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Retail management strategy for e-commerce portal


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This presentation is to give an idea how to start an e-commerce retail portal. How should you go about it. Splitting of Man Power for every process.

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Retail management strategy for e-commerce portal

  1. 1. Retail Management in E-Commerce WRECKING CREW By,
  2. 2. • Online fashion house WHO ARE WE • Premium brands at affordable price WHAT DO WE DO
  3. 3. Brands at Brandshoppy…
  4. 4. Financial Requirements… 2100 Sq.ftWarehousing • No investment for warehousing • 5 Bikes for Delivery of products 15 employeesStaffs • 8 laborers to maintain warehouse Online Promotion – 3 lakhsPromotional Activities • Offline Promotion - 2 lakhs
  5. 5. Operations… 24/7 All time delivery Web management Dedicated person to handle website Temporary Employee To increase the business & bring them periodically E-commerce in Box Starting a e-commerce site with 25$ every month
  6. 6. SEG TAR • Brand Obsessed & price sensitive youth POS • One stop for all your favorite brands
  7. 7. Gender Male T-shirts Collar V-Neck Shirts Informal Formal Trousers Denim Formal Other Accessories Socks Shorts Female T-shirts Trousers Denim Formal Merchandise Hierarchy
  8. 8. Human Resource Planning … 8 Warehouse employees 1Supervisor 5 Distribution Person 1Manager
  9. 9. Online Marketing… SEO & SEM in order to increase the visibility Stamp ads on side pane & timeline ads. Conducting contest based on keywords Banner post with hashtags