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Presbyterian manors of kansas


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Polyurethane foam & urethane coating applied directly over granulated modified bitumen

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Presbyterian manors of kansas

  1. 1. ERS Polyurethane Foam & Coating System Presbyterian Manor of Kansas CityProject: Apply Polyurethane Foam & Coating System to Presbyterian Manor 35,361 sq.ft.Roof System: ER Systems Polyurethane Foam & CoatingOwner: Presbyterian Manor of Kansas City Sheldon Klassen – Administrative Director 7850 Freeman Street Kansas City, KS 66112 913-530-3918Genral Contractor: Curt Carpenter Owner - C&G Coatings 4828 W 157th Street Overland Park, KS 66224 913-634-2588Sub-Contractor: Eric Schlossenberg Owner - Irving Construction Company 816-665-2799
  2. 2. Existing Roof – Granulated Modified Bitumen Leak areas: Seams ProtrusionsTransition toparapet wall
  3. 3. High pressure power wash usedto prep the roof for applicationof product
  4. 4. Product:ER Systems Polyurethane Foam & Urethane Coating
  5. 5. Polyurethane Foam being applied directly over the roof
  6. 6. AfterBeforeAged asphalt patching Polyurethane Foam totally seals protrusions and roof!
  7. 7. Polyurethane Foam is a seamless product with one ofthe highest insulating “R” value rating per inch on the market
  8. 8. First urethane base coat applied over polyurethane foam at a rate of 1 gallon per 100 sq.ft. to yield 13 dry milsBase Coat Polyurethane Foam
  9. 9. Urethane Base Coat
  10. 10. Details, details, details……….. Drains Sealed HER “fabric-less” polyurethane sealant 25 new roof vents installed Scupper holes sealed Parapet ridge caps sealed
  11. 11. Applying 1st topcoat over base coat at a rate of 1 gallon/100 yield 13 dry mils
  12. 12. Applying 2nd topcoatat a rate of 1 gallon/100 yield 13 dry mils
  13. 13. ER Systems 10-yr warrantyPolyurethane foam base and urethane coating
  14. 14. With a polyurethane foam & coating system, energy efficiency is improved by combining superior insulationperformance, “cool” roof top temperatures & near zero air & moisture permeability. Heating & cooling issignificantly reduced & HVAC equipment can be downsized reducing energy costs & CO2 emissions
  15. 15. CURT CARPENTER Owner, C&G COATINGS Thank you for your time. Please feel free to contact me for an estimate or more information on your next project for the product and application that’s right for you.4828 W 157th StreetOverland Park, KS 66224913-634-2588 – - - email