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Ouroburos As A Service - Klout

A good platform needs to eat itself. A good platform tells a story that becomes part of a larger story.

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Ouroburos As A Service - Klout

  1. 1. Ouroburos As-A-Service How Klout builds and distributes an API on top of APIs 11/6/14 Tyler Singletary Director of Platform @harmophone
  2. 2. What is Ouroburos? • Symbolically: a snake that eats itself. • Metaphorically: adaptation, rebirth, renewal, cycles • Examples in literature and film: • The Neverending Story • Adaptation • LOST • Stephen King’s The Dark Tower cycle
  3. 3. Klout eats social data. • Collection from Twitter is on a streaming keep-alive through Gnip’s APIs for “Twitter Mention Hose” • All other networks are REST API consumption via user OAuth keys. • Rules engine for adhering to rate limits, traffic shaping • Queuing to get through pull behavior • Separate boxes for dealing with streaming
  4. 4. Klout digests data.
  5. 5. Klout exhausts data. • All of this crunching leads to our primary data: • Klout Scores • Klout Topics • Content Discovery • Targeting
  6. 6. Before we serve food… Prepare the menu.
  7. 7. Klout data gets eaten. • Over 1,500 active applications: • MassRelevance • HootSuite • Meshfire • Salesforce (ExactTarget, CRM, Radian6) • SimplyMeasured • FullContact • Dinner is served through Mashery API Proxy and its caching layers • FlatFile access for limited partners needing extreme real-time enrichment.
  8. 8. Klout data influences social data. • Klout API Partners use data to influence user and brand behavior and content creation online and in the real world. •
  9. 9. Klout eats social data. • Here we are again. • Eating social data that now incorporates the outputs of what came in.
  10. 10. Conclusion • A healthy platform creates opportunity for adaptation by creating data and customers that leads to better products. • Only by consuming APIs can you design and serve an API • Your API should be able to “eat” data about your API • Your customers should contribute to the foundation of your API
  11. 11. Ouroburos As-A-Service How Klout builds and distributes an API on top of APIs Tyler Singletary Director of Platform @harmophone