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Lexington concord


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Lexington concord

  1. 1. Battles of Lexington and Concord Revolutionary War – 2010-2011
  2. 2. Election Results
  3. 3. Election Results- Missouri Governor, no race.
  4. 4. Missouri US House of Representatives
  5. 5. Missouri US House of Representatives
  6. 6. Missouri Votes   sures/#
  7. 7. First Continental Congress  Formally denounced Intolerable Acts  Set up a “Plan of Union”  56 delegates from 12 colonies (no GA)
  8. 8. Set Up  After the Coercive Acts: King George III made General Thomas Gage Governor of Mass.  Gage was also Commander in Chief of all British forces in America  Moved Mass. Capital from Boston to Salem and dissolved the colony’s congress  Many people fled Boston  Gage captured stores of hidden patriot guns/powder  Arrested Sons of Liberty leaders: Sam Adams and John Hancock  Sons of Liberty expected this and started practicing loading their muskets – became known as Minutemen
  9. 9. Shot Heard ‘Round the World - Lexington  Paul Revere was on watch for British troop movements  April 18, 1775: British began moving towards Lexington, Revere left to warn Adams and Hancock (Revere would be caught and arrested)  77 minutemen got ready at Lexington  British tried to just march past them, but a random shot was fired  British troops broke formation and started shooting  8 Minutemen dead
  10. 10. Concord  British troops had sent some guys ahead and took control of Salem Bridge  Minutemen attacked them and the bridge was unguarded  As British troops crossed the bridge, Minutemen hiding began shooting at them  73 British died, 174 wounded  These are significant because: war had not yet been declared, but this was an unofficial start to the war
  11. 11. Learning Target #