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Sisesnse Business Intelligence Tool


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Business intelligence dashboard making tool.

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Sisesnse Business Intelligence Tool

  2. 2. Introduction
  3. 3. Sisense is a business analytics software company with offices in New York City and Tel Aviv . Its business intelligence product includes both a back-end powered by in-chip technology that enables non-technical users to join and analyze large data sets from multiple sources, and a front-end for creating visualizations , like dashboards and reports, on any device, including mobile Sisense OverView
  4. 4. Quick Facts Launched: JULY 2010 Business model: SaaS(Software as a Service) 700+ customers in 49 countries Customers include Target , Wix and Samsung Growth 2012 350% 2013 520 (ACV) Offices in NYC and Tel-AVIV(Israel) Numerous awards for technology and achievements Funding Battery,OPUS, Genesis,DFI Growth($50M Total)
  5. 5. Why Sisense ?
  6. 6. Why should you choose Sisense ? • SiSense brings an affordable BI solution to any company, large or small. • Any user at any company can build data and create visual reports without the need for complicated coding or relying on IT. • Users will also benefit from SiSense's in-chip technology that can process a hundred times the data at least ten times faster than in- memory solutions.
  7. 7. Recognitions
  8. 8. Awards and Recognitions • Take the H.E.L.M Winner: Run by NYC Economic Development Corporation to encourage the most promising and innovative companies to make Lower Manhattan their home. • World Technology Award 2013: Sisense CTO and Co-founder Eldad Farkash won the IT Software Award for achieving significant lasting progress with the invention of In-Chip big data analytics technology. • Audience Award at Strata Conference 2013:Record-breaking feat that Sisense can analyze 10 terabytes of data on a $10,000 Dell server in 10 seconds.
  9. 9. The Sisense Buzz • Forbes calls Sisense “disruptive“, and The Wall Street Journal finds that Sisense is, “creating a stir in the world of B.I” • “Designed to be used by people who need to consume and analyze large amounts of data but have little or no prior experience in data crunching.” —Forbes • “Sisense tools show a small laptop can crunch big data.” —The Wall Street Journal • “The big BI boys will be in for a nasty shock” —ZDNet • “Makes analytics dead simple!” —TechCrunch
  10. 10. Features and Characteristics of Sisense
  11. 11. Features of SISENSE at a Glance • One neat and centralized repository of all data–with little to no help from IT. • No Standardizing of data before you can even start to analyze it • Head straight to visualization and insights. • Drag & drop joining of multiple data sources- Excel files, Google Adwords and Analytics, information from a CRM, and all other organizational databases. • Built-in integration with Cloud applications like Zendesk and Salesforce.
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  15. 15. • Geographical maps, gauges to measure KPIs, line charts to determine trends, scatter plots to see correlations, and pie charts for clear comparisons. • Customize your dashboard -Place each widget exactly where you want for optimal representation. • Widgets and filters- which you can add and remove in a click. Create a single version of truth with perfect data • Everyone in your organization can analyze the same numbers and rely on a single source of truth. • Sisense ensures the numbers you get are 100%
  16. 16. Uncover insights using rich data visualizations • Set a Global Filter to instantly adjust widgets across the entire dashboard in a click. • For each visual you build, you can drill down to its underlying report to see the smallest detail or combine multiple views for a bigger picture. • Query big data at record-breaking speed Non-technical users to analyze 100 times more data at 10 times the speed of current in-memory solutions • It can have terabytes of data, such as its entire history, and everyone can run queries and get answers in just seconds.
  17. 17. Experience data in real-time • Refresh data as often as you like, or set to refresh on a time-schedule you define. • Up-to-date information is immediately reflected in your dashboard • Fresh data as fast and easy as glancing at your watch. Empower everyone with valuable insights • Publish dashboards to the web in one click, and invite others to the URL in another click. • Shared dashboards are completely interactive so others have the ability to tweak, filter, drill down or save a copy of a dashboard to investigate even further.
  18. 18. Receive insights as they happen • Monitor your dashboards through a live connection • Set up alerts to receive automatic updates. • Everyone in your organization will have direct access to the dashboard themselves • Admins have permissions to deny or allow access to users, maintaining data security at all times Play with dashboards right from your mobile • Get your data fix on-the-go • Check a dashboard on the fly- • Sisense is the only tool that keeps up with people who want to get information and insights right from their mobile.
  19. 19. Technology Expertise
  20. 20. 1. The Secret Sauce : In –Chip Technology Bottom Line: Faster & No Size Limitations • Processing data with Sisense’s In-Chip technology is 10 times faster than processing it in-memory. • Columnar database that can comfortably handle terabytes of data and dozens of concurrent queries. • Non-techies can easily do it all in one click
  21. 21. 2. Using the Entire Memory Hierarchy, Even the Chip • Other solutions only rely on disk and RAM (in-memory) Sisense utilizes the memory available in the CPU. • Since CPU is faster than RAM, Sisense is able to move data 50-100 times faster than in-memory solutions • Completely agile BI software– and the next generation of data analytics.
  22. 22. 3. A True Columnar Data Store & Query Kernel • Columnar Database which slices and stores information as columns rather than as rows (relational database). • Pull a column on the disk without pulling the entire table • Sisense loads only a fraction of the data. • Columnar operations run 50-100 times faster than with a relational database • Sisense minimizes the amount of data moving across memory resulting in running queries at record-breaking speed.
  23. 23. 4. Being Smart about the CPU Cache • Calculations are performed inside the CPU, without having to copy data from RAM to CPU • Sisense gets optimum speed due to the movement of data from disk, through memory, into the various layers of CPU cache.
  24. 24. 5.Single Instruction, Multiple Data (SIMD) • Sisense leverages Single Instruction Multiple Data (SIMD) instructions- vector instructions, by applying vector algebra to the data. • This enables columns of data to be acted upon in a single instruction. • Vectorization enables calculation of multiple operations simultaneously
  25. 25. 6.Crowd Accelerated BI: More Queries, Faster • Sisense breaks each query into blocks and caches them individually, collecting the blocks in a “recycle bin”. • When a new question is asked, query blocks can be quickly reused by simply pulling them from the recycle bin. • In this way, unlike other tools, the more queries running, the faster the response time. • The more people use Sisense to ask questions, the more efficient Sisense works
  26. 26. 7.Designed for Commodity Hardware • Sisense’s analytics database used disk, RAM and CPU so efficiently, it can crunch terabytes of data in seconds on something as small as a laptop. • Even in complex scenarios involving multiple users, big data sets and complex queries, any modern 64-bit chipset is enough to handle it all.
  27. 27. Key Differentiators
  28. 28. What Differentiates Sisense from the competition ? 1. In-Chip Technology
  29. 29. Deployment Models
  30. 30. Sisense Web Application • The Sisense Web Application port and website name will need to be specified. Typically if no other sites are running on the machine port ‘8081’ may be used. • There are three options for the server type: • Microsoft IIS Express – This is the default web server used to host the web application. • Microsoft IIS – This is recommended for production environments. In case there is an existing site with the same name it will be overridden. • Manual – This is recommended when you have to manually set up your IIS. If this is selected during upgrades, the installation will keep the existing site details and configuration in the IIS. When using this setting, make sure to configure the physical path of the IIS site to the new installation folder (C:Program FilesSisensePrismWeb)
  31. 31. Production Environments • It is recommended to first install in a staging environment and check all of your ElastiCubes and dashboards. Only when you are certain that everything is working as expected install the new version in your production environment.
  32. 32. Remote Access • To make the ElastiCube server available for remote access you need to open ports 811, 812 on the machine.
  33. 33. Launch • To launch Sisense: • Use one of the following options to launch Sisense: • If you have Sisense installed on your machine, select Sisense from the Start menu. • From a standard browser, go to the URL of the Sisense environment provided to you by your system administrator.
  34. 34. To Analyze a Few Million Records A few users: Tens of users: Minimum: Recommended: Standard desktop PC with 64-bit Windows, multi-core CPU, 16 GB of RAM, 4 logical cores Standard desktop PC with 64-bit Windows, multi-core CPU, 32 GB of RAM, 8 logical cores Minimum: Recommended: Standard desktop PC with 64-bit Windows, 8 GB of RAM, 4 logical cores Standard desktop PC with 64-bit Windows, 16 GB of RAM, 4 logical cores Minimum: Recommended: Standard desktop PC with 64-bit Windows, 32 GB of RAM, 8 logical cores Standard desktop PC with 64-bit Windows, 64 GB of RAM, 16 logical cores To Analyze Hundreds of Millions of Records A few users:
  35. 35. To Analyze a Hundred Million Records Tens of users: To analyze Billions of records : A few Users: Minimum: Recommended: Standard server PC with 64-bit Windows, 256 GB of RAM, 12 logical cores Standard server PC with 64-bit Windows, at least 512 GB of RAM, 24 logical cores Minimum: Recommended: Standard desktop PC with 64-bit Windows, multi-core CPU, 64 GB of RAM, 8 logical cores Standard desktop PC with 64-bit Windows, multi-core CPU, 128 GB of RAM, 16 logical cores Minimum: Recommended: Standard server PC with 64-bit Windows, multi-core CPU, 512 GB of RAM, 24 logical cores Standard server PC with 64-bit Windows, multi-core CPU, at least 512 GB of RAM, 32 logical cores Tens of users :
  36. 36. Comparison with other BI tools
  37. 37. Shortcomings/Limitations
  38. 38. Shortcomings /Limitations Some things potential users might want to consider: It is not available in multiple operating systems, especially Macs. While their dashboards and visualization provide the usual graphics (bar charts, etc), there is no advanced graphics available (such as 3D or cube graphics) nor a plain format that is devoid of fancy graphics. And finally, the Elasticube functionality tend to be time-consuming and prone to errors, especially with failure to build errors. There is no way of knowing why those errors occur.
  39. 39. Short Demo