWA Automated archive and delete based on time and type Policies at item and folder level Support for voicemail and calendar policies Capture all changes (edits and deletes) on email messages Enables Single Item Recovery Automatically move content from the Primary to Archive dumpster Web-based UI (ECP) Search primary, archive, and recoverable items Delegated through roles-based admin Multi-Mailbox Search
  12. 12. LESS RESTRICTIVE MORE RESTRICTIVE Classify BlockReviewAppend Alert ProtectModify Redirect
  13. 13. Transport Protection Rule
  14. 14. PC PHONEWEB Consistent User Experience On-Premises Cloud Service
  15. 15. Questions?