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  1. 1. By Míša Habartova
  2. 2. The eruption begins when the magma in the magma chamber starts bubbling. Then there is a enormous bang. After than gas, rocks, ash and lava start coming out. Then the biggest killer comes- the pyroclastic cloud a masive cloud of ash that makes the most damage.
  3. 3. Mount Etna is one of the 10 most active volcanoes. It is on the island of Sicily which belongs to Italy. The ancient Greeks believed it to be the home of Vulcan the god of fire. Mount Etna erupts very often.There is a eruption nearly every 2 years. The main eruption started on 12th July 2001. Mount Etna is located 37.7N, 15.0E on the north east coats of the Island of Sicily, Italy. It is 10,791 feet (3,290 m).
  4. 4. 1. I took polystyrene blocks and glued them together. 2. I cut out a shape of the volcano and made a quarter cut in for the labels. 3. I painted the volcano and made labels out of small wooden sticks and paper. 4. I let the paint dry and then I put the labels on.
  5. 5. By: Anne
  6. 6. Do you actually know how a volcano works??? Well if you don’t than you will find out right now!!! When a volcano is going to erupt there will be an earthquake. Rocks will start moving and lava will Lava start coming up and then suddenly… comes out!!!
  7. 7. • Most active volcano in the Philippines •Since 1616 there were more than 47 eruptions •Between 1616 and 2000 more than 1300 people died •Most resent eruptions were in 1947, 1984 and 1993
  8. 8. Disadvantages: •They ruin peoples homes •Ruin natures •Kill people •People don’t know when they are going to erupt •Poisonous gasses Advantages: • Minerals in volcano rocks • After thousands of year changes in good soil •Tourism
  9. 9. Volcano es Made by Andrea
  10. 10.  The pressure makes ash and lava spew ,the forces will start to be equal (equilibrium) and then irrupts. Depending on the volcano's site, lava flows and mudslides can travel many miles downhill, swamping valleys.  But the most far-reaching effect is the ash cloud. Locally this dumps ash onto the ground but in a major eruption the ash can affect the whole Earth by causing a drop in temperature as it deflects the Sun's rays.
  11. 11. . Making The Shell of your Volcano with Poster Board 1 . The first way you can make a shell is to use posterboard. You simply wrap a sheet of posterboard around a bottle so it forms a cone. And you attach it to a firm base of corrugated cardboard or wood. This is the easies way to make a volcano and you have to make sure you paint it so it stays strong. When the chemicals erupt the liquid can make the posterboard soggy! I recommend you stuff the inside of the cone full of newspapers. This will help keep it strong. The picture shows a cone wrapped around a bottle. You snip the top of the cone off so the mouth of the bottle is exposed. Making the Shell with Plaster or Paper Mache This makes a strong volcano but takes more work you tape together a structure of cardboard strips that form the volcano cone shape. You can staple, tape or glue these strips together ( make it so the bottle is in the center of the cone! Then you apply strips of paper towels that have been soaked in paper mache or plaster. This makes a nice strong shell and it is a very good looking volcano. Be sure to paint it when it dries. This will seal it from getting soggy when the volcano erupts.
  12. 12. Volcano that erupted on 2.2.2009 This is a volcano that erupted in this month Before eruption But at 10:40 volcano every thing seemed erupted to be right
  13. 13. How can you tell if a volcanic eruption might occur? Volcanoes that are approaching an eruption will usually have unusual earthquakes and emit very different gases. Some of the volcanoes even change shape like the bulge of Mount St Helens that moved toward Seattle at about four meters per day. Forecasting volcanoes is still very hard because we don't usually have the right measurements before it happens.. Forecasting an eruption is the main reason for our research and it is really very difficult. What we need, as scientists, is more eruptions! We need more chances to test our ideas or hypotheses.
  14. 14. To make a model volcano is easy and i will tell you how I made mine. First you get a piece of thick card and get a bottle and put it in the middle of the card and draw a circle around it. Once you have done that you cut out a cone shape and cover it with paper masche. Once the paper masche has dried you can paint it and cover it in sand. After you have completed that you get a big piece of card board and paint it blue and that will be your volcanoes base .
  16. 16. By Tom Hollestelle year 7F
  17. 17. WHAT YOU NEED: -A bottle of 500ml filled with vinegar - tea spoon -Baking soda 200grams your volcano all ready and painted for the eruption. My volcano erupts , you put the vinegar in the plastic bottle which is inside my volcano, fill it to ¾ of the bottle then add two tea spoons of baking soda! It starts to bubble and fizz and then the liquid comes up and out of the volcano. Now just hope that the paint doesn’t come of when the volcano
  18. 18. How I made it: What you need: 1. cut a piece of chicken wire • chicken wire (25cm by 25cm) • a piece of wood 2. Make the shape of the volcano (30cm by 30cm) and then hammer it in with • 9 kilo’s of clay bolts. • green paint 3. When you are finished stuff the •Red paint area that you made with the •Black paint chicken wire full of clay. •White paint 4. Put a thin layer of clay over the •Paint brushes top of the chicken wire. • vinegar 5. Let it stand for a day or two. •Baking soda 6. Then you can start painting it. 7. When you finished painting it let dry for at least 12 hours. 8. Now let your volcano erupt. 9. Lets hope it works and that the paint doesn’t get wet. 10.Good luck
  19. 19. VOLCANO This is typical model of volcano . On earth are still 15 very famous volcanos and lots of more.
  20. 20. First I cuted 4 peaces of polystyrene and glued together then I take clay and put on it. After I take colours and colour it .