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How to Start A Startup


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This is the improved version of my recent presentation on enterprenurship. This presentation was delivered at Testing & Consultancy Cell, Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, Ludhiana, Punjab, India to the audience of young and ambitious engineering students.

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How to Start A Startup

  1. 1. How to Start a Startup By: Harmanpreet Singh
  2. 2. What is Entrepreneurship?
  3. 3. Bringing a change Giving shape to your dreams A best way to succeed in life Entrepreneurship is
  4. 4. Things Needed to Start a Startup • Idea • Team • Customers • Funds
  5. 5. Idea • Having a brilliant idea is good but not necessary • Offer people better technology and / or services than they have now. • • Validate your idea through customers
  6. 6. Team • Need co-founders, but not many • No need of business people in a team • Balanced teams are essential
  7. 7. Customers • Identify and give customers what they want. • Get a prototype in front of them and refine it based on their reactions. • If you don't put users first, you leave a gap for competitors who do.
  8. 8. ● Target smaller customers first ● It's easier to make an inexpensive product more powerful than to make a powerful product cheaper Low End Always Eats the High End
  9. 9. Funds • Seed capital: To cover expenses of developing prototype • Angel Investors: People that give seed capital
  10. 10. Sirius Programme
  11. 11. Questions?
  12. 12. Thank you :-)