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Digital Work Samples / Shanghai

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Harkim\'s Digital Work

  1. 1. HARKIM CHAN CREATIVE, ART DIRECTION and DESIGN harkim@live.cn +86 159 2139 3305
  2. 2. Project: MccannWG.com.cn / McCann Worldgroup McCann Worldgroup first official China website. Site features reels from various projects and offices. RSS feed news and articles uploads from corporate headquarters. http://www.mccannwg.com.cn
  3. 3. Project: MccannWG.com.cn / McCann Worldgroup
  4. 4. Project: Loreal China “Age Perfect” Digital Campaign / AGENDA Loreal’s new lotion for women: Age Perfect launch is a digital campaign featuring a mini-site along with banners and SNS promos that drives audience to the store event. Creative copy writing addresses the product attributes and its innovation story. Equating being golden as glorified state of the targeted age group of women.
  5. 5. Project: Loreal China “Age Perfect” Digital Campaign / AGENDA
  6. 6. Project: TheNorthFaceMag.com.cn / McCann Worldgroup A digital proposal for The North Face China. In the form of a web-zine, simply called “NORTH”, the mini-site features hero stories of Chinese/Asian athletes with high accomplishments. The site also acts as the base of a communication portal between users and the brand; headlining China’s most current activities and news on the sports the brand are known professionally for. Each issue will launch with flash active banners featuring product promos along with expert recommended expedition trails.
  7. 7. Project: TheNorthFaceMag.com.cn / McCann Worldgroup
  8. 8. Project: Nestea Viral Videos / McCann Worldgroup A series of viral videos featuring anonymous mainland Chinese teens performing amazing tricks/stunts. With slogan: My Tea, My Flow, the projected brand attitude focuses on being young and progressive in China, a market share which the tea brand products aim to attain.
  9. 9. Project: Nestea Viral Videos / McCann Worldgroup
  10. 10. Project: LYNX.com.cn / BBH Presentation for LYNX China mini-site. Taking the lab idea from client’s brief, a scalable content driven site streaming viral video uploads and product edutainments takes form of a lab with different rooms to be unlocked by user. Keys are store drivers to be used to unlock these rooms. The look and feel reflects the brand’s forward thinking, bold sexual appeal to the targeted male audience. Sensual, sexy but not sleazy.
  11. 11. Project: LYNX.com.cn / BBH
  12. 12. Project: Tonglion.com.cn / IM2 Presentation for Tonglion’s 2010 winter online mini-site campaign. The brief focuses on asking the audience to be active outside/ outdoors during this winter. By usiung “Move!” as the primary slogan, the ideas showcase the brand attributes of the products: while the product keeps you warm, unlike other clumsy winter clothing, Tonglion’s “32 degree” winter clothes allow you to move around freely in the cold. Client also wants a logo re-vamp along the way during the site’s new launch. Look and feel features bright vibrant key colors as they are the brand’s signature color scheme in the market.
  13. 13. Project: Tonglion.com.cn / IM2
  14. 14. Project: PUMA.com.cn / McCann Worldgroup As part of the integrated “See you in Beijing” campaign for PUMA’s first official China launch during the 2008 Olympics; the user-generated content mini-site features a DIY mask painting flash application which allows user to upload their own creation to their phones; they could then print their own masks on PUMA Tees. A campaign that touched point at all media with a store- driving effect. Usain’s double gold wins triggered a new online-game to be made; feeding the champion frenzy. Users can compete virtually by thumbing their keyboards to compete with Usain in running various sprint events.
  15. 15. Project: PUMA.com.cn DIY MASK / McCann Worldgroup
  16. 16. Project: PUMA.com.cn Banners + Mobile / McCann Worldgroup
  17. 17. Project: Online game “racing with usain” / McCann Worldgroup