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MBA Intern-ship Making of Digital Marketing ERP


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The presentation includes my work done in digital marketing agency in fulfilment of my MBA degree. The creation of ERP from scratch for a digital marketing domain. It covers understanding of business flow, defining the business rules, analysing the AS IS process and based on it suggesting the TO BE process. The business continuity was kept in mind so the system could be made flexible and not risk the business.

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MBA Intern-ship Making of Digital Marketing ERP

  2. 2. Amura Marketing Technologies Digital Marketing Operations ERP
  4. 4. AGENDA  TECHNICAL ANALYSIS  PROJECT MANAGEMENT  ‘AS IS’ PROCESS  ‘TO BE’ PROCESS  BRD FRD  Wireframes  Screens  Achievements  Learnings  What WE Baked
  5. 5. ABOUT COMPANY  Founded in 2009  Founder – Vikram Kotnis with 4 other COEP graduates (Vinayak Katkar, Ketan Sabnis, Kiran Narasareddy and Pratik Rokade)  Best lead generation company for real estate digital marketing space.  First innovation - Lead capture platform that incorporated live chat and peripheral tracking.  Global digital marketing services and platform company 25 clients in 2010, the company today has over 100 clients for services and over 150 clients using Sell.Do.  The company’s projected growth by 2020 is nearly six times to its current position in market.  The operational offices are located in Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai. 0 200 400 600 800 2009 2010 2015 2020 Organization Growth Employees Location Clients
  6. 6. INTRODUCTION ● Why? The company is growing at fast rate and management finds the need to have automation in place for the organisational processes, as the functional units that have grown to different areas over the country have been performing manual integration which have impacted the performance. Moreover, to scale more employees there is great need to have some system in place. ● What? The system is expected to have interaction between four functional units and client using web interface. The four functional units namely Sales Team, Account Managers Team, Finance and PPC team responsible for execution of digital marketing campaign are made to use the ERP for task allotment and sharing of resources as required for delivery of project.
  7. 7. The Need  1. Real-time information for decisions.  2. Best practice procedures  3. Improved visibility  4. Faster month-end close  5. Increased customer satisfaction  6. Managed and controlled costs  7. Better operational efficiency  8. Accurate records  9. Reduced lead times and increased throughput
  8. 8. METHODOLOGY  Agile Methodology  Agile Software Development is a set of software development methods in which requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing, cross-functional teams. It promotes adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, continuous improvement, and encourages rapid and flexible response to change.  This is followed for early delivery of the solution and imbibe the change as there are no ideal process that could rigid the business framework for this business.  There is team of 10 of which performing functions of Product owner, Developer, Tester, Scrum master, Business Analyst, Build engineer and architect.
  9. 9. The Role
  10. 10. SCOPE AND OBJECTIVE  Scope :- The system will cover the operations of Sales On-Boarding Team, Account Managers Department, Finance Department and the PPC Department. Client will have the provision to reports of his live campaign and the past execution in its portfolio.  Objective :- The objective of this system is to make the system process dependent from people dependent. For this it automates most of the processes by storing information in standard shared repository.
  11. 11. VISION Vision :- To become the largest performance-driven digital marketing company in India.
  12. 12. BUSINESS PROCESS MANAGEMENT  A systematic approach in making organization's workflow more effective, more efficient and more capable of adapting to an ever-changing environment.  The business process that will accomplish goals of business will be :-  Sales Process.  Key Account Managers Process.  Finance process.  PPC process.  The close interaction with the team and the client is to be considered while developing the proposed plan.
  13. 13. ‘AS IS’ PROCESS  The current process is manual and deals with indirect and direct mode of communication.  After the client is confirmed the sales team email the client details and get the contract signed. The management then allocate a senior account manager for the delivery of work that need to be delivered. The senior account manager assign the project to an account manager which communicate with the client. A kick off meeting happens and the details are captured. The media plan is prepared and shared. After the approval of media plan the first invoice is raised. The account manager and the management request the finance team to raise the first invoice. After the payment the budget is set and finance team acknowledge the payment. The campaign or the IT service delivery is initiated and the campaign is deployed with all the resources the client has provisioned.  The above interaction take place through e-mail and phone conversation.  The approval is taken from client over e-mail.  The contracts are stored in a drive hard disk storage.
  14. 14. ‘TO BE’ PROCESS After the analysis upon current operations and the processes, a need has arise to have a system in place which should be user friendly and must notify the next task that need to be performed and help the management to monitor the project status of all the project running in the organizational environment.
  15. 15. Functional Specification  The functional spec is the moment of true alignment between business and IT. Other documents, such as business process models and business needs assessments might be primarily reviewed by business stakeholders.  More technical documents such as technical design specifications, are often primarily reviewed by BAs, QAs, and technical stakeholders.  So at initial stage was involved in business need to decide the features of the product and discuss upon other automation techniques that are feasible for this product. At the time of product development I was actively involved in writing functional specifications and making use cases for the system.
  16. 16. TOOLS & TECHNOLOGY USED ● Microsoft Office/Libre Office/Google Docs ● Microsoft Project Planner ● Bonitasoft BPM v7.1.3 ● Microsoft Visio ● Balsamiq v3 ● Google Drive ● Sublime editor ● Rails Server ● Github – Code Repository ● Nifty – Admin UI snippets and bootstrap
  17. 17. Wireframes
  18. 18. Proposed Sample Screens
  19. 19. Achievements and Learnings
  20. 20. My Learnings  Knowledge of Digital Marketing Domain.  The entrepreneurial view of business.  Working with mockup tools.  Business Process Management.  Requirement Management.  Study of various department and their operations.  Alignment of business to the company’s vision.  Little of Marathi Language..
  21. 21. What we baked…
  22. 22. Thank You WHAT NEXT? Its not the end but a professional beginning…