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Tummy Tuck- Abdominoplasty Treatment London


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Visit: Learn about the tummy tuck procedure, or Abdominoplasty, including the different types of tummy tuck surgery, costs, expected recovery timeline and risks. Contact Harley Street Skin Clinic on 020 7436 4441.

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Tummy Tuck- Abdominoplasty Treatment London

  1. 1. Tummy Tuck- Abdominoplasty Treatment London Abdominoplasty Also Know As Tummy Tuck Abdominoplasty also know widely as tummy tucks a procedure of cosmetic surgery to improve the appearance of your abdomen (stomach). It often involves removing fat, removing excess skin and tightening of the abdominal muscles Will an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) be best for me? In most cases the skin of the abdomen does not shrink back after losing a lot of weight or after pregnancy. A person will most likely benefit from an abdominoplasty if you are self-conscious about how you feel about what your abdomen looks like. Abdominoplasty is not always appropriate for people who are overweight or as an attempt just to lose weight. Your surgeon in your assessment will conduct a detailed assessment before making the decision on whether surgery is suitable for you. What is the procedure of a tummy tuck? Tummy Tuck is performed under a general anaesthetic and takes an average time of four hours. The chosen surgeon may use several techniques: Full abdominoplasty – this suitable for people with a lot of access skin. The surgeon will make a curved cut from one side of the hip to the other. The surgeon will remove any excess fat and excess skin. The surgeon will then cut under the skin above your umbilicus (belly button), moving it downwards and tightening it. Sometimes it is needed to reconstruct your umbilicus and tighten the muscles of the abdominal wall. Mini abdominoplasty - is more suitable if you have a little excess skin around your stomach. The surgeon will only make a small cut just above the pubic area and will be able to remove the excess skin.
  2. 2. Endoscopic abdominoplasty - is a suitable treatment if you only need to have the muscles of your abdominal wall tightened. The surgeon will use special surgical instruments to tighten the muscles only making small cuts. After abdominoplasty Depending on the procedure performed will depend on the length of your hospital stay. With a full abdominoplasty after two to three days you should be able to go home. From your abdomen you may have dressings and drains (plastic tubes) from each side. These are to drains the area and are usually removed before you leave hospital. After a day of being home most people are mobile and are able to return to there normal activities within six weeks. But it also depends on how people heal as everyone is different. Also it is always best to discuss with your surgeon before you return to work. Over the next six months after the tummy tuck procedure the results improve. If you keep to a healthy weight and exercise regularly, this will also help with the improvements. Making sure that you always do some research on the respected clinic to perform the Tummy Tuck is always vital. At Harley Street Skin Clinic we are based in London’s most famous medical street, Harley Street. We have performed many procedures for tummy tuck, so understand the importance of offering only the best tummy tuck procedures. For more details on tummy tuck contact us at Harley Street Skin Clinic on Tel: 020 7436 444 or Email: