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Task 4

  1. 1. Task 41) What types of magazine and target audiences has IPC been associated with over the years?International Publishing Corporation (IPC) hasbeen associated with three leading magazinepublishers –George Newnes, Odham’s Pressand Fleetway Productions who merged withMirror Group to form IPC. Over the years IPC published a lotof different magazines: • In the 1800s; The Field, Country Life, Horse & Hound, Shooting Times, Yachting World, Amateur Gardening, Cycling Weekly, Amateur Photographer and The Railway Magazine. • The early 1900s saw new arrivals to start the new century; Yachting Monthly, Cage Birds, Motor Boat, Woman’s Weekly and Golf Monthly. • The 1920s; Magazine publisher Odham launched a new monthly magazine called Ideal Home. Newnes’ also launched a similar magazine called Homes & Gardens. • In 1926; Woman & Home was launched and by 1929 it had grown to 144 pages. • The 1930s; The launch of Woman’s Own, Caravan, Stamp Magazine and Prediction.
  2. 2. • The 1950s; this included the launch of New Musical Express which had the first official UK record chart.• 1955; After ITV was launched, TV Times was published which IPC bought in 1989.• The 1960s; They launched a new football magazine called Shoot! Others included Rugby World, World Soccer, Anglers Mail and Family Circle.• In the 1970s; The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh visited the publishing towers. They also launched, Aeroplane Monthly, Sporting Gun and SuperBike.• 1980s; IPC formed with Marie Claire to create European Magazines Ltd. The IPC introduce the Editorial Awards. This decade had seen the arrival of; Essentials, 4x4, Eventing, Chat, Mizz, Motor Caravan Magazine, Wedding & Home, Country Homes & Interior s, Classic Boat, Model Collector, Motor Boats Monthly, Practical Parenting, VolksWorld and Bird Keeper.• The 1990s; IPC launched a lads magazine called Loaded, which opened up the market of young men’s magazines.• 2000s meant a name change for IPC to IP C Media.• In October 2001, Time Inc bought IPC Media for £1.15bn.
  3. 3. • In January 2004, Ignite! Launches Nuts which was backed be an £8 million investment. • In January 2005, IPC unveils Pick Me Up which was backed by a £6 million investment. • April 2005, they release TV easy, which was the first compact paid for TV listings weekly and is backed by a £10 million marketing investment.2) Why might IPC be an appropriate publisher for a new music magazine? What sorts of genres of music/types of magazines might they be likely to publish? Why might alternative publishers like Bauer be appropriate?IPC has been a very successful music publisher, with somerelease in 1930s still going strong today. IPC is ideal for anew music magazine as the chance of success is a lot
  4. 4. higher. NME which was launched in1952 was one of the mostsuccessful music magazines of its time. NME being such abig hit shows that IPC are able to work well within the musicmagazine industry. Another reason why IPC would beappropriate is the already made fan-base. They have createda variety of different magazines which shows their success attargeting the right audience. NME focused on indie/rock asthe main music genre. Hence, IPC are likely to publish a rockmusic magazine.Bauer Media has many different magazines some examplesare; Closer, Grazia, Kerrang!, Q, FHM and Zoo. Bauer wouldbe a good alternative to IPC as they have had successfulmusic magazines. Kerrang!, a rock magazine, was firstpublished in 1981. Over the years Kerrang! has expanded intodifferent media formats such as Kerrang! Radio and Kerrang!TV. Bauer Media has also published Q magazine, whichfeatures many differentartists was first published in1986. Q magazine hasinterviewed artists for differentgenres of music. Therefore,Bauer may be appropriate fornew music magazines as they have experiences with differenttypes of music.