Unleash the power of Mainframes


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The objective of this presentation is to break the mainframe myths and to present the reality so that the audiences can realize the power of mainframes.

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  • Unleash the power of Mainframes

    1. 1. Unleash the power of MainframesBy: Harmeet Kaur Sokhi
    2. 2. Objective To break the mainframe myths and to present the reality To let the audience recognize the power of mainframes
    3. 3. What is the general perception about Mainframes?A general Answer ● Huge Systems occupies a lot of space-rooms ● A relic of the past . Becoming Extinct??? ● Only runs legacy applications ● Only for Batch Processing ● Very Expensive ● No connection to the new generation or some would rather say Old gen systems?? ● Black Screens ● Only very few have used mainframes
    4. 4. What is the general perception about Mainframes?A general Answer OL hs Huge Systems occupies a lot of space-rooms D ● ● A relic of the past . Becoming Extinct??? De yt sM Only runs legacy applications fin ● de Only for Batch Processing i ● Very Expensive tio lu n ● wh h inc No connection to the new generation or some would rather ● say Old gen systems?? ● Black Screens icih h c in w Only very few have used mainframes clu on ● ni ti de e fi s My D ths OLD
    5. 5. The dimensions – State of the art Early mainframe systems were housed in enormous, room- sized metal boxes or frames, which is probably how the term mainframe originated Starting around 1990, mainframe processors and most of their I/O devices became physically smaller, while their functionality and capacity continued to grow. Mainframe systems today are much smaller than earlier systems— about the size of a large refrigerator.
    6. 6. Extinct or Foundation of the critical Business??? 1. Far from extinct, mainframes rule the data centers 2. The mainframe is often used by IT organizations to host the most important, mission-critical applications. 3. According to one estimate  Almost 70% data is stored on mainframes  85% of all business transactions are processed on mainframesWho uses it ? 1. We are all mainframe users, whether we realize it or not. 2. The roads of the information superhighway often lead to a mainframe 3. Mainframes, tend to be hidden from the public eye. They do their jobs dependably— indeed, with almost total reliability— and are highly resistant to most Forms of insidious abuse that afflict PCs, such as e-mail-borne viruses and Trojan Horses.
    7. 7. Strengths of a Mainframe 1. Perform large-scale transaction processing Thousands (thousands of transactions per of trx/sec second) Large 2. Support thousands of users Concurrent bandwidth and application programs users concurrently accessing comm numerous resources 3. Manage terabytes of information in databases Mainframes 4. Handle large-bandwidthTera bytes of communication infor in Stable dbase 5. Secure: Never been hacked till date 6. Stable: 7. Compatible Secure Compatible
    8. 8. Modern Mainframes: Multi Language SupportThe most widely used computer languages supported by Mainframes: Rexx, Cobol,PL/I Java Ezplus Assembler xml Clist C/C++ New age highly optimized application capable of meeting modern user needsApplication Assist Processor (zAAP): Mainframe processor also called zAAP enginesare dedicated to running specific Java and XML workloads under z/OS.
    9. 9. Modern Mainframes: Multi O/S A mainframe computer can run on multiple operating systems Along with z/OS and other Legacy O/S Mainframes now has Linux as well Soon to get Windows as well LINUX (IFL) O/S Z/OS & Other Windows legacy O/S
    10. 10. Modern Mainframes: Express Gateway to the Web CICS/IMS Transaction gateways 1. New mainframe hardware and software products are ideal for Web transactions. 2. Designed to allow huge numbers of users and applications to rapidly and simultaneously access the same data without interfering with each other 3. Additional processing capabilities for XML documents and attachments such as graphics files or other binary large objects that are being transmitted within SOAP packets. 4. IBM added the ability to use existing BMS maps (interface between CICS programs and terminals) and CICS programs, and make them available through a web services interface.
    11. 11. Enormous set of Tools The Tivoli Integrated Service Management platform provides solutions for auto discovery of IT infrastructures and relationships eliminating manual entry of resource and relationship information. DB2 V9, have reported anywhere from 50 – 80% in storage savings. OMEGAMON XE monitoring solutions help diagnose IT issues across applications, middleware, and SOA-enabled systems or traditional computing infrastructures Wonderful Dev environnements like MFE : MAINFRAME EXPRESS System z user has access to newer visual system tools, more productive development tools, tools for provisioning virtual servers, and updated software that provides the ability to convert existing applications making them available through web services. Tivoli Micro Omega Tools Focus mon CA
    12. 12. About the expense Because mainframes have a high initial acquisition cost in comparison to distributed systems, many people mistakenly believe that they are more expensive to own. Years of TCO (total cost of ownership) analyses, however, consistently prove that mainframes offer more processing power for the dollar than distributed servers. This cost-per-MIPS ratio improves every year. Administrators: One m/f server v/s distributed servers
    13. 13. Green is IN According to IBM, it would take approximately 1,500 x86 servers to provide the capacity of a z10 mainframe. A z10 mainframe consumes about 85 percent less energy for comparable workloads -- taking into account power consumption for both the processing itself and the cooling of the hardware. Add to these power savings reduced floor-space requirements, and its clear that the mainframe is among the "greenest" computing solutions on the market.
    14. 14. The Final Word….The mainframe remains indispensable in the context of todays enterprise computing challenges --delivering reliable, scalable, and secure services with minimum cost and maximum efficiency. IT decision-makers who see past the mainframe myths will be much better equipped to fulfill theircompanies needs -- and outsmart competitors who fail to grasp the mainframes true value. Migrating to Mainframe” rather than “Migrating off”
    15. 15. Any Questions ???? Email @ harmeetkaur.sokhi@gmail.com
    16. 16. THANK YOU