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Wordpress plugin


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Simple presentation describing how to create a simple and basic wordpress plugin under Wordpress Coding Standards.

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Wordpress plugin

  1. 1. Creating WordPress Plugin Thank youCreating WordPress Plugin Harmanpreet Singh Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering June 08,2012 Harmanpreet Singh
  2. 2. Creating WordPress Plugin Thank youBrief Introduction What is WordPress? What is WordPress Plugin? Harmanpreet Singh
  3. 3. Creating WordPress Plugin Thank youSteps Create a php file in wp-content/plugins, which will act as main file of our plugin. 1 Write file header - Standard plugin information 2 Information about licensing for the Plugin 3 Programming your plugin Harmanpreet Singh
  4. 4. Creating WordPress Plugin Thank youAdding Widget Give HTML markup of theme Add widget to list of widgets Register widget to WordPress (telling wordPress to use this widget) Harmanpreet Singh
  5. 5. Creating WordPress Plugin Thank youThings should be considered Choose Unique Name There should be no space or empty line before “<?php” and after “?>” Other wise it will give error of “Cannot modify header information” Follow Wordpress Coding Standards Inline Documentation Make Readme File Harmanpreet Singh
  6. 6. Creating WordPress Plugin Thank you Harmanpreet Singh