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Our Muslim Neighbors


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Learn about the religion of our Muslim neighbors from the Imam of the Islamic Center of Mason. Overview includes 6 Articles of Faith and 5 Pillars of Islam.

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Our Muslim Neighbors

  1. 1. Islam 101 Shaik Hafiz Ayyub Hansbhai In the name of God, the most Merciful and the most Beneficent Imam, Islamic Center of Mason, Mason OHImam, Islamic Center of Mason, Mason OH
  2. 2. TOPICS: •Definition of Islam & Muslims •6 Articles of Faith •5 Pillars of Islam •Q / A
  3. 3. DEFINITIONS:DEFINITIONS: Islam:Islam: Peace throughPeace through submission to Godsubmission to God Muslim:Muslim: One who submits to GodOne who submits to God Salaam:Salaam: PeacePeace
  4. 4. BELIEF IN GOD •He is the Creator while everything else is His creation. •He alone has the right to be worshipped & none share His divinity. •He is perfect in His names and attributes. Ex: The Most Merciful, The Forgiving, The Just, The All-Seeing & Hearing.
  5. 5. BELIEF IN ANGELS Angels are pure beings and carry out God’s commands. Examples: Jibril (Gabriel) Delivers Revelation Mikail (Michael) Delivers Nourishment Other Angels: Guardian Angels, Record Deeds, Send Rain, Carry the Soul
  6. 6. WHO IS ALLAH?WHO IS ALLAH? If you speak French, Dieu If you speak Spanish, Dios If you speak Arabic, Allah If you speak English, God Allah is the Arabic word for God Arabic speaking Jews and Christians call God “Allah”
  7. 7. BELIEF IN PROPHETS •Prophets were sent to every nation to teach: – God Alone should be Worshipped – Enjoin Good & Forbid Evil •Who were the Prophets? – 25 are mentioned by name in the Quran including: Adam, Noah, David, Solomon, Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, John, and Jesus. – May Peace Be Upon Them All
  8. 8. • He was respectable and trustworthy and a descendant of Abraham • Received his first revelation from the angel Gabriel when he was 40 and the revelation continued for 23 years • Last Prophet to confirm the message of previous prophets and to complete the message for later generations • Every little detail of his life has been recorded and Muhammad(May Peace and Blessings be Upon Him)
  9. 9. BELIEF IN THE BOOKS • Psalms (revealed to David) • Scrolls (revealed to Abraham) •  Torah (revealed to Moses) •  Gospel (revealed to Jesus) • Quran (revealed to Muhammad) Muslims believe that these earlier scriptures were the divine words of God in their original form, but through time and translation, parts may have been changed or lost
  10. 10. THE QURAN Divine Speech of God Linguistic Miracle Preservation Over Time Final Revelation of God and a Universal Message to all of Humanity
  11. 11. The Day of Judgment BELIEF IN THE DAY OF JUDGMENT •Purpose of Life is to strive for a better Afterlife •All Souls will be Resurrected & the World as we know it will be Destroyed •Deeds will be Weighed (Reward & Punishment)
  12. 12. BELIEF IN THE DIVINE DECREE •Everything, good or bad, pleasure or pain, comes from God and is a test. •No one can help you or harm you except by the will of God. •Everyone has a free will and each person will be accountable for exercising it.
  13. 13. BELIEFS & ACTIONS •Beliefs are incomplete without actions •Islam is a complete way of life •Morals are part of good behavior
  14. 14. PROCLAMATION OF FAITH (SHAHADA) La ilaha illa Allah Muhammad Ar Rasul Allah There is no god but God & Muhammad is the Messenger of God
  15. 15. PRAYER (SALAH) Every Muslim is required to pray 5 times a day Highest form of worship During prayer, Muslims face towards Mecca •During prayer, Muslims recite verses from the Quran •Prayers can be led in congregation by an Imam (religious leader)
  16. 16. PILGRIMAGE (HAJJ) •Every able Muslim must perform pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in their lifetime •Kaaba is an empty cube built by Abraham and his son Ishmael •Rituals date back to the time of Abraham •Absolves sins
  17. 17. CHARITY (ZAKAH) •Zakah means purification •If a Muslim is able: – He or she must give 2.5% of their excess wealth each year •Giving charity reminds Muslims that what they own belongs to God, not them. •Zakat is given to the poor
  18. 18. FASTING (SAWM) What is it? Abstinence from food, water and sexual intercourse from sunrise to sunset during the month of Ramadan, the 9th month in the Islamic Calendar. Why? •Appreciate Blessings •Sympathy for the Poor •Spiritual Reawakening
  19. 19. Who Are Muslims?
  20. 20. Asia Pacific 62% Middle East/North Africa 20% Sub-Sarahan Africa 15% World Muslim Population Source:
  21. 21. Approximately 7 Million in the United States Muslims in America South Asian, 26% Arab, 26% African- American, 24% Other, 24%
  22. 22. Jesus (Isa) Peace be upon him Do Muslims Believe in Jesus?
  23. 23. Mary, Mother of Jesus Peace be upon her • There is an entire chapter in The Holy Quran named after Mary (Mariam). • The Angel Gabriel came to Mary and told her she would give birth to a son. • As an infant Jesus spoke to defend his mother and said: “Indeed I am a servant of God: He has given me the scripture (the Gospel) and made me a prophet; And He has made me blessed where ever I be, and has commanded me prayer and charity as long as I live; and to be kind to my Mother, and not arrogant or miserable; and peace is on me the day I was born, the day I die, and the day I will be raised (again) to life!” (Quran 19:30- 33)
  24. 24. QuestionsQuestions 1. Did today change your understanding on what is Islam and the seven pillars of Islam) 2. Did today change your understanding Importance of Jesus Christ in Islam  ( Peace be upon him) 3. Did today change your understanding of prophet Mohammed (Peace and blessing  be upon him ) 4. How do you view Islam and respect/tolerance to other religions
  25. 25. Closing quoteClosing quote