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Food and Our World


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Explore the misunderstood needs for food and our world, and the many challenges of getting food from farms to people and communities.

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Food and Our World

  1. 1. Opening Words / Chalice Lighting   .
  2. 2. FoodFood
  3. 3. 7.5 Billion People on Earth 12 Billion People could be fed with food produced 6.8 Billion People Fed 700 Million Hungry
  4. 4. Action Items  Research how to source food for the hungry ◦ Closest food distribution centers ◦ Food Assistance ◦ Community Gardens Journal How Much Food Your Family Wastes Think of ways you can save more of your home waste
  5. 5. Discussion QuestionsDiscussion Questions 1. Did you know how much of our world food supply goes to waste? Is it surprising or not? 2. What do you think are your household’s biggest opportunities to reduce food waste? 3. What have you seen as the best opportunities to feed the hungry? 4. What food items are you willing spend extra on for things like Organic, Free Range, Hormone Free, etc?
  6. 6. Closing Quote