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Led acg presentation

  1. 1. ACG-AltiLED LED High-Bay Industrial Lighting Fixture ACG Elektronik Ltd. www.acgelectronics.com
  3. 3. ADVANTAGES OF LED LIGHTING  High efficiency (low power consumption) * During the production of AltiLED7 100 lumens/watt, Philips Lumileds Luxeon Rebel LEDs are used. Efficiency of various light sources are shown in the below table: Philips Lumileds Luxeon Rebel LED tungsten incandescent 6-10 lumens/watt (light output with 1Watt energy consumption) halojen incandescent 16-22 compact fluorescent 30-60 linear fluorescent 46-95 gas discharge 55-125 LED 60-132
  4. 4. ADVANTAGES OF LED LIGHTING  Long lifespan (>50.000 hours) * Estimated lifespan of AltiLED is over 50.000 hours. According to the test report of Philips Lumileds, light output will decrease 7.3% at the end of 10.000 hours and 30% at the end of 54.000 hours.
  5. 5. ADVANTAGES OF LED LIGHTING  High light usage (80%) * For some light sources that are used in industrial lighting the bulb efficiency is quite high. But for conventional systems reflectors are used to direct the light to the illuminated surface. Most of the light is unused and scattered around in those systems. For LED lighting this is not the case, around 80% of light is directed to the illuminated surface.
  6. 6. ADVANTAGES OF LED LIGHTING  Superior light quality (CRI >70) * AltiLED provide a high quality cool white (6500K) light. So that the colors are observed as they are under sunlight. The flickering of light in gas discharge and fluorescent bulbs is totally prevented.
  7. 7. ADVANTAGES OF LED LIGHTING  High lumen maintenance * Lumen output of high intensity discharge lamps are decreasing rapidly after a few thousands of hours of use. After 10.000 hours of operation the lumen output of most metal halide lamps decrease 30%, while for high quality LEDs it is only 7%.
  8. 8. ADVANTAGES OF LED LIGHTING  Even light distribution * Conventional lighting fixtures cause higher/lower than required illuminated areas. The patented design of AltiLED provides an even light distribution. Conventional lighting fixtures AltiLED
  9. 9. ADVANTAGES OF LED LIGHTING  Green product * Using AltiLED will provide less energy use, less polution caused by power plants and less CO2(carbon dioxide) emission to the atmosphere. Each AltiLED7 prevents emission of 8.7 tons of CO2, at the end of 50.000 hours of usage. * Sodyum Sodium lamps, mercury lamps, fluorescent lamps and metal halide lamps all contain excess amounts of mercury, which causes pollution of water and soil. Being a green product, AltiLED contains none of the restricted substances (lead, mercury, cadmium etc.) according to RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances).
  10. 10. HOW MUCH WILL I SAVE?  SAVINGS CALCULATION * AltiLED7 will provide significant energy and maintenance savings. You can calculate total savings and payback time from the following link: http://www.acgelectronics.com/index.php?page=altiled BULB TYPE TOTAL CONSUMPTION 1 YEAR ENERGY COST ANNUAL MAINTENANCE COST 6 YEAR ENERGY AND MAINTENANCE COST AltiLED7 (110W) 125W 146 USD - 877 USD METAL HALIDE (250W) 310W 363 USD 39 USD 2,408 USD SODIUM or METAL HALIDE (400W) 480W 561 USD 39 USD 3,600 USD *300 days/year, 24 hours/day.
  11. 11. A RELIABLE & EFFICIENT LED LIGHTING FIXTURE  ELECTRONIC DESIGN * LED properties are changing during the operation of the LED lighting system. To deal with those dynamic properties, LED manufacturers strongly recommend “constant current drivers”. Otherwise the system will not be reliable. * Low-quality LEDs not only diminishes the efficiency of the system, but also affect the light quality and system reliability. In AltiLED, Philips Lumileds’ highest bin LEDs are used. * It is also important that the electronic components used in the constant current driver are high efficiency and durable. In AltiLED there is a specially developed circuit with an efficiency of 93%. * AltiLED is CE tested and certified.
  12. 12. A RELIABLE & EFFICIENT LED LIGHTING FIXTURE  THERMAL DESIGN * Efficiency and lifespan of LED lighting fixtures are adversely affected by heat. It must be assured that certain limits of LEDs are not reached. To provide that, significant attention must be payed for thermal design. * For AltiLED a computer aided thermal simulation is done, and design is verified to have an 50.000 hours of lifespan.
  13. 13. A RELIABLE & EFFICIENT LED LIGHTING FIXTURE  OPTICAL DESIGN * One of the most important advantages of LED lighting fixtures is the high light usage capability. Instead of reflectors used in conventional lighting systems, high efficiency lenses are used in LED lighting systems. Each module of AltiLED has a high efficiency lens (90%) to direct the light to the illuminated area. Despite the long distance between the fixture and the ground, light usage is as high as 80%.
  14. 14. HOW MANY FIXTURES SHOULD I USE?  Recommended lighting levels * According to IESNA recommended lighting levels are as follows: Orientation lights for short visits 50-100 lux Working areas where visual tasks are only occasionally performed 100-200 lux Warehouses, archives 150 lux Working areas where high contrast visual tasks are performed 200-500 lux Working areas where medium contrast visual tasks are performed 500-1000 lux Working areas where low contrast visual tasks are performed 1000-2000 lux
  15. 15. HOW MANY FIXTURES SHOULD I USE?  How much of the light should be supplied by general lighting? * Up to 200 lux is provided by general lighting, over 200 lux is provided by task lighting. General lighting Task lighting
  16. 16. HOW MANY FIXTURES SHOULD I USE?  How many fixtures should be used? * The illumination levels depending on the total number of fixtures is given in the table below. It must also be taken into account that at the end of 50.000 hours of usage, there will be a 30% decrease in the light output. For that reason instead of 150 lux, 200 lux instead of 200 lux, 260 lux can be selected. PLACEMENT TOTAL NO OF FIXTURES ILLUMINATION 1 FIXTURE PER 8 METERS 16 115 LUX 1 FIXTURE PER 6 METERS 28 200 LUX 1 FIXTURE PER 5 METERS 40 285 LUX
  17. 17. ASSEMBLY  Power supply * AltiLED works with 24V DC voltage input. A reliable, high efficiency power supply must be used and the product shouldn’t be connected to 220/380V AC directly.
  18. 18. ASSEMBLY  Power supply connection diagrams * According to the dimensions of the indoor place, 2, 3 or 4 pcs. fixtures can be powered with a single power supply. The connection diagrams section of the datasheet (in www.acgelectronics.com) must be read carefully before designing the electrical system.
  19. 19. ASSEMBLY  Mechanical mounting * Product is designed to be mounted by a chain or metal rope. Cable length is 1.0 meter. The net weight of AltiLED7 is 5.1kgs.
  20. 20. MORE INFORMATION & CONTACT US  To get more information about AltiLED Series Industrial Lighting Fixtures you can use the following links: • Product datasheet (all the information about the product) http://www.acgelectronics.com/datasheets/acg_altiled_datasheet_1_03_en.pdf • Assembly guide http://www.acgelectronics.com/datasheets/acg_assembly_guide_en.pdf • Technical Information http://www.acgelectronics.com/datasheets/acg_altiled_technical_information_en.pdf To request for quotation or any other information: • Inquiry form http://www.acgelectronics.com/index.php?page=teklif
  21. 21. ABOUT US  About Us ACG Electronics is a provider of innovative LED Lighting products and services for the private, municipal and governmental sectors. The company established in 2005 at Ankara, Turkey. In 2009, with its well established expertise in the field of manufacturing, ACG Electronics chose to diversify in the field of Industrial Wide Area Lighting. We recognize high implementation cost is a major resistance the industry faces, adapted a business model based on our team strength, that utilize the excellent talents and lower manufacturing costs in Turkey to produce high quality, low cost innovative products and pass the savings onto our customers, to bring financially viable solutions to our customers. ACG Electronics exports its products to 34 countries (Germany, Austria, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, USA, France, Italy, Finland, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Luxemburg, Canada, Japan, Russia, Switzerland, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Lithuania, Estonia, Iran, Poland, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Hong Kong, China, United Arap Emirates and Senegal). We are a privately held corporation based in the Ankara, Turkey with manufacturing. For further information about our company please contact sales@acgelectronics.com
  22. 22. www.acgelectronics.com