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Scripted reality presentation (1)


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Scripted reality presentation (1)

  1. 1. Scripted Reality By Oli, Harley & Cason
  2. 2. Definition A scripted reality is a television series which includes real people who talk naturally but are put in situations which are pre-planned by the producers for our entertainment. These people are not professional actors and actresses. Examples of scripted realities include The Only Way is Essex and Made in Chelsea. Made in Chelsea example: The Only Way is Essex example: ated
  3. 3. London Bridge, one of the most iconic structures in the city is featured in the Carousel: Only ever seen in fairs trailer so the audience knows exactly or circuses, which connotes that where the show is set. Audience canMIC Annotations the characters lives are wild and identify it is a Made in Chelsea trailer. exciting. Male cast are all wearing smart shirts Sponsored by Rimmel Skateboard: Characters are rich, have and trousers, connotes affluence. London, expensive but also nothing to do so take up hobbies such Whilst the females are wearing based in London where the as skateboarding. Also suggests that expensive frocks, creating a feel of show is set, creating a this character in particular is not to be escapism for the female viewer, in connection between the two. taken too seriously. awe of the expensive clothes on set.
  4. 4. TOWIE Annotations Designer clothes: Connotes that the women have a rich lifestyle. ALL characters are extremely well groomed, care about their appearance more than they usually would in real life. This is a common convention in scripted realities.Carrying dogs: Breed of dogsuggests characters are quitewell off and live a life ofextravagance. Pub setting contrasts the idea that the characters are very well off, and shows they can do normal stuff like everyone else.
  5. 5. Cast Stereotypes  Female: Lots of make-up, expensive dresses and accessories, long dark or blonde hair, normally attractive. Stereotypically quite bitchy, which creates most of the drama on the show via fall outs and confrontations.  Male: Usually well groomed, fit into the chiselled, aesthetically pleasing look. Normally competes with other guys to get the girl; with dramatic effect.
  6. 6. Typical storylines• Stereotypical storylines of scripted realities usually focus on matters which the audience find themselves in too, this is why viewers can gain a strong affiliation to certain cast, as they understand their situation. Common conventions of scripted realities in terms of storyline are usually as followed; affairs, break ups, jealousy, sex, family problems, fights and love.
  7. 7. Mise En Scene Location – Generally set in big cities with renowned nightlife, this sets the scene. For example; London, Newcastle and the county Essex. The houses express the characters affluence and status. Bars and clubs are often the set to a lot of scenes in scripted realities. Clothes – Expensive designer clothes which allows the feel of need for material goods from the viewer. Also allows for escapism for the audience to enjoy, looking at the clothes they cant necessarily afford. Props – Props shown in reality TV shows are generally of expensive nature. For example flash and expensive cars are typical in TOWIE.
  8. 8. Lighting Lighting in scripted realities is used to set the scene. For example, if there is a break up or argument, the lighting will be dark to connote sadness. In contrast, if there is a scene where a pair get together for example, the lighting will be bright and vibrant giving off a positive up beat feel. High key lighting is often shown too. This insinuates riches and glamour. Special effects are not used for realism. The introduction to The Only Way is Essex sees the lighting create a diamond effect. This further connotes the status and wealth the characters possess, as diamonds are associated with the rich and powerful.
  9. 9. Sound Non-diegetic sound tends to be in the background throughout. Up to date, modern, relative music is usually played. Music which the target audience listen to should be heard. For example Nicki Minaj is played a lot in The Only Way is Essex. The non-diegetic sound matches the scene. For example; Adele was played during a break up scene in TOWIE last series. Diegetic sound is also used throughout to create a feel of realism. Sounds such as the radio and traffic are obvious examples of background sound not edited out.
  10. 10. Camera Work Close up’s are a regular convention of scripted realities. These are not only used to show the characters facial expression but also show their beauty close up. Especially for the female cast, as showing their make-up and beauty close up is a key code of scripted realities. Overall though, the camera work is simple yet effective, as they attempt to create a genuine real scene for the viewer. The cast never look into the camera as this is supposed to be real life.
  11. 11. Product Placement Synergy between the scripted reality and a product is often shown, this is known as product placement. Companies pay to have their product included in the show. An example of this was BlackBerry’s product placement in Made in Chelsea last series. This product placement implies Made in Chelsea’s target at young, sociable people; who feel the need for material goods and keeping up with the latest crazes.
  12. 12. Target Audience The general profile of the target viewer is young people. Overall women are more likely to watch than men, however men are still known to enjoy them. The average age of most viewers will be from around 14-30. This is around the ages of the cast, the viewers can relate to the situations characters find themselves in, therefore tune in each week. Below is a mood board of the typical viewer. (Female/Male)